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03.21 rda toolkit essentials

Date post: 14-Dec-2014
Author: jhennelly
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Slides from the march 21, 2012 presentation of RDA Toolkit Essentials.
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RDA Toolkit Essentials Presented by James Hennelly ALA Digital Reference American Library Association
  • 1. RDA Toolkit Essentials Presented by James Hennelly ALA Digital Reference American Library Association

2. Chat and Ask QuestionsUse the Webinar User Panel to: Select or change your audio options IM questions to RDA Toolkit staff 3. What is RDA?RDA: Resource Description and Access is a standard for bibliographic description, not adisplay standard a standard based on the FRBR conceptualmodel 4. What is RDA?FRBR Entities Group 1: Work, Expression,Manifestation, and Item Group 2: Person, Family, and CorporateName 5. What is RDA?Familiarize yourself with FRBR concepts andterminology.ResourcesJSC - www.rda-jsc.org/rda.htmlIFLA - http://www.ifla.org/en/frbr-rgAlso consult resources at your national library. 6. What is RDA Toolkit?RDA Toolkit is an integrated, browser-based,online product that allows users to interactwith a collection of cataloging-relateddocuments and resources including RDA. 7. What is RDA Toolkit? RDA RDA Element Set AACR2 Library of Congress Policy Statements RDA Mappings User-Created Content 8. Free ContentAt www.rdatoolkit.org Subscription and pricing information Blog Development Blog Training Material (Calendar and Archive) 9. Subscriptions Solo-User Institutional Concurrent users 10. Logging InLog in at http://access.rdatoolkit.org/Solo-User AccountInstitutional Account-IP authentication-Referring URL-Account ID authentication 11. Authentication 12. ProfilesSolo-User accounts are automatically loggedinto their profiles.Members of an Institutional account must create a profile in order to take full advantage of RDA Toolkits content and functionality. 13. Profiles 14. Navigation Icons Pages Expandable/Collapsible Table of Contents Print Table of Contents Full/Core Examples Synch Table of Contents Tabs Links 15. Navigation 16. Navigation 17. NavigationNew Table of Contentopens to chapter level forfaster browse. 18. Navigation 19. Navigation 20. Search RDA Quick Search Advanced Search (all documents) Filters Search RDA by AACR2 number Save Search Search Results Return to Results Previous/Next Hit 21. Search 22. User-Created Content Workflows Mappings Bookmarks 23. User-Created Content 24. User-Created Content 25. Where Do I Start? Other Documents RDA Element Set AACR2 RDA Mappings Workflows Shared Private Advanced Search 26. What Should I Do Now? Sign up for Free Trial (if you havent yet) Study FRBR Take a training class and ask for Post-EventAccess Connect with the RDA Community throughthe blog, Virtual User Group, RDA-L, etc. 27. Blogs http://www.rdatoolkit.org/blog http://www.rdatoolkit.org/development 28. Q&AChat your questions and comments to us. 29. RDA Toolkit EssentialsThank you for attending RDA Toolkit Essentials.Email us at [email protected]