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1. OCP workshop

Date post: 29-Nov-2014
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fall 2013
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Compute Project The Open Compute Project Project Committee Update 1 Charlie Manese Hardware Design, Facebook Channel Development, OCP Foundation Fall 2013
  • 1. Compute ProjectThe Open Compute Project Project Committee Update Charlie Manese Hardware Design, Facebook Channel Development, OCP Foundation Fall 2013 1

2. Project Committees RackMotherboardStorageNetworkManagement 2Data CenterCompliance and Interoperability Compute Project 3. DATA CENTER3Compute Project 4. Facebook Greenfield Datacenter Goal Design and build the most efficient datacenter eco-system possible Control Application Server configuration Datacenter design Sites Prineville, OR Forest City, NC Lule, SwedenCompute Project 5. Electrical Overview Eliminate 480V to 208V transformation Remove centralized UPS Used 480/277VAC distribution to IT equipment Implemented 48VDC UPS SystemResult a highly efficient electrical system and small failure domainCompute Project 6. Typical Power Utility Transformer 480/277 VACPrineville Power Utility Transformer 480/277 VACStandby Generator2% lossStandby Generator2% lossUPS 480VACAC/DC DC/AC6% - 12% lossASTS/PDU208/120VAC 3% lossSERVER PS99.999% Availability10% loss (assuming 90% plus PS)Total loss up to server:21% to 27%99.9999% Availability480/277VACFB SERVER PS48VDC DC UPS 5.5% loss(Stand-by)Total loss up to server:7.5%Compute Project 7. Battery Cabinet Custom DC UPS56kW or 85kW480VAC, 3-phase input45 second back-up20 sealed VRLA batteriesBattery Validation SystemSix 48VDC OutputTwo 50A 48VDC aux outputsCompute Project 8. Mechanical Overview RemovedCentralized chiller plant HVAC ductwork SystemBasis of DesignASHRAE Weather Data: N=50 years TC9.9 2008: Recommended Envelopes Built-up Serverpenthouse air handling systemwaste heat is used for office space heatingCompute Project 9. Typical Datacenter Cooling Return DuctworkCTCHILLE RAHUSUPPLY DUCTDATA CENTERPrineville Datacenter Cooling Relief Air Return AirDuctless Return Air Ductless Relief Air Return Air Plenum100% Outside Air IntakeDUCTLESS SUPPLY Filter WallMisting SystemDATA CENTERFan Wall Compute Project 10. Data Center Project Updates New lead from Intel Submission for a DC electrical plan10Compute Project 11. RACK11Compute Project 12. Open Compute Rack v2: Open Rack Well-defined Mechanical API between the server and the rackAccepts any size equipment 1U 10U Wide 21 equipment bay for maximum space efficiencyShared 12v DC power system Available now from Delta Electronics (more suppliers coming soon) Compute Project 13. Open Rack Project Updates Open Rack Specification in community review DC Power Shelf submission13Compute Project 14. MOTHERBOARD14Compute Project 15. Open Compute v2 First step with shared components by reusing PSU and fans between two servers Increased rack density without sacrificing efficiency or cost All new Facebook deployments in 2012 were v2 serversCompute Project 16. Open Compute v3 Reuses the v2 half-width motherboards Self-contained sled for Open Rack 3-across 2U form factor enables 80mm fans with 45 servers per rackCompute Project 17. Intel, AMD and Applied Micro17Compute Project 18. Motherboard Project Updates Microserver submissions PowerPC submission18Compute Project 19. STORAGE19Compute Project 20. Open Vault Storage JBOD for Open Rack Fills the volume of the rack without sacrificing hot-swapCompute Project 21. Storage Project Updates Use case definitions, such as cold storage SMART data definitions21Compute Project 22. NETWORK22Compute Project 23. OCP Networking ProjectCompute Project 24. Network Project Updates Charter is in community review24Compute Project 25. HARDWARE MANAGEMENT25Compute Project 26. Management Specification26Compute Project 27. Management Project Updates Version 1.0 of the specification approved Multinode and rack level management27Compute Project 28. CERTIFICATION AND INTEROPERABILITY28Compute Project 29. OCP Ready and CertifiedNote: Logo graphics are a representation and may not be the final logos.29Compute Project 30. C&I Project Updates Certification Labs being set up at ITRI and UTSA Focused engineering workshop in NY on October 1, 201330Compute Project 31. Get Involved! Sign the CLA! Join the mailing lists! Open Source the Data CenterChange the worldhttp://opencompute.org/about/get-invo 31Compute Project 32. 32Compute Project