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  • 1 Murphy Varnish Transformation 1883 USA 52+J One of the favorites sought by all collectors, this clever transformation deck also has great ads for Excellent the Murphy products. While used, the deck is in OB2 excellent condition with no creases or bends. Rare to find the original box. View it on the Club website! Hoch. T5 Dougherty Minimum 850

    2 Senate Playing Cards c1925 USA 52+J+XC This deck came to light in the 90's and is the only example of a previously unknown brand. As Issued Subsequent searches of price lists, catalogues, etc. OB1 have found no reference so the mystery continues. Still in glassine wrapper with USPC seal. Unusual Hoch. US54 tuckcase.

    USPC Minimum 110

    3 Kingsbridge Pinup Cards 1959 Austria 52+J 1950's style pinup cards from Piatnik. Back depicts a statue of Venus. It was clearly exported to the USA As Issued as it has a 1959 tax stamp [of interest to stamp OB2+ collectors?]. As it is still sealed we cannot be sure of the contents but assume 52+2J minimum.

    Piatnik Minimum 40





    4 The Choctaw Route 1902 USA 52+J+MC Wonderful RR deck for the Choctaw route [back based on a Congress #606 design] complete with Near Mint Rookwood Joker and a map card. Shiny gold OB1- edges. Game slogans on the Aces and Joker make it very special. We expect lots of bidding on this Hoch. AB7 beauty.

    USPC Minimum 350

    5 Lettische Patience Cards 1994 England 52+J+2TC Patience size limited edition #5 of 6. TC signed by Gerich who issued great cards in the 1990's from a Near Mint studio in Bath. his work used hand-carved OB1 woodblocks with printing & finishing using old- style methods, inks & papers. His few decks are treasures!

    Karl Gerich Minimum 125

    6 Bicycle #808 - Acorn c1891 USA 52 Nice example of early Bicycle deck with the Acorn back in blue. Great Russell & Morgan Pt'g Co. Excellent Spade Ace but no joker. Slight denting on the sides Celluloid of a few cards but no rips, tears or stains. Cards show some age discoloration. Good period celluloid Hoch. US8 box.

    USPC Minimum 30





    7 Thomas Crehore c1820 USA 52 Rare example of early Crehore cards with Faro style courts which became popular (Dougherty & Hart in Good particular) in 1850-90 period. The cards are in Not original excellent condition with no important flaws - but we graded it lower due to extensive foxing/staining Hoch. U3 Thomas Crehore Minimum 290

  • 8 Deutsche Spielkarte #239 c1908 Germany 32 Bright colorful 32 card deck with German suit signs. Deuce of Hearts has maker's name and Near Mint Deutsches Reich Nr. 2 tax stamp. Floral pattern on OB3 the Aces and the pack has gilded corners. Beautiful chromolithography makes this a stunning pack. Fourn. #216 Box torn.

    B. Dondorf GmbH Minimum 270

    9 Excelsior c1859 USA 52 A lovely example of early Dougherty deck with 34 star flag back. Old green slipcase is not original. Excellent Cards show very minor wear but no flaws, tears or Box 1- bends except very slight bend on C10 which doesn't show on the back. Blue Excelsior Spade Ace. Hoch. AD2 Andrew Dougherty Minimum 275

    10 Game of Astronomy #1131 1905 USA 38 One of the educational games produced by this company with 38 cards [complete] each card Mint bearing the chart of a constellation. Detailed OB1 booklet includes Zodiac information, instructions, etc. The dark blue lacquer style back is fabulous!

    The Cincinnati Game Co. Minimum 20

    11 De la Rue Standards c1875 England 51 This early, square-cornered pack with its attractive back - mauve flowers [hydrangea?] and buds on a Excellent+ blue backgroun, is unfortunately missing the None Diamond 9 and so is priced accordingly. This maker had a series of flower backs - a nice sub- collection.

    De la Rue Minimum 35

    12 2012 Olympics Transformation 2012 England 52+J+TC Elaine Lewis' most recent transformation pack commemorates the Summer Olympics held in Mint England this past summer. Given the subject and the OB1 limited edition of only 40 packs, this deck is sure to be a highly collected example of her work. Get it now!

    Elaine Lewis Minimum 175

    13 Stetson Shoe Ad Cards c1910 USA 52+J Advertising pack for The Stetson Shoe Co. from South Weymouth, Mass. The back shows a Scottish Near Mint golfer completing his scorecard. Presumably he is OB1 happy with his score - and his shoes! Special Spade Ace and a great cheerleading Joker. A beauty! Hoch. AB6 USPC Minimum 120

    14 The Plant System c1895 USA 52 This neat deck for the Plant System RR line is missing the Joker. The back is different than Very Good Hochman but is the same as Boll. PLS2. Two OB3 pips have minor corner bends, one a crease and one an itsy tear. 2s & 4s have ads. Rare. Hoch. AA3 USPC Minimum 175

  • 15 Union Playing Cards 1862 USA 52 Nice example of this highly desired Civil War deck in its original box. The suit signs are Eagles, Excellent Shields, Stars & Flags - the courts Colonels, OB1- Goddesses & Majors. Star 5 has bent corner and four others - minor bends. 3 & 4 Flags have mild middle Hoch. W5 creases.

