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(1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)

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  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)



    I ^ NEW YORKmv n^




  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    A GuaranteeA Perry-Dame customer gets exactly what she buys. Clothesthat are exactly as shown in the pictures. Quality exactly as repre-sented. Value she has a right to expect. Care and promptness inshipping the goods. THE GUARANTEE OF AN ESTAB-LISHED AND RESPONSIBLE FIRM.You must be pleased in your dealings with the established house ofPerry, Ddme & Co., in every way. If the garment you buy is notall that you have a right to expectand you must be the judgeafter examining it^we Guarantee to promptly refund your moneyand pay the cost of returning the goods, without one cent ofexpense to you.It is the honest, straightforward, exact showing of the garments, inthis catalog, with the detailed descriptions of the styles and ma-terials shown by the pictures, that has built this great andsuccessful Mail Order firrn of Perry, Dame & Co.We offer you the best material and workmanship, the latest, mostattractive and seasonable styles at the lowest possible prices.We give you our assurance, emphasized by our guarantee onevery purchase, of ABSOLUTE SATISFACTION OR YOURMONEY BACK.WE REFER YOU TO THESEGREAT NEW YORK BANKSGarfield National Bank, New YorkMechanics and Metals National BankNew York


  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)



  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    Digitized by the Internet Archivein 2010 with funding from

    Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation


  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    Fall and Winter Coats atAmazingly Low

    to OrderRightCoat

    Page 5T''^.



    An Exclusive Fall Model3F34Some of the coats this fall andwinter will be characterized by their chicsimplicitydepending for distinction upontheir straight-hanging, voluminous lines andwarmth-giving new materials. The hand-some coat, pictured on the left, mirrors thenewest mode. It is fashioned in high grade.All wool Polo Cloththe season's newestoffering in coat fabrics. This cloth is ofwarmth-giving thiclmess and has a soft, vel-vety fuzzy nap. The model is cut with thepopular, graceful flare back which is trimmedwith three-tailor-stitchcd, button-trimmedstrap tabs. Large adiustable collar with slotclosing. Capacious novelty pockets. Eng-lish Raglan style sleeves. Half belt in front.Lined to the waist with good quality Vene-tian lining. COLORS: Cinnamon, as pic-tured, or Pekin blue. SIZES: 34 to 4

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    Quite the newest and some of the most fascinatingtouches of the season are expressed in this handsome atAll-Wool Velour. Added to its beauty and warmth of fabric, itthe economic interest of being modestly priced. Designed inback with an Empire yoke, below which the coat falls inunbelted fashion, and is made with a panel that is pin-and button-trimmed. An interesting mnovation is the

    collar, which is made of Silk Plush at the neck. The ends areself-material, trimmed at the points with Silk tassels. The widekimono sleeves are finished with button-trimmed gauntletHalf belt at front and half belt inside in the back to hold thesnugly to the figure. Novelty pockets. Half Imed with

    lining. COLORS: Navy or burgundy. SIZEC: ^qO CAto 46 bust measure. LENGTH : 48 inches pu^ DU

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    3F36Fashion has sponsored the vogue of VelourPlush coats, and many are the variations in styles thatare developed in this lovely and inexpensive fabric. Themodel pictured above adds a luxurious note to the alreadysmart coat by using Young Baby Mufflon for the "Pris-cilla" cape collar, cuffs and pocket tabs. A belt encirclesthe waist. It is cut broader at the sides and trimmed inthe back with a buckle. Lined carefully with Sergelining. COLORS: Black or burgundy. SIZES: a^ J i-a'34 to 46 bust measure. LEXGTH: 48 inches. p^45U3F35Skillfully conceived by a Master designer is this Beautiful Day Wrap,resplendent with the season's most authentic style notes that are beautifullyblended with a superior quality fabric and the utmost in skiltul workmanship is this excellentmodel of high-grade All-Wool Velour. This fabric is thu favorite ehoice of the discriminatingwoman, for it is soft and velvety in appearance, light in weight and luxuriously warm besides.The coat is fashioned on distinctive and original hnes. Pin-tucking, the last word in tailoredtrimming, has been elaborately used on the large crushed collar, the back as well as the lowerpart of the coat, as pictured. There are two slot pockets. The deep kimono armholes givegraceful drape-effect to the sides. A sash belt evolves from the sides where it is drawnthrough openings and attached inside to an elastic belting. Fully lined with Satin lining.COLORS: Brown or navy. SIZES: 34 to 46 bust measure. LENGTH: 48 aoi^ [-/\inches . . ,..,,,,,...,. : p*^ ^^

