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10 Great Reasons To Enter The Spark Today!

Date post:25-May-2015
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Here are 10 great reasons you should enter The Spark today, and be in with a chance of winning a £5,000 package of free mentorship, products, training and services to help turn your cool event idea into a reality!
  • 1. 10 great reasons to enter The Sparktoday!Supported by

2. 1. Reality is better than dreaming.We'll help turn your idea into a reality. 3. 2. The Britisheconomy needs you!Our economyrelies onentrepreneurswilling to take arisk and startsomething new. 4. 3. Make someone's day!Your event could become a memory theyalways cherish. 5. 4. 5,000 is a lot of money!And the winner gets 5,000 worth of free support, products,training and marketing! For example... 6. 5. Moo will make your marketing beautiful...with their custom-designed marketing materials. 7. 6. General Assembly will make you a digitalninja...with their 10-week immersive training course on digitalmarketing. 8. 7. Moneypenny will make you feel like aVIP...with their phone answering and businesssupport services. 9. 8. Eventbrite has your backthe whole way...with weekly mentorship, free fees, PR anda 1000 marketing budget. 10. 9. Its best to live life with no regrets...and youve got nothing to lose by entering! 11. 10. Yes, if it's really successful,you could get rich...(and famous). 12. Why wait?Enter now at www.eventbrite.com/thespark!

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