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10 Reasons to Love Windows 10

Date post:10-Jan-2017
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4 Reasons to Love Windows 10

10 Reasons to Love Windows 10


1. Start Menu

It works like the Start menu were all used to, but Microsoft has added Live Tiles to it.

You can resize the entire Start menu by opening it, and clicking and dragging its top edge.

2. Modern UI Apps on DesktopChunky, finger-friendly Modern UI apps still exist in Windows 10, but they no longer need to run full-screen

3. New Charms Bar

Modern UI apps have a new button at their top left with three dots () that opens a menu with the usual selection of Charms Bar options.

4. Multi-task with Task View

Windows 10 makes working with multiple windows much easier.

Press Alt + Tab, or click the Task View button on the Task Bar, and youll see an overview of all open windows.

5. Work with Multiple Desktops

Click the Task View button on the Taskbar and youll see an Add a desktop option at the bottom of the screen.

This allows you to create virtual Desktops that you can quickly switch between, so you dont have to cram all your open apps onto just one.

6. Aero Snap gets Extended

You can still snap windows to the left and right half of the screen by dragging them to the left or right screen edge, but now you can also drag windows into one corner to snap them to a quarter-screen.

7. Never Miss a Notification

Windows 7 and 8 displayed operating system notifications as pop-up windows, but these could easily disappear before you had the chance to read them.

This still happens in Windows 10, but the notifications are also saved in the new Notifications Centre. Just click the icon in the Notifications Area to see them.

8. Take Control of Command Prompt

Few people have the need to use the Command Prompt in Windows, but it can be a much quicker way to perform certain tasks.

If you are a fan, youll find you can now resize the window and have its contents resize with it, select and cut/copy text easily using the mouse

9. Get More Life from Laptop Battery

Battery saver is accessed via Start, PC Settings, Battery Saver limits background app activity to prolong battery life.

At the moment, its either on or off all the time (theres a toggle in the app), but a future update will allow it to only kick in when your battery gets below a certain level.

10. Give Some Feedback

Feedback notifications will appear from time to time to ask your opinion (see 7. New notifications, above), but you can also launch the Feedback app using its Start menu Live Tile to give your thoughts on any Windows 10 feature.

Youll also be able to see what other users have given feedback about and vote for the suggestions you like.

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