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10 Things about Aadhaar

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10 Things about Aadhaar. Aadhaar is the unique identification program led by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).
  • 1. 10010203 things0405060708 about0910

2. Aadhaar010203is a randomly generated0405 12 digit number06issued to residents0708 0123-4567-89010910 3. 0102 Why?03Easy & direct0405access to services06 Public FoodGovernment07 Distribution Benefits Jobs08 Financial Inclusion09 0123-4567-8901Education10 Healthcare ...and muchmore 4. 01 The Unique Identification02 Authority of India (UIDAI)03 is in charge of0405 Aadhaar06 the brand name of the unique identification program07 []080910 5. 0102 The goal is0304 600 million05residents060708 by 20140910 6. 0102 Provide03identify proof0405 photograph0607both irises0809 10 fingerprints10 7. 010203 How does04 it work?0506 Your Finger = Your Identify0708 BiometricFinger09Scanner10 8. 01 YesAadhaar0203 API04 orNo050607 The only two responses08 provided by the Aadhaar API0910*API is geek speak for Application Programming Interface 9. 0102 Financial03Inclusion04provide a bank account05 to everyone0607&08accessible09anywhere10 10. 0102 The First03 Aadhaar number was issued on September 29, 201004 in Nandurbar, Maharashtra050607080910 11. 01 Example of an02ATM Transaction0304Aadhaar05 AuthenticationMicroATM06with Finger07Scanner0809 Confirmation via SMS10 Geeta 12. 0102 For more information03 about Aadhaar:04 http://uidai.gov.in/0506 Created by:0708 Manish Jain09http://celestri.org10

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