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01-Keyboards - Amazon Simple Storage Service · PDF file01-Keyboards 01-Acoustic Pianos ......

Date post:07-Sep-2018
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  • 01-Keyboards01-Acoustic Pianos

    01-Grand PianoAcoustic Grand Piano 553.34MbClassical Grand 1 273.49MbClassical Grand 2 14.03MbGrand Piano Bright 1 158.41MbGrand Piano Bright 2 324.65MbRock Piano 166.25MbSoft Piano 82.16Mb

    02-Jazz PianoAcoustic Jazz Piano 283.99MbClassical Jazz 1 61.02MbClassical Jazz 2 125.18MbJazz Piano Bright 1 158.81MbJazz Piano Bright 2 64.16MbMini Jazz Piano 14.60MbRock Jazz Piano 1 77.34MbRock Jazz Piano 2 80.40MbRock Jazz Piano 3 222.97MbSoft Jazz Piano 203.59Mb

    03-Honky TonkBright Honky Tonk 30.63MbMellow Honky Tonk 30.31MbNew Orleans Piano 29.19MbOrleans Honky Piano 31.02MbReal Detuned Piano 15.51Mb

    04-Pianos & PadsClassic & Pad 113.22MbClassical Piano Sweep 14.53MbDream Piano Pad 64.65MbGrand Piano & Strings 155.13MbMellow Piano Pad 15.09MbSoft Piano Pad 49.27Mb

    02-Electric Pianos

    01-Classic EPA Suitcase 29.51MbA Suitcase Loud 7.65MbA Suitcase Med&Loud 21.31MbA Suitcase Medium 13.66MbA Suitcase Soft Chorus 16.41MbA Suitcase Tremolo 21.87Mb

  • Classic EP Amp 29.12MbClassic EP Amp Loud 9.04MbClassic EP Amp Med&Loud 18.10MbClassic EP Amp Medium 9.06MbClassic EP Amp Soft Chorus 22.03MbClassic EP Amp Tremolo 20.08MbClassic EP Di 30.45MbClassic EP Di Loud 10.90MbClassic EP Di Med & Loud 19.70MbClassic EP Di Medium 8.80MbClassic EP Di Soft Chorus 21.50MbClassic EP Di Tremolo 19.55MbKeyboard Bass 11.69MbKeyboard Bass Loud 5.49MbKeyboard Bass Soft 6.20MbTHE Jojo Electric Piano 4.87Mb

    02-Wurli's areaTHE Wurli 50.91MbTHE Wurli Loud 27.51MbTHE Wurli Louder 55.02MbTHE Wurli Soft 25.25MbTHE Wurli Tremolo 25.25MbWibratzer 22.92MbWibratzer Loud 11.99MbWibratzer Soft 10.93MbWibratzer Ze Mix 22.92MbWurli Cool 51.17MbWurli Cool Loud 25.88MbWurli Cool Soft 25.30Mb

    03-Electric CP70's CP Old Hard 2.54Mb70's CP Old Mix 4.74Mb70's CP Old Soft 2.20Mb70's CP Very Old 4.74MbCPiano Bright 2.93MbCPiano Cool 2.59MbCPiano Mix 5.52Mb

    04-Bonus EPAmbiance EP 2.44MbAmbiance EP Loud 1.32MbAmbiance EP Soft 1.12MbAmp. EP 1 1.44MbAmp. EP 2 2.28MbAmp. EP 2 Loud 1.03MbAmp. EP 2 Mix 2.16MbAmp. EP 2 Soft 1.13MbAmp. EP 3 1.61MbAmp. EP 4 1.11MbDist. Only EP 0.56MbDistortion EP 1.09Mb

  • Dry EP 1 2.37MbDry EP 1 Loud 1.19MbDry EP 1 Soft 1.18MbDry EP 2 2.57MbDry EP 2 Loud 1.53MbDry EP 2 Soft 1.04MbMr Case 2.25MbMr Case Loud 1.13MbMr Case Soft 1.12MbMr CaseAmp 1.04MbWah Wah EP 2.37Mb

