10 things about me

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Sinclair Community College Education Technology 1103 Presentation Software Project. 10 things about me, Hannah Westfall.

8 Things About Me

10 Things About MeCreated by Hannah Westfall

I love my family

My father passed away on 02-01-12This is my brothers Senior pictureHe wanted a family picture

I love my dog (& my potential new pet)Disco (Schnauzer/Scottish Terrier)

Sugar Glider

I was the 2014 Valedictorian at MVCTC

I am the Math Tutor at Sinclair ELC

I am strongly involved with my Dunamis Youth Group

Dunamis means power, to explodeThe five in front are HillsongHillsong is a Christian BandThey came from Australia to see usThe entire night was impactful

I love all kinds of candy, but my favorite isJelly Belly Jellybeans

Anything White Chocolate

I play softball

The Plainview PoniesWomens Church League SoftballWe were undefeated in the Tournament

I am in love with anything Disney

I love Peter Pan

I like the 2003 human version bestNo, this is not DisneyThis was released by:Universal PicturesColumbia PicturesAnd Revolution Studios

I love being with Children

Whether it be:NurseryChildrens ChurchOutreach/Missions

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