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    Quality That Means Satisfactionyou buy from Perry, Dame& Co. you are sure

    perpetually pleased for you receive QualityQuality which stands the Test of Time.by Quality we meanChoice Materials

    Workmanship and Distinctive Stylesat the Lowest Possible Prices.

    that is not only dependent uponattractive price but upon Quality as well.

    is by this Standard that the great Success ofDame & Co. has been built.at the Lowest Possible Prices Means

    Coat Creation of Great Beauty Combinedwith Luxurious Warmth and ServiceThe modern American woman has come to realizeami appreciate the vital importance that fashionable attiremeans to her. It gives her poise, self-assurance and dignity,for which she is known and admired throughout the world.One of the most important items of her apparel and to whichshe looks forward with great interest and expectation everyseason is the new offering in coats. Unmistakably Fashionhas revealed one of the most luxurious out-door wraps when shecreated this model of high-grade, lustrous Silk Plush. This de-pendable, popular fabric in beauty and warmth is second onlyto the real Seal fur. The coat is cut on the latest style re-quired lines. Made with a straight, unbelted back, which fallsin deep, graceful folds. Richly decorative note and delightfulw'armth is added by the fur trimming of long-haired, lustrousJapanese Wolf, which has been used for the large shawl collar,deep cufTs, and the wide band at the bottom of the ccat.There are two tailored slot pockets for convenience. A halfbelt defines the waistline in front. Attractive Flowered Sateencarefully lines the model. COLOR: Black. SIZES: a^q g/v34 to 46 bust measure. LENGTH : 48 inches p40*DU

    How to Order YourRight Size Coat'

    It is an easy matter for>ou to get a perfect=fit=ting Coat at Perry, Dame& Co. Take your BustMeasure over your shirtswaist with an accuratetape measure, making noallowance and we willsend you your right size.The length of each coat isstated in each description.


  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    RJ" NewCoatswithSmartFurCollars3F4ftSilk Plush in all its loveliness fashions itself withgrace into this luxurious winter coat. It will add not onlyattractiveness to the wearer's appearance but will afford de-lightful warmth, as well. Beauty and richness are also addedby a large, adjustable collar of Kit Coney Fur. Like most ofthe smart new originations, it reveals in design the gracefullyflaring loose back, headed with an Empire yoke. The set-insleeve's have deep cuffs of self-material. 1 here are two pockets^ for decoration as well as use. Half-belt in front./\ Every detail has been carefully executed. Lined/ /^ with good quality Venetian lining. COLOR:/V/a Black. SIZES: 34 to 46 bust aoq -g^/M^ measure. LENGTH:48inches.$i3./0






    3F4I$3150WOOL MELTON


    V. i3F39$3250


    3F41A coat of dignified simplicitycverv detail of which has been irreproach-ably executed by skilled workmen. Madeof Wool Mixed Meltona winter-weightfabric that will afford long service. To addto the much-coveted warmth the designerhas used a large, smartly cut collar of KitConey Fur. Interesting new features arethe double belts at the sides that evolve intoa wider one-piece belt in front, as pictured.The back has two box-plaits, stitched toyoke-depth. There are two. fancy cut. tail-ored pockets. Lined to the waist withVenetian lining;^ COLORS: Navy or ox-ford grey. SIZES: 34 to 46 bust A01 ("/\q>Ol.3U



    3F39This winter-weight top-coat.while simple in design, expresses effect-ively the true fashion trend of the day. itis designed on the straight-line silhouettewhich conforms with becomingncss to alltypes of figures. Developed in a handsomeand reUable fabric, AU-Wool Velour. Thecoat has deep-cut, loose kimono sleeveswhich add grace to the movements of thewearer. Unbelted loose back trimmed withbuttons and headed with a small Empireyoke. There are two slot-pockets. Button-trimmed cuffs. Half-belt in front. A chicfinishing touch is added by the collar of KitConey Fur. Half-lined with Venetian lining.COLORS: Brown or burgundy. SIZES: 34to 46 bust measure. LENGTH: ^o

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    Elegant Coats of Distinctive Design


    3F42A luxurious wrap-coat that reveals artistry of design andexaciitude of workmanship. It takes fonn in an exquisitely finecoatinghigh-grade All-Wool Kersey. This fabric is of undeniablebeauty and is warm without attending weight. It has a silky appearancewhich makes it resemble cl i on Broadcloth. The wrap is fashionedafter the prescribed mode of the season. It is cut on voluminous, all-enveloping lines with a loose, gracefully flaring unbelted back that isheaded by an Empire yoke. The bottom displays rows of pin-tuckingand buttons that have been used for effective decoration. Refined ele-gance and beauty is added by the large collar of Yukon Seal Fur Cloth.There are two tailored slot pockets and a half belt in front, which comesthrough openings at the sides. The deep kimono-cut sleeves drapegracefully and arc finished with button-trimmed cuffs. Lined with SolSatin. COLOR: Black. SIZES: 34 to 46 bust measure, a * / mg\LENGTH: 48 inches !>4D.5U