    American Card Company Minimum 475

    16 Triton #42 c1890 USA 52+J Perfect example of the Triton brand still in its original glassine wrapper which has been opened As Issued at one end. Nice NYCC seal. The back is similar to OB2+ lacquer backs of the period, and shows a Goddess with a cherub. A nice addition for your collection. Hoch. NY51a NYCC Minimum 100

    17 Ye Witches Fortune Cards #62x c1896 USA 52+J Wonderful FT/ semi-transformation deck. Each pip card has a clever, colored sketch, often Mint incorporating the pips in the design. Comes with OB1 booklet describing FT layout and readings. One of USPC's popular group of late 19th century non- Hoch standard decks.

    USPC Minimum 175

    18 National Oats c1915 USA 52+J+XC A very attractive colored back on this advertising deck for National Oats, a product of the Corno Mint- Mills Co. in St. Louis. Nice red slipcase with gold OB1 writing. Slight foxing. The special Ace and Joker and extra card make this an all-around beauty. Hoch. AB4 NYCC Minimum 90

    19 Swiss Scenic Pack c1895 Switzerland 52+XC Swiss scenic views on each of the 52 BACKS of this patience pack. (The extra card lists the scenes). The Excellent+ courts have Swiss figures in regional costumes and None are stenciled. Attractive deck which perhaps came in a wrapper. No box. 52 complete.

    Mueller? Minimum 75

    20 Jeffries Championship Fight 1909 USA 52+J Souvenir pack with oval photo scenes of famous boxers and championship fights of that era. Gold Near Mint- edges. Some cards have faint line on backs. D8&9 OB2- have minor corner bends. Overall in great condition and a wonderful find for boxing Hoch. SE6 enthusiasts.

    W.P. Jeffries [USPC?] Minimum 300

    21 1984 Summer Olympics 1984 USA 52+J[x2] Double bridge set with score pad put out by USPC for the XXIII Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. As Issued Both decks are still sealed and whole set is OB1 packaged with the score pad in a nice box.

    USPC Minimum 15

  • 22 Jeu des Drapeaux c1814 France 32 complete Engraved and hand-colored Game of Flags. Suits represent English, French, German and Russian Excellent armies. Each denomination is depicted on a flag OB2 and the rest of the card features soldiers and their weapons. TC on box. There is a non-matching Fourn. P141 EXTRA SK.

    Unknown Minimum 1200

    23 National Club #75 c1898 USA 52+J This was one of National's top brands advertised as "The best card made. Pure linen stock and double- Near Mint enameled" and were only sold to private clubs. It OB2 has faint euchring and the top box flap is missing. We have rarely seen this one with its GREAT Joker! Hoch. NU19 National PCC Minimum 160

    24 Oberg Fantasy Cards c1930 Sweden 52+J Collectible non-standard deck from the Swedish maker J. O. Oberg & Son. Slight tear on D10. Has Near Mint maker's stamp from 1924 on the Heart Ace as well Plastic as a hard-to-read tax stamp on the same card. Interesting Joker. Starting at a very low minimum! Fournier #15 Minimum 20

    25 Seaboard Railway Souvenir c1910 USA 52+J Scenic RR cards [Type C oval photos] for the Seaboard Railway. Back has their logo surrounded Near Mint by orange blossoms. Seaboard advertised itself as OB2 the "Air Line" with a heart in the middle of the logo reading "Through the Heart of the South". A scarce Hoch. SR27 one!

    USPC Minimum 165

    26 Helmet #19 c1900 USA 52 A slightly different version of this scarce brand as it is #19 versus #119. Nice blue back with center Excellent+ design showing armored bust and armor helmets None in the four corners. The Joker and box are missing, but a chance to get an unusual deck at a Hoch. US33a steal!

    USPC Minimum 20





    27 Transarctic Expedition 1958 England 52+J+XC Sealed in tax wrapper, this Worshipful deck for 1958 commemorates the successful crossing of the As Issued arctic by Sir Edmund Hillary & Dr. Vivian Fuchs. OB1 The back shows the intrepid explorers shaking hands somewhere in that vast wilderness - perhaps Thorpe p.51 at the Pole!

    Waddington? Minimum 25





    28 Marstons Restaurants 1915 USA 52+J+XC Early narrow advertising d

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