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10 Reasons Why SMBs Must Implement a Customer Experience Management Culture Today!

Date post:25-Jan-2017
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10 Reasons Why SMBs Must Implement a Customer EXPERIENCE Management Culture Today! Presented by Logan Nathan

Customer Experience Management


Customer Experience ManagementNote:solomoIT is an independent company based in not associated in anyway with LinkedIn.

Training & Coaching we provide are based on our own independent research and hands-on use of this platform for business and individual use.

Read the full article Here

Read the full article Here

Are you guilty of treating Digital Marketing as a nice to have rather than an integral part of your Online Brand Strategy?

If yes, then your business needs a Customer Experience Management culture to foster loyalty, brand advocacy and ultimately, more referrals.

Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience ManagementRead the full article Here

So what are the 10 elements that SMBs must focus on to deliver an exceptional Customer Experience to their online audience?

Lets dive in!Read the full article Here

For example, in my talk, - when I say I left school in 1992, the reason I say that is because I mention in my webinar I failed school. And the reason I say that is that I want to audience to know and think that you dont have to be smart to do this You dont need a degree. So if they dont have one, they believe they can do it. Then I say I got a trade in panel beating, again this would be stupid if there wasnt a reason, but I want to connect with the tradesman in my audience, I also go on to say my father wanted me to get a safe and secure job and have a trade to back me up. I then ask the audience attendees, who here on this webinar had their parents tell them to get a safe secure job? The very thing that my target audience is trying to get away from. So I build big rapport here. Then did this and that etc. leading to a story behind why you are speaking to them today, which should be a chance for you to reveal your mission without it sounding like a typical company mission. 4

Your Business First

Read the full article HereCustomer Experience Management or CXM requires redefining your business and re-examining every customer touchpoint to understand where your business stands!

The key lies in identifying:Customer experience loop holesMisalignment between customer expectations and brand promiseNeed to shift culture from business focus to customer focus


If You Dont Bring Yours, Someone Else will Bring Theirs

Read the full article HereThe ability for customers to connect with a well recommended, local service provider whenever they want, could be the X-factor that sets you apart!!

SMBs can create their X-factor by:Localising and Humanising their offerBe reachable through social and mobileDiscover and leverage the basis of differentiation


Need Behavioural Change

Read the full article HereEmployees play an integral role in delivering your products and services. Adopting CXM as part of company culture then means a strategy buy in from employees!

SMBs can achieve this by:Employee engagement programsUpskilling with latest technology tools and platformsTreating employees as your first customers!


Read the full article HereTodays customers are Social, Local and Mobile! You must optimise the Customer Experience according to their needs and preferences!

SMBs can benefit by:

Understanding which technology software and hardware complements the brandHow to develop social proof on leading social networking platforms

With Use of Technology


Read the full article HereCustomers want to maintain their relationship by accessing relevant business information on demand!

SMBs can deliver this by:Personalisation of products/servicesConstant contactManaging grievances Creating an emotional bond with engagement through story-telling

Matters Online


Read the full article HereInnovation in customer experience is happening all around us! Your SMB cannot afford to stay stagnant!

Key to innovation lies in identifying need gaps in customer expectations and bridging that gapNow, Not Tomorrow


Read the full article HereCustomers believe in endorsements coming from trusted third-party sources online!

The best way to generate such endorsements is through:

Word of mouth Referral programsYour Network to Become Referrals


Read the full article HereSocial Media is bridging the gap between SMBs and their clients from across the globe!

SMBs can use the following elements of social media to play at their advantage:TransparencyConnectivityResponsivenessBeyond Borders


Read the full article HereBuilding strategic business collaborations is a win-win for SMBs and their customers alike

For SMBs collaboration can happen through:

New Collaborative Tools e.g. live video streaming & on-the-go mobile accessTechnology advanced devices such as Microsoft Surface ProCollaboration through outsourcing business departmentsThe New Way of Business


Read the full article HereCustomer engagement alone is not enough! You need to measure it as well!

SMBs can do it by:

Understanding the customer journey across all touch pointsIdentifying customer experience shortfallsFilling the gap

Measurement Is The Key


Read the full article Here

Managing Customer Experience for your SMB is a multiple pronged approach that demands a complete cultural overhaul.

Only then can you bridge the gap between your brand and your customer expectations.


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Can Your Business Benefit From Customer Experience Management?


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