    Jaunty short flare coats, such as the mo 'elhere, have met with tremendous popu-both in New York and Paris. In warmth andwithout the attending high cost, they rivalcoats patterned after the same fashion. LovelyPlush, a luxuriously warm and handsome fabric,been used for its origination, enriched bv theand effective use of Beaver Fur Cloth, whichbeen used for the collar, cuffs and lower edge,pictured. There are openings in the lower band,serve for pockets. Half belt in front.Sateen linmg. COLOR: Black. SIZES:to 44 bust measure. LENGTH: 32 rfoo gAp^JaOl/


    3F43 Alluringly fashioned after the pre=vai.ing mode is this wrap-coat of warmth andbecomingness. It ' i developed in Velour Plush,a handsome, durable fabric, which lends itselfflatteringly to the graceful design of the model.' Has smart style, adjustable collar of lustrous

    Silk Plush. The back is cut to fall in loose,graceful lines, achieved by shirring at the topbelow a novel-shaped yoke. The deep armholesof the sleeves effect draping on either side. Theuseful slot pockets, as well as the large cuffs, arebutton-trimmed. Half belt in front. Care-fully lined with Sateen lining. COLORS: Bur-gundy or black. SIZES: 34 to 4'> tfji C.Cbust measure. LENGTH: 48 inches ^loOd

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    A Smart Wrap Attractively Priced3F45A wrap-coat of approved smartness.Developed in a luxurious fabric. All-WoolVelour. a coating that is appreciated by thediscriminating purchaser. Cut on voluminous,

    " gr.-iceful. all-enveloping lines, that will protect"Milady" from the chills of wintry gales. Arich and dressy note is added by the snugglingcollar of Kit Coney fur. The unbelted flareback has pin-tucking finished with large em-broidered darts. The slot pockets are finishedin a similar manner. Loose, kimono-cutsleeves with deep button-trimmed cuffs. Asash belt defines the waistUne and controls thefullness in front. Elastic inside belt. COLORS:Green or navy. SIZES: 34 to 46 bust ^o-l enmeasure. LENGTH: 48 inches ^Ol.OXJ

    3F47Correctly styled and moderately pedricis this serviceable top coat for the fall and winter.Developed in a new. dependable coating, SilvertipVelour. This material has a solid color backgroundwith a silver-tone, fuzzy nap. The coat is madewith a snug-fitting high collar of Silk Plush. Empireyoke in the back, below which the coat falls in loose,unbelted fashion, trimmed with a wide 'fold that has four large buttons. Deepkimono-cut sleeves. The pockets havebutton trimming and rows of stitching,which have been alsoused on the back yoke.Half belt in front.COLORS: Brown ornavy. SIZES: 34 to46 bust measure.LENGTH:*, Q qj,48 inches. pi7^0



    $ig98 L,







    SILK ;PLUSH ,'


    3F46The graceful dolman^ffect wrapwhich is enioying such flattering vogue this sea-son has been perfected to a marked degree inthis luxurious new creation. It is developed ina fabric of unrivaled beauty and warmth. SilkPlush. The model is portrayed in the becomingall-enveloping style with loose, unbelted backand deep-cut kimono sleeves, which formdrapings at the sides. Delightful warmth andan alluring softness and richness is added to thecoat by the exceedingly large collar and deepcuffs of handsome Kit Coney fur. The collarfastens with two large fur buttons. Self-covered buttons trim the back on either side asshown in the small sketch. Half belt in frontSmartly tailored and carefully finished in everydetaU. Lined throughout with good quahtyserviceable Venetian lining. COLOR: Black.SIZES: 34 to 46 bust measure. LENGTH: 48inches. Priced with restraint and moderationfor a garment of such high charac- t:AC CQ

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    ueof Two of the Smart-est, Most HandsomeCoats of the Season

