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10 Reasons to Hire a DUI Attorney

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  1. 1. 10 REASONS TO HIREA DUI ATTORNEYHave you been arrested and charged with a DUI?If so,you need to fight that conviction.And you can do so with the help of legal representation. A DUI attorney will tell you what prospect you have of fighting back the conviction A AT You could have been wrongly convicted of DUI (for instance,you might have been taking _. _ prescribed medication and not had any alcohol) lTYou might face high court costs and finesM It 8 in: You might even face the prospect of spending some time in jail% You could lose your jobYour auto insurance will go up if you get convictedTYour relationships and personal life might suffer if you have a DUI convictionTmIf you get convicted again,you will face higher fines and longer jail termsDO 3 :vvvvvv Some countries will refuse you entry if you have a criminal record WDYou could lose your drivers licenseIEO 9%TDUI STATISTICS IN THE UNITED STATES [2013]31% 10% 2%Alcohol-impaired driving 10% of fatalities were 2% of those young drivers accounted for 31% of all caused by drivers aged had a previous DUI conviction traffic fatalities I5 to 20 years oldNearly onequarter of all people arrested for DUI were female Sources: http: //responsibiIity. org/ drunI
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