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10 Good Reasons why the Best Approach to Personalised Healthcare is Fitgenes

Date post:24-Jun-2015
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There are more than 10 reasons, but here is a short overview of why and how Fitgenes is leading the revolution towards personalised healthcare.
  • 1. 10Good reasons why the best approach to personalised healthcare is

2. 1Underwritten by evidence-based, scientific research.Fitgenes has pioneered a personalised healthcare system that targets individual health goals..Our approach towards health and wellness begins with a genetic profile to establish the individuals Nutrigenetic predispositions. Then, coupled with functional pathology to provide an indication of current conditions, practitioners prepare a personalised nutrigenomics-based intervention plan that includes nutritional advice, supplementations, exercise plans and lifestyle recommendations to achieve their desired health goals, which can range from:Weight management | Healthier ageing | Hormone regulation and menopause | Heart health and reducing risk of cardiovascular disease | Diabetes | ... and more. 3. Cloud-based clinical application tools.Fitgenes has developed leading-edge clinical technology that delivers results. Correlates an individuals genetic profile with their: Medical history Pathology Anthropometric data Health goals2. 4. 3Expert ICT platform delivering integrated, personalised healthcare..Pracware allows Fitgenes Certified Practitioners to support their patients. Currently used by Practitioners in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the USA , Pracware is a first of its kind. 5. Cloud-based clinical application tools.4.Fitgenes programs are structured around a comprehensive, scientific database.Each of the genes profiled and the intervention strategies are based on research from reputable peerreviewed scientific data. Our database was developed by the Fitgenes experts in collaboration with the Fitgenes Scientific Advisory Board. 6. 5.Testing more genes does not mean better results.Fitgenes focuses on the genes affecting the physiological functioning of the body at a cellular level. That is, those genes that influence health and wellbeing, rather than attempting to predict the risk of disease. Our genetic profiles are based on biochemical pathways, working as far upstream as possible and also looking at gene to gene interactions. 7. Our programs are not available direct to the public.Fitgenes personalised health programs are offered through degree qualified medical practitioners/specialists or allied health practitioners This re-enforces the Practitioner to Patient relationship and ensures the Patient is correctly advised, which is not possible when genetic tests are sold direct to the public as many people attempt to self analyse and/or use the internet and chat rooms in an ill informed attempt to interpret what the results mean.6. 8. 7.We have clinically proven results.The result of certifying over 400 Practitioners in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong, and now the USA. This means Fitgenes has an extensive collection of clinical case studies and data demonstrating the clinical efficacy of our programs in improving patient health and wellbeing. 9. Forward focused.Fitgenes was awarded a $450k Commercialisation Australia grant to fund our vision.8And further the development of our Pracware software as well as the Womens Health and Autism Initiative programs.. 10. 9Were about finding solutions..Fitgenes is involved in other planned clinical studies. In order to augment the clinical data gathered from our Womens Health and Autism programs, we are also examining the influence of nutrigenomics on sports performance and Alzheimers disease, along with retrospective studies on obesity and diabetes. 11. Genetics in the workplace.10Fitgenes is working with an international insurance company on personalised, genome-based healthcare in the workplace. Towards improving the health and wellbeing of employees and thereby enhancing the organisations bottom-line through improved productivity and performance.. 12. In summary.10 these are justgood reasons why.is a pioneer in the personalised healthcare revolution.To learn more about more about our organisational goals and programs visit fitgenes.com or speak to one of our [email protected] Ph. 1300 348 436 37

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