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10 reasons you should hire tim schley

Date post:24-Jan-2015
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  • 1. 10 ReasonsYou Should HireTim Schley

2. 10Experience People never learn anything by being told, they have to find out for themselves. Paulo Coelho 3. My resumeMarketingdefinitely has had apresence in my life,thats for sure. 4. 9InnovativeSpiritInnovation distinguishes between aleader and a follower - Steve Jobs 5. Noticing a lack of an online presence formy fraternity, I saw an opportunity tocreate a digital strategy for recruitingand alumni relations 6. 8Passion Our passion is ourstrength Billie Joe Armstrong 7. for marketing,Passionfor my friends, for music,for life! 8. 7WritingAbilityLet me live, love and say itwell in good sentences Sylvia Plath 9. The key is toknow who yourewriting for! LSC alumni, students, faculty = educated, looking for a familiar voice 10. PressRelease Mass public, average layman =- May not understanddifficult scientifictopics- Need to be objectiveto gain credibility 11. 66 HumorHumorI think the next best thing to solving aproblem is finding some humor in it Frank A. Clark 12. Lifes not worth living if youcant kiss a turtle every onceand a while (The turtle apparently was not thrilled) 13. 5Ability toWork in aTeamUnity is strength... whenthere is teamwork and collaboration, wonderfulthings can be achieved.- Mattie Stepanek 14. Teamwork was essential in completing the Tough MudderForexample Group projects were an integral part of my education at UW-MadisonDirecting a musical castof 43 people wouldnthave been possiblewithout collaboration 15. 4Ability toWorkIndependentlyI am truly independentlyowned and operated. Bret Michaels 16. Working independently was acrucial job responsibility for myposition in LSC as theUndergraduate Digital Marketing Strategist and my social mediainternship with the Wisconsin Technology Council 17. An investment in knowledge pays the best interest Benjamin Franklin3Thirst forKnowledge 18. I am currently in theprocess of completingHubspots prestigiousInbound MarketingTraining ProgramAnd I am anavid reader 19. Tim is hard-working,enthusiastic and a quick2learner. He excels at usingcommunication technologiesto solve real-world businessproblems. He doesnt getwrapped up in theory. Hegets wrapped up in results. IReference enthusiastically recommendhim! Don Stanley Owner/CEO, 3Rhino Media 20. 1 Energy!Energy and persistance conquers all things - Benjamin Franklin 21. I strongly believe that myenergy is my best quality.Every single day, I try toinstill a vigor for life intoeveryone I meet.It is my sincere hope that Ihave already instilled atleast a glimmer of this inyou.Thank you for your time,Tim Schley 22. Contact Me!Website: timschley.comEmail: [email protected]: @timmyschleyGoogle+: Tim Schley profileLinkedIn: Tim Schley profilePhone: 920.858.2367