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10 Reasons Why Partners Love Us

Date post:24-Jan-2015
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Top 10 Reasons Why Partners Love HireMeAspen.com.
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2. Top 10 Reasons Why Partners Love Us
3. #1
Supporting Your Community.
When you partner with HireMeAspen,
youre choosing to support the hard working locals
in your community.
4. #2
The Silver Partnership Level.
And this level of partnership is free!
When you partner with HireMeAspen at this base level,
you can promote your business and increase traffic.
5. #3
The Honeycomb.
The Honeycomb is dedicated to our partners at all levels.
The Honeycomb, which is located in The Hive
(the worker bee area of the website), keeps
our membership informed about your
discounts, promotions and giveaways.
6. The Honeycomb Example
7. #4
The discount %, promotion or giveaway
you choose is entirely up to you
and can be changed as often as necessary.
You determine the offer
youd like to give our membership.
8. #5
Partners receive a decal for display
in their storefront window,
designating them as a HireMeAspen Partner.
9. #6
Key Tags.
Workers receive a key tag
when they sign up,
designating them as a HireMeAspen Member.
10. #7
Email Promotion.
We promote our partners in a variety of ways
including monthly membership emails
which highlight the current partner offers.
11. #8
Gold Partnership Level.
Partners at this level are featured in the
Partner Spotlight area of The Hive,
increasing their exposure and generating more interest.
12. Partner Spotlight Example
13. #9
Ad Promotion.
Partners at the paid levels
are referenced as Preferred Partners
in periodic local advertising.
14. #10
The Platinum Partnership Level.
Partners at this level receive a fully customized program including display ads, promotional literature, flyers,
press releases, and membership events
highlighting their involvement as a Major Sponsor.
15. For more details:
16. www.HireMeAspen.com/home/partner

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