    A Coat-Wrap Magnificent3F48A sumptuous new wrap of irresistiblebeauty, whose rich cUnging folds will add dignityand grace- to the wearer's every movement. It isportrayed in one of the loveUest winter fabricsAU-Wool Kersey. This material has a beautiful silkyfinish resembling heavy-weight chiffon broadcloth.The model is further enriched in appearance by thelavish use of Kit Coney Fur, as pictured, whichadds to the luxurious warmth of the garment. Theback is made with an Empire yoke, below whichthe coat falls in unbelted graceful, voluminousfolds. Large adjustable collar. The deep-cutkimono sleeves effect drapings at the sides. Thereare two tailored slot pockets. Buttons trim thelower edge on either side. Elastic inside belt holdsthe coat snugly to the figure, while the sash belt infront adjusts the fulness. Lined with fancy pat-tern good quality Silk Finish lining. This modeldisplays the best in workmanship and is fairly pricedfor a coat of so many qualities of merit. COLORS:rown or navy. SIZES: 34 to 46 bust (>CO CAmeasure. LENGTH: 48 inches. ...... . |>0^*3l/

    .TRIMMED l^yjj4\ /al\^^^^ /woo\'$5250 KERSEY

    This Handsome Wrap isFashioned on Lines ofGreat Chic

    3F49A fascinating wrap

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    Read How to Order^ Your Right Size'^^--^^ Coat. Page 5

    y ji

    3F51^Serviceable and attractive isthis fall and winter top coat. Devel-oped in a new fabric offered this seasonWool Mixed Silver-Tip Velour. 1 hecoat is cut in simple outline on thestraight, slender silhouette sponsored bythe Fashion of the day. It displays aluxunously warm collar of Kit ConeyFur. The back has two inverted foldstrimmed with large novelty buttons.Fancy-cut pockets and cuflfs. All-around belt. COLORS: Navy or brown.SIZES: 3-1 to46 bust measure. d>no oPLEXGTH: 48 inches I^^Z.OO

    3F52A luxurious coat creation thatis up-to-date in every detail. It re-flects in grace and beauty originations offar more cost. Fashioned in one of theloveliest coat fabricslustrous high-grade Silk Plush. Adding warmth towarmth there is a large, sweeping cape-collar and deep cufis of Beaver Fur Cloth.The back is gracefully unbelted and dis-plays the cape-like flare. A cross belt infront 'efines the waist line. Elastic in-side belt holds coat snugly to the figure.There are two convenient pockets.Lined with fancv pattern Serge lining.COLOR: Black". SIZES: 34 to 46bust measure. LENGTH: ^ jkt\ CA48 inches ;|4^*dU

    3F50The new fall and winter modemore c'everly sty ed than ever, hasbeen niirrortd in the fashioning of thisall-enveloping wrap-coat. The price,too, is of economic interest. Made ofgood quality Thibet Velour, a dependablewool and cotton fabric. The deepdraping at the sides. The straight-hanging, unbelted back is trimmed withpin-tucking and novelty buttons. Theside pockets as w^ell as the deep cuffs arealso button-trimmed. Richjaess andluxurious warmth is added by a collar ofKit Coney Fur. A belt evolves fromside openings. Half-lined with Venetianlining. COLOR: Black. SIZES: 34 to46 bust measure. LENGTH:48 inches $17.95

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    3F54These new wrap-coats that we findso tremendously popular have all the fascina-tion and grace of a cape plus the snugnessand warmth of a coat. The above model isfashioned in Velour Plush, a handsome, de-pendable winter fabric. Has becoming,luxuriously warm collar of Kit Coney fur.The back flares with much fulness, headed bya novel cut Empire yoke. There are pocketswith button-trimmed tabs and loose kimonosleeves with deep cuffs. Half-belt in front.Attractive fancy pattern Sateen lining.COLORS: Black or green. SIZES: 34 to46 bust measure. LENGTH: 48 a-| q qqinches pl /

    3F53The indispensable fall and winter top-coat is presented here in a chic, new style oteffective simplicity. Developed in one of the sea-son's most popular coatingswarm, velvety AU-Wool Velour. In design it mirrors the new mode byhaving a loose, flaring, unbelted back. There is astitched insert on either side, attractively trimmedwith large buttons and simulated buttonholes.Smart and cozily warm is the large cross-fasteningcollar of Beaver Fur Cloth. The sleeves have deepbutton-trimmed cuffs. There are two tailored slotpockets. A half belt defines the waistline in front.COLORS: Green or navy. SIZES: 34 to 46 bustmeasure. LENGTH: 48 inches. Mod- tfOQ j-rterately priced p^O 0\J

    3F55 Serviceable, moderatelypriced utility coat. Made ofWool- Mixed Melton, a winter-weight, dependable fabric of goodquality. Designed with an adjust-able collar that has an inlay of Beaverfur cloth. The back has a stitchedEanel trimmed with large noveltyuttons and headed with an Empireyoke. Two slot pockets have beenadded for convenience. All-aroundbelt. COLORS: Brown or navy.SIZES: 34 to 46 bust mea-sure. LENGTH: 48 inches $17.98

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    Distinctive Designs-Exquisite MaterialsUnbeatable Values

    }, ';!' ;i^.