    05-Electric Piano & Pad70's C Pad 5.23MbA Suitcase Pad 14.15MbClassic E Pad 11.97MbDry E Pad 1.53MbTHE Wurli Pad 8.16Mb

    03-Harpsichords & coFlamand Harpsichord 42.03MbFrench Harpsichord 31.36MbGrand Harpsichord 16 5.10MbGrand Harpsichord 16+8 11.36MbHarpsichord 16 4.58MbHarpsichord 16+8 19.10MbPiano Forte 24.36Mbw key noise Flamand Harps 8.08Mbw key noise French Harps 8.57Mbw key noise Harpsichord 16 5.10Mbw key noise Harpsichord 16+8 20.16Mb

    04-Clav Keyboards2 way Orange Clav 7.89MbBasic Orange Hard 3.98MbBasic Orange Soft 3.90MbComplete Orange Clav 8.56MbMute Clav 0.68MbOld Dirty Clav 8.47MbProcessed Clav 1 1.45MbProcessed Clav 2 1.71MbProcessed Clav 3 0.73MbProcessed Clav 4 1.44MbReal Clavi 1 0.57MbReal Clavi 2 0.38MbReality Clav 1 0.73MbReality Clav 2 0.51MbReality Clav 3 0.37MbReality Clav 4 0.32MbWha Clav 1.95Mb

  • 05-Church OrgansBourdon 5.93MbBourdon & Clarinette 5.25MbClarinette 5.90MbConfessional 9.61MbGrand Orgue 6.63MbPlein Jeux 27.10MbSpiritual 16.58MbTutti Grand Orgue 24.71MbTutti Split 5.26MbViol 8+4+2 2.63Mb

    06-Electric Organs

    01-High End OrgansFull Organ 6.58MbFull Organ fast 3.09MbFull Organ slow 3.49MbJazz Organ 9.20MbJazz Organ fast 3.93MbJazz Organ slow 5.28MbStandard Organ 10.84MbStandard Organ fast 5.44MbStandard Organ slow 5.40MbThe H 1 4.09MbThe H 2 9.49MbThe H 3 8.76MbThe H 4 3.32MbThe H 5 8.71MbThe H 6 8.47Mb

    02-Medium OrgansEl Organ 1 2.66MbEl Organ 2 5.43MbEl Organ 3 5.43MbEye K up 1 2.51MbEye K up 2 5.25MbEye K up 3 5.27MbM hundred 2.76MbM hundred mid 2.77MbM hundred rock 2.74MbMediOrgan 1 1.90MbMediOrgan 2 4.65MbMistycal 4.64Mb

    03-Cheap OrgansComb'Organ 0.99MbCool C 2.62MbCool C Mix wheel 7.77MbCool C mix 7.29MbCougar 0.84MbFlufisa 1 1.54Mb

  • Flufisa 2 1.49MbFlufisa 3 1.53MbFlufisa 4 1.48Mb

    07-AccordionsAccordion Diatonic 1 5.46MbAccordion Diatonic 2 5.21MbAccordion Short 1 0.87MbAccordion Short 2 0.51MbAccordion Short 3 0.59MbAccordion Simple 1.05MbAttack Accordion 5.80MbDiatonic Mix 10.67Mb

    08-Mallets & coCelesta 9.82MbMarimba 8.88MbMusic Box 9.82MbVibes 0.70MbVibraphone 1 13.40MbVibraphone 2 12.88MbXylophone 0.88Mb

    09-Synth Keyboards

    01-Hybrids EPAccoustica 3.46MbBoth World 2.35MbCrystaline 0.63MbDX Potin 0.34MbEP Module 1.03MbElectro Piano 2.55MbHybrid EP 1 6.47MbHybrid EP 2 4.98MbHybrid EP 3 2.27MbMKS Twenty 0.79MbMon Dyno 0.81MbRhender Fodes 3.37MbTines 1.51Mb

