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11th Hour +++

Date post: 12-Jan-2015
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I hope you’ve seen one or the other, but today we’ll look at

parts of both movies

Page 3: 11th Hour +++

If you sleep, talk on your phone, chat with friends, play

games, etc…

You will join our PANEL OF EXPERTS whom are presenting

their thoughts at the end of class today

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There is also a homework assignment for those students

who are “behaviorly challenged”

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The time for action is NOW.

This generation is the one that must makechange, as we have very little time left.

Most of solutions are availablenow.

We as citizens, leaders, and consumers have the opportunity to help

integrate these solutions into governmental policy and every day living.

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This is a human issue about the extinction of our species and our inability

to continue to live on this planet without massive change.

The earth hasmassive regenerative power, but humans

will not survive. We must adaptappropriately to our biosphere.

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Energy is the key to solving our environmental crisis. Energ

y fromrenewable sources such as solar and wind need to be massivel

yintegrated into our life. Modern life needs to be redesigned.

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