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1 Growing your Home Performance Business Steps to Sustainability 2011Blaine Fox

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  • Growing your Home Performance Business Steps to Sustainability2011Blaine Fox

  • Todays Take aways Retail marketing strategies for generating energy audit and retrofit leads.How to improve sales performance to convert leads into audits and audits into retrofit workThe labor management principles that will ensure profitability and long-term success.

  • Setting the StageImagine a market (your market) where there are no stimulus monies or funding of any sort to support your business. Its just your company and the market. How would you run your company? What would you differently? How profitable would you be?

  • Retail Marketing StrategiesWho is my target customer? Who is most likely to buy my products and services?2. Whats the best message to get them to act?3. Whats the most efficient medium to deliver that message?In order to master the strategies of retail marketing, you must first ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • Cost Per Customer Acquisition

  • Retail Marketing StrategiesAll homeowners are not created equal.Homeowners who live in homes that are 25 years old or older tend to be in greater need of improvement.Homeowners with household income of $75,000 tend to be more open to making these improvements, primarily because they can afford them. Identify your target customers.

  • Retail Marketing StrategiesXXXInternet Marketing

  • Heat maps from user eye tracking studies show us how people view web pages. Note the F pattern.Good Design will Guide the User

  • Retail Marketing StrategiesGuerrilla Marketing

  • Guerilla Marketing Community , Health FairsStriking vehicle wraps Door hangers-canvassing , site signs Cross marketing Public Marketing

  • Retail Marketing StrategiesThe List The Creative The Offer Targeted Direct Mail

  • Improving Fundamental Sales PerformanceValue proposition Needs-Based Selling Features & Benefits

  • Standard Needs Security Save money ; Increase wealth Increase self esteemAvoid work / PainSave time Peace of mind

  • Source: June Cable & Victoria ODonnell, University of North TexasModel of Communication

  • People buy to satisfy NEEDS !

    What are the benefits ?

  • Personnel: The Right People in the Right PositionsXXXXXX

  • Personnel: The Right People in the Right PositionsLive to work Integrity CraftsmanshipPride in work

  • Rewarding the Behaviors You WantJobs come in On-Time Low Callbacks High Customer Satisfaction metric

  • Thank You ! 2011Blaine Fox

  • Never underestimate whos online

  • *This is the Cable-ODonnell Model of Communication. It looks simple until we look at the FOUR places where the marketing message can become garbled. This is the challenge our industry faces with homeowners. First, we are HVAC professionals. As senders of information to homeowners, we speak from our technical, equipment-oriented point of view that is OUR personal filter. Second, the words we choose to describe our services have great affect on the success of the communication. For example, in the Northeast people call their home heating system the furnace or the boiler. In the South, its known simply as the heater. When we throw the acronym HVAC into our message, it doesnt resonate with our target audience. Third, the channel we choose to deliver the message is a source for breakdown. If you are still running huge ads in the Yellow Pages, the vast majority of consumers who use the Internet as their primary source of information are not seeing your message. Television has changed, too. Consumers have 100 choices of channel to watch with just basic cable. When there were 3-4 stations TV was a great way to reach consumers. Today, its costly and it can be difficult to reach the consumers that match your ideal customer profile. Fourth, the consumer has their own personal filter that is made up of their values, life experiences, opinions, and more. Our message has to be so clear that it goes through that filter without becoming garbled. For those of you in larger communities this can be compounded by language barriers, too! If you live in McAllen, TX, you need to have a Spanish-speaking CSR available at all times. If you serve the San Francisco market, it is very helpful to have someone who can communicate in Mandarin Chinese. There are several companies around the U.S. who have built terrific businesses by serving a specific group of people. I can think of one example in Los Angeles that serves the Russian population. Interestingly, they have also become very popular with West Hollywood homeowners. Who wouldnt want to be the heating and cooling provider to the stars?! I can just imagine the reality show But I digress. Lets take a look at what types of marketing do work now. ***WTC

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