    02-FM Electric PianosFM Electric Piano 1.08MbFM Epiano 1 1.06MbFM Epiano 2 1.03MbFM Epiano 3 0.97MbFM Epiano 4 1.14MbFM Epiano 5 1.11MbFM Epiano 6 1.17MbFM Epiano 7 1.26MbFM Epiano 8 1.11MbFM on the Road 1 2.89Mb

  • FM on the Road 2 1.42Mb

    03-Synth ClavAnalog Clav 1 0.08MbAnalog Clav 2 2.84MbAnalog Clav 3 2.17MbBastard Clav 1 0.51MbBastard Clav 2 0.22MbClavi One 1.83MbFM Clavi 1 0.12MbFM Clavi 2 0.21MbFM Clavi 3 0.14MbFM Clavi 4 0.18MbKurz Clav 1 2.57MbKurz Clav 2 0.55MbKurz Clav 3 0.58MbSynth Clav 1.03MbWin Clav 0.93Mb

    04-Wurli'sEP Wurly 1 0.16MbEP Wurly 2 1.81MbEP Wurly 3 2.06MbEP Wurly 4 2.46MbEP Wurly 5 0.27MbEP Wurly 6 1.11Mb

    05-OrgansCheap Organ 1 0.09MbCheap Organ 2 0.02MbFM Organ 1 0.95MbFM Organ 2 1.06MbFM Organ 3 1.01MbFM Organ 4 1.03MbFM Organ 5 0.92MbFM Organ 6 0.97MbFM Organ 7 0.94MbFM Organ 8 0.93MbFM Organ 9 1.00MbFarniente 0.83MbM Ham 1 1.81MbM Ham 2 1.60MbM Ham 3 1.80Mb

  • 02-Fretted01-Acoustic Guitar

    01-NylonGerome Finger -Full 10.15MbGerome Finger Medium 4.06MbGerome Finger Medium Hard 8.10MbGerome Finger Slap 4.04MbGerome Finger Soft 1 3.05MbGerome Finger Soft 2 6.12MbGerome Finger Stereo Spread 20.31MbSpanish Guitar -Full 21.16MbSpanish Guitar Fingered 9.69MbSpanish Guitar Stereo Spread 16.27MbSpanish Guitar picked 4.67Mb

    02-Twelve StringsTwelve Strings 11.50MbTwelve Strings Stereo Mix 10.30MbTwelve Strings Stereo Spread 11.50MbTwelve Strings hard 5.15MbTwelve Strings soft 6.35Mb

    03-FolkGuild -Full 29.92MbGuild Hard 12.44MbGuild Medium 14.16MbGuild Medium Hard 8.78MbGuild Slap 3.67MbGuild Soft 1 5.33MbGuild Soft 2 13.86MbGuild Stereo Spread 31.63MbMartin -Full 33.30MbMartin Hard 23.04MbMartin Medium 22.11MbMartin Slap 8.42MbMartin Soft 1 6.51MbMartin Soft 2 17.41MbMartin Stereo spread 45.63Mb

    04-Blues & JazzGerome Arch-Top 12.47MbGerome Arch-Top Bright 6.01MbGerome Arch-Top Dark 6.65MbGerome Arch-Top Stereo Spread 25.33MbGerome Harmonics 2.44MbMahura -Full 27.61MbMahura Hard 11.77MbMahura Medium 11.41MbMahura Slap 5.74Mb

  • Mahura Soft 1 10.70MbMahura Soft 2 5.32MbMahura Stereo Spread 22.47Mb

    05-SlideDobro with U47 8.79MbDobro with U47 Slide 5.16MbDobro with U47 Stereo Spread 7.26MbDobro with U47 normal 3.63MbJumBotleneck -Full 6.52MbJumBotleneck Hard 1.62MbJumBotleneck Soft 4.90MbJumBotleneck Stereo Spread 6.52Mb

