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10 Trends in Holiday Shopping

Date post:01-Nov-2014
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  • 2. This year, Moms say they dont plan to increase their holiday spend from last year 44% say they will 11 spend as much as last year, while 43% will spend less. 1 Beyond the Holiday Splurge
  • 3. With the holidays looming, families plan to turn a critical eye to their household budgets. More than 60% of families plan to curtail eating out, 50% will trim gift-giving costs, and 43% will cut holiday travel costs. And just 13% will pay full price for the perfect gift. 2 Scaling Back for the Holidays
  • 4. Moms rely on research & WOM recommendations when shopping for the holidays, with 75% checking online for price comparisons & reviews, and 45% turning to friends & family for input. 3 Research + WOM = Decision to Purchase
  • 5. With the holiday shopping season just around the corner, new research from Mom Central Consulting shows that nearly 30% of Moms will shop for gifts from their phone this holiday season. 4 Seasonal Shopping Trends
  • 6. Personal recommendations top TV and online ads as Moms look for inspiration for holiday gifts. Nearly 60% of Moms will seek a personal offline recommendation for a gift idea, while 50% will turn to blog posts. 5 Recommendations Trump Traditional Ads
  • 7. More than 70% of Moms actively search social media sites for promotions and deals to save money during the holiday shopping season. 6 Searching for Deals and Steals
  • 8. This holiday season, 98% of Moms shop online for holiday gifts, with 35% agreeing they always shop online. 7 Find Them Online
  • 9. Nearly 70% of Moms say they are more likely to purchase a product if it receives a high star rating on ecommerce reviews. 8 The Rise of Online Influence
  • 10. Remember the holiday newsletter? Today, 78% of Moms connect with friends and family members during the holidays via Facebook. 9 Social Media Fosters Holiday Connections
  • 11. Nearly 70% of Moms say they are more likely to purchase a product if its recommended by someone they follow on social networking sites. 10 Social Recommendations Drive Purchase
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