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12 reasons why you should change your accountant today?

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    The difficulty for most business owners even those with great reasons to review and change is that they find it difficult to make the break, move on and progress. The simple fact is we all dislike change we dont like being outside our comfort zone, preferring to have familiar people and patterns around us, whether thats in business or at home. So its no great surprise that the vast majority of businesses resist change especially when it comes to reviewing and potentially changing accountant.

    Many continue with an internal conversation often around the tax year end knowing that there is a better accounting relationship solution for their business.

    You will need to see solid business reasons to undertake a review and also understand what else is available to you that might better serve your goals and aspirations. And thats the motivation behind this E-book. In it, you will be introduced to 12 different reasons why you should change the service your accountant provides,of course, not all will apply to your current situation but any one of them could impact your bottom line, your personal wealth and your destinations in life and business significantly.

    The events of the past few years and the significant economic changes that have taken place have led many business owners and directors to review all areas of their business performance, including of course, finances, cash flow and all elements of expenditure. Whats surprising though, is just how few businesses have received proactive, up front advice, support and guidance from their accountants at a time when it was needed most.

    At FPSS we recognised that our clients required short, medium and long term help for them to overcome their challenges and also to help them define and reach their goals and ambitions. As a result, many have avoided the negative impacts of the recession and are now looking forward with renewed strength, lower overheads, improved profitability and long term strategic goals in place. Sadly we often see that some businesses have out grown the abilities of their accountant to add value to their business in a proactive way and useful way.

    If your accountants has left you to cope on your own perhaps its time to think about changing to a hands-on, helpful firm like FPSS who always have a keen interest in helping you the business owner overcome your business challenges. For you the time might be now to cut the umbilical cord that keeps you tied with your old accountant and gain some real impetus and renewed insights from a new relationship?

    For you the time might be now to cut the umbilical cord that keeps you tied with your old accountant and gain some real impetus and renewed insights from a new relationship?

    Your success is our goal and we are passionate about bringing success to our clients. We are a complete and extensive 'round table' team, combining entrepreneurial experience, wide ranging financial talent, strategic foresight, proven wealth strategies, effective legal advice and extensive operational 'know how', united in being focused on your goals and success.

    At a transforming point in history you can now have a unique edge with one complete professional team uniting all the expertise and disciplines you need, with the creativity of combined experience and the power of professional alignment all motivated to give you the commercial advantage you deserve.

    At FPSS we are more than just accountants, we are a new multi-disciplinary professional services team designed just for you.

    Simon Howitt Senior Partner - The FPSS Group

    One Dedicated Team, United To Ensure Your Commercial Success - 02072 800 500 - www.fpss.co.uk - healthcheck@fpss.co.uk The FPSS Group

    We have produced this E book for you to help guide your thinking about changing your

    accountant or at the very least reviewing the value of that supplier, in terms of their quality

    and effectiveness of service and advice they provide for you for the price they charge.


    If youve answered True to any of the above statements, you should talk to a new accountancy firm and discover what todays new breed of accountants can do for you and your business.

    True or false


    Testimonial Our entire company has been overhauled and restructured to have an efficient corporate structure. The results are great - we are all happy and looking forward to a strong future with our business. I have paid off my mortgage and sleep easy at night knowing my future looks good. FPSS are a unique bunch who are very good at what they do and I am so glad we undertook this. I would recommend that others consider the same

    Mr T MD Estate Agents in Surrey & Hampshire

    For your FREE no-obligation Business Review you can contact us today in four easy ways:

    1. Arrange a Skype video conference call with our team from your desk by calling simonahowitt or.

    2. Set up a personal meeting:- Get in touch on healthcheck@fpss.co.uk to set up a personal meeting to explore your areas of interest.

    3. Call us: - Telephone on 02072 800 500 to discuss how we can work together.

    4. Email us: - Email us on healthcheck@fpss.co.uk to let us know how best we might be able to help you?...

    I havent changed my accountant for more than 5 yearsMost accountants think the same way and do the same thingsMy accountant is more interested in last years accounts than planning for my futureMy accountant has never talked about ways to help me increase profitsI have written plans for selling / exiting the business and retirementMy accountant never calls me to discuss how the business is doingI never talk to my accountant about my ideasMy accountant never asks me tough business questionsWhen times are tough I never see my accountantMy accountant never provides an annual tax review to assure me we are efficient

    I never know what my accountant will charge me?

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    Your accountant does not provide all the specialist services such as:

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    If you like the idea of reviewing your accountant, but dont have the

    time to read this report in full today but want to take some action,

    heres a QUICK checklist to help you speed through the process.




    As Spencer Johnson explains in his best-selling book Who Moved My Cheese?, every company wants to do more than just survive. It needs to be competitive and that means its employees have to adapt to new influences. Loyalty is not enough. They must have a flexible rather than defensive attitude to change

  • Change is an unwelcome intruder for most people. We love the comfort of things staying the same and find change an irritant thats difficult to cope with. Even the most entrepreneurial business owners and decision makers often prefer to accept the status quo of an existing relationship with their accountant while they are driving forward new ideas and projects. Even if they are not totally happy with the situation, the chances are they would rather put up with it than make a change, especially those who harbour the misplaced belief all accountants are the same when in reality this is not the case.

    The following are the 7 most frequently offered reasons we hear why business owners like you, resist reviewing your relationship with your accountant




    One of the most common reasons for sticking with a current firm is that they are local. Of course these days thanks to ever-improving online technologies such as

    Cloud based accounting software like Xero amongst many others, accountants dont need to be on your doorstep to give you great service. We can work from anywhere because of how we share and access data and how we can communicate with you using technology. We collect and securely scan all your paperwork and supply it back to you both digitally and in its original form. HMRC accept digital copies of receipts,

    invoices for accounting purposes. This means your accountant can be anywhere in the UK and do all youre accounting/bookkeeping, and give you as much advice as you need by email or phone.

    You can even have regular video-conferences using Skype so we will be involved in your business, whenever you need like a virtual Financial Director. We even supply the Skype headsets to make things really simple and easy for you.


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