    02-Electric Guitar

    01-Strat CleanStrat D.I -Full 63.29MbStrat D.I Dark 20.86MbStrat D.I Hard 9.86MbStrat D.I Med. Tremolo 28.45MbStrat D.I Medium 28.45MbStrat D.I Soft 28.20MbStrat D.I Stereo Spread 53.43MbStrat Jazz Chrs 6.23MbStrat Jazz Chrs Stereo Spread 12.47MbStrat Normal Chorus 8.32MbStrat Normal Chorus S.Spread 16.64MbStrat St Rev 28.16MbStrat St Rev Bright 12.29MbStrat St Rev Dark 15.86MbStrat St Rev Stereo Spread 28.16MbStrat Twin Reverb 8.32MbStrat Twin Reverb Stereo Spread 16.64Mb

    02-Strat DirtyStrat with Distortion 18.61MbStrat with Distortion Bright 9.19MbStrat with Distortion Dark 9.42MbStrat with Distortion Grunge 18.61MbStrat with SM57 -Full 53.16MbStrat with SM57 Crunchy 10.25MbStrat with SM57 Hard 10.20MbStrat with SM57 Medium 11.92MbStrat with SM57 Medium Dark 22.16MbStrat with SM57 Medium Hard 20.45MbStrat with SM57 Soft 10.51MbStrat with SM57 Soft Tremolo 20.79MbStrat with SM57 Stereo Spread 42.95Mb

    03-Gibson Les PaulLP Marschall 11.74MbLP Marschall Stereo Spread 23.48Mb

  • LP Twin -Full 23.37MbLP Twin Bright 8.10MbLP Twin Dark 7.33MbLP Twin Stereo Spread 15.43MbMuted LP Hush 1.61MbMuted LP Hush Dark 0.80MbMuted LP Hush HP Wha 0.81MbMuted LP Hush Stereo Spread 1.61MbMuted LP Warm Dist 5.25MbMuted LP Warm Dist Bright 2.65MbMuted LP Warm Dist LP Wha 2.60MbMuted LP Warm Dist St. Spread 5.25Mb

    04-Jazz GuitarJazz Guitar -Full 18.91MbJazz Guitar Cool 9.98MbJazz Guitar Nervous 8.93MbJazz Guitar Stereo 18.91MbOctave Jazz Guitar A 1.10MbOctave Jazz Guitar A Stereo 2.20MbOctave Jazz Guitar B 0.94MbOctave Jazz Guitar B Stereo 2.04Mb

    05-Muted335 Sustain Twin 1.63Mb335 Sustain Twin Bright 0.83Mb335 Sustain Twin Dark 0.80Mb335 Sustain Twin Stereo Spread 3.27MbFunky Strat 1.30MbFunky Strat Hard 0.95MbFunky Strat Soft 0.36MbFunky Strat Stereo Spread 1.30MbGibson 335 Autowah 1.53MbGibson 335 Autowah 1 0.76MbGibson 335 Autowah 2 0.77MbGibson 335 Autowah Stereo 1.53MbMuting Cheap Guitar 0.34MbMuting Cheap Guitar Stereo 0.67MbStrat D.I Hush 1.54MbStrat D.I Hush Hard 0.75MbStrat D.I Hush Soft 0.79MbStrat D.I Hush Stereo Spread 1.54MbStrat Fuzzface 2.87MbStrat Fuzzface Bright 1.45MbStrat Fuzzface Dark 1.43MbStrat Fuzzface Stereo Spread 2.87MbStrat Sustain Twin 1.59MbStrat Sustain Twin Hard 0.78MbStrat Sustain Twin Soft 0.81MbStrat Sustain Twin Stereo Sprd 1.59Mb

  • 03-Acoustic Bass

    01-Jazzistic BassJazz Double Bass 13.12MbJazz Double Bass Hard 6.88MbJazz Double Bass Soft 6.23Mb

    02-Double BassAcoustic Bass Vibrato 7.22MbAcoustic Bass Vibrato Hard 4.04MbAcoustic Bass Vibrato Soft 3.18MbAcousticBass 8.72MbAcousticBass Hard 3.91MbAcousticBass Short 1.11MbAcousticBass Short Hard 0.57MbAcousticBass Short Soft 0.54MbAcousticBass Soft 4.48Mb


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