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Date post:11-Nov-2014
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โดย โดย คุณตราวุทธิ์ เหลืองสมบูรณ์ กรรมการผู้จัดการบริษัทอินโฟจิเนชั่น จำกัด จากจากเอกสารประกอบการอบรม Digital Marketing เมื่อวันที่ 26-27 กรกฎาคม 2554 ณ โรงแรม FX Resort Chaweng จังหวัดสุราษฎร์ธานี
  • 1. Email Marketing by Trawut Luangsomboon
  • 2. Adults Online Reported Activities Source: marketingprofs.com
  • 3. Critical mass: Reaches 93% of internet users (Jupiter Research) Lower costs: Response rates:1/10 the cost per 10x greater than communication direct mail (Andersen) (DMA) Relationship builder: 80% of visitors never return (eMarketer)
  • 4. Email Usage on Smartphones Source: ExactTargets 2009 Channel Performance Survey
  • 5. Email Marketing ModelGrowing FindingKeeping Getting
  • 6. Finding The Right Prospect Social Bookmarking Social Bookmarking Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization YouTube YouTube Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing Blog Reviews Blog Reviews FaceBook FaceBook Banner Ads Pay Per View Pay Per View Banner Ads Twitter Twitter Pay Per Click Pay Per Click Article ArticleLink ExchangeLink Exchange Offline Advertising Methods Offline Advertising Methods Viral Viral Forum Signatures Forum Signatures Marketing Marketing
  • 7. Getting Opt in Email
  • 8. Get Permission Opt-in Recipient volunteered to receive your email Opt-out Recipient did not want to receive your email anymore
  • 9. Get Permission Double Opt-in/ Confirm Opt-in Recipient confirm their need to get your email
  • 10. Email Acquisition: Calls to Actionsource: www.JeanneJennings.com
  • 11. Email Acquisition: Calls to Action AIR MILES Reward Program (Canada) Peeling Script: www.peelyourads.comsource: www.JeanneJennings.com
  • 12. Keepingyour Relationship
  • 13. Personalization
  • 14. Look &Feel
  • 15. Follow up email
  • 16. Broadcast email
  • 17. Easy to Read Email Word Wrap White Space Stress the important
  • 18. Every email is customizedand includes agents Photo Email Address PhoneResults 5.5% Higher Open Rates 23% Higher CTR
  • 19. Growing Your Business
  • 20. Open Rate Click Through Rate Conversion Rate
  • 21. Email Performance by Industry Source: marketingprofs.com
  • 22. Email Segmentation
  • 23. Knowing Your Customers and Give what they Want
  • 24. We want to continue building relationships with ourcustomers by sending them targeted communicationsand offers. Product News Store Locations Email 2 times/ month Special Store Offers Special Online offers Promotion Depends on Geo Location Over 50% Open Rates
  • 25. EmailMarketing Social Media
  • 26. Store Your Email Online
  • 27. Archive Every Email
  • 28. Automatically Send Emailfrom Blog Update
  • 29. Sharing Email to FaceBook/ Twitter
  • 30. Desired Content in Permission Based Email Source: marketingprofs.com
  • 31. Quick Tip: Transactional Messages Higher open rates and higher click-through rates Than other types of email Incorporate relevant promotional messages Even better: position as a benefit
  • 32. Customer Retention is the Key Aim to build relationships and gain trust from your customers Aim to create brand advocates Develop brand loyalty to improve customer lifetime value.
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