    3F5&Many of the^ martest and mostcharacteristic featuresof the present moile-will be found in thisattractive new modelof Wool-Mixed Ve-lour. It will givewarmth and long serv-ice. Has large novel-shaped adjustable collar. Design of the cuffsmatch the collar. The poclccrs introduce _a

    clever and ncv,- origin^.tion. They are cut inone with the side inserts and present an attrac-tive appearance by having several upturnedstitched folds, as pictured. The two-part beltwhich encircles the waist is wider in the backthan in the front. A modestlv priced, well-made coat. COLOR: Navy. SIZES: 34 to 46bust measure. LEXGTH: 4S ^0|^ ttCiinches s>^0 Dl/

    A Superb Wrap-Coat ofRegal Beauty

    3F57A luxurious creation is this sumptuouswrap-coat, beautifullv conceived in the choicestpile fabricBehring Seal Silk Plushwhich inbeauty and warmth rivals Seal fur without theattending weight or high cost. It is designedwith exceptional art and in every detail be-speaks the careful workmanship* and finish thataccompanies only wraps of the highest character.The coat is cut on voluminous lines. It has adeep stitched yoke-effect panel that reaches tothe waist in the back, trimmed with buttons ofself-material. The sides in front are cut in onewith the convenient pockets, and are also but-ton-trimmed, as shown in the picture. Kimonocut sleeves with deep cuff. Delightful warmthand an element of richness is added by thestole-effect large collar of genuine Raccoon fur.Smart half belt in front. Carefully lined withlustrous Sol Satin. COLOR: Black. SIZES:34 to 46 bust measure. LENGTH



  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    A Truly Remarkable Sale of CoatsA Coat that is Significant of theTrend of theMode3F59Unquestionably fashionable and correct flflevery detail, made in a most desirable material and popularly priced is this carefully tailored top coat. It takesform in high-grade, warm, velvety All-Wool Polo Cloth. Indesign it displays the popular unbelted loose back, whichis made with an Empire yoke, and two inverted plaits, onetrimmed with large buttons, the other whh simulated but*tonholes. The large adjustable collar and cufis have pin-tuckmg, as a touch of trimming. Convenient side pockets.Half belt in front. Lined to the waist with Venetian lining.English style Raglan sleeves. COLORS: Ox blood, as pic-tured, or navy. SIZES: 34 to 46 bust measure. a*r%^ p/vLENGTH: 48 inches ^^/5U


    New York Styles Delivered EverywhereWe Pay the Postage3F60The woman who seeks to combine the require-ments of style with the necessities of economy and servicewill welcome this well-made winter coat with enthusiam andpleasure. The material used for its development is goodquality Veloura warm, dependable fabric. The model isdesigned with a large adjustable collar and deep button-trimmed cuffs. The back is made with a stitched paneltrimmed with pin-tucking and large novelty buttons. Thispanel is headed with an Empire yoke. Deep-cut armhole.Two slot pockets. The belt evolves from side openings,half of which is hidden beneath the coat in the back. Halfhned with fancv-pattcrn lining. COLOR: Navy SIZES:34 to 46 bust m si're. LENGTH: 48 inches d^oo ff/\Special pricj


    VELOUR ^I^^^^PLUSH $26^3F58Velour Plush is more than everthe mode and has been used to make this\iiluminous and luxurious wrap for the chill-;'jme seasons of Fall and Winter. The backIS made with a button-trimmed Empire yoke,below which the coat falls in graceful looseplaits. The large adjustable collar, as wellas the bottom of the coat, are trimmed withJapanese Wolf fura long-haired, dense,well-wearing fur. The deep-cut kimonoarmholes achieve smart draped effect at theside. There are two slot pockets. A beltencircles the waist. It is hidden beneaththe coat in back, but comes outside in thefront. Lined throughout with Fancy-pat-tern Sateen. COLORS: Green or bur-gundy. SIZES: 34 to 46 bust mea-Ar>/ Ci\sure. LENGTH: 48 inches ^^0*DU

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    Smart Coats for Misses and Small Women 1\

    New York's younger set have enthusiastically adopted one ofmost becoming of all stylesthe loose-back, all-cnvcloping top coat.fascinating model pictured above reflects their charms and attractive-It is developed in a new and very lovely winter weight fabricSilver-Velour that has a soft, fuzzy nap of solid color interwoven with silver-toneA large