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10 th Anniversary 1999 - 2009 Implementing a Dynamic Management Reporting Environment

Date post:27-Mar-2015
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10 th Anniversary 1999 - 2009 Implementing a Dynamic Management Reporting Environment Slide 2 General Announcements: Please turn off all cell phones/pagers If you must leave the session early, please do so as discreetly as possible Please avoid side conversations during the session Questions will be answered .. Thank you for your cooperation Slide 3 Agenda Introduction Management Reporting Challenge Solution Approach Lessons Learned & Next Steps Q & A Slide 4 Introduction Lehigh University Private Institution located in Bethlehem, PA About 4800 undergraduates, 2000 graduates Finishing up $500 million campaign Multi dimensional fundraising operations Annual Fund, Colleges, Regions, Athletics, Arts Center, Special Projects About 30 33% alumni participation annually Very active Alumni Association (became part of Advancement in 2008) Tom Chaves Director of Advancement Services Background with Banner Slide 5 Management Reporting Challenge New VP, New Goals Prospect pool to double for next campaign Drive to a $100m/year fundraising organization Accountability at all levels Move fundraising initiatives to be unit focused (e.g. college, regions) Slide 6 Management Reporting Challenge What was needed... Information to understand the prospect pool, how to forecast, and how to know what we raised and who should get credit Need it by college, unit, region, constituency, etc. Needed to be usable by management (new AVP of Leadership Gifts was key stakeholder) Dynamic access to information and not have to request every time What existed... Lots and lots of static lists SQL reports and excel lists Lots of requests and people waiting Slide 7 Management Reporting Challenge What we didnt have A truly defined and understood process for prospect management Consistent terminology usage How to credit gift officers consistently in Banner Standard information requests by area (major gifts, principal gifts, corporate, planned giving, annual fund) Any real reporting tool Slide 8 Solution Approach Gather & Confirm Requirements Met with AVP of Leadership Gifts and Prospect Management weekly Prospect Management process was being defined by external consultant and we were determining how to manage it with Banner Need to grow prospect pool and then manage them and results Determine Outcomes Discovery Tool Managing the Pipeline (Forecasting) Results by Unit, Gift Officer Coordinating with VP Dashboard Slide 9 Solution Approach Prototype Data from Banner (goals, successes) Use Excel Pivot Tables for flexibility Direct ODBC access to Banner (where possible) Daily Refresh by Prospect Management Make available to gift officers and management without requests to Advancement Services Slide 10 Solution Approach Prototype Define the process flow Step 1: Discover New Prospects Step 2: Manage Prospect Pool Step 3: Tracking/Measuring Gift Officer Success Step 4: Tracking/Measuring Fundraising Success Slide 11 Solution Approach Prototype Step 1: Discovery Tool Slide 12 Solution Approach Prototype Step 1: Discovery Tool Slide 13 Solution Approach Prototype Step 2: Prospect Pipeline Slide 14 Solution Approach Prototype Step 3: Gift Officer Summary Slide 15 Solution Approach Prototype Step 3: Gift Officer Summary Slide 16 Solution Approach Prototype Step 4a: Financial Results by Unit Slide 17 Solution Approach Prototype Step 4b: VP Dashboard Slide 18 Solution Approach Review & Test Identify some key users and management to test (both formally and informally) Rollout & Training By group and then offer one-off training when needed/appropriate Checking in Periodically Slide 19 Lessons Learned & Next Steps Lessons Learned Summary & Detail to support Proactive Communication & Coordination Documentation & Training Drive decisions (dont wait!) Dont Assume ANYTHING Next Steps See how current delivery can be enhanced by Argos reporting tool Check in from time to time if its working Slide 20 Q & A Tom Chaves Director of Advancement Services Lehigh University [email protected] 610-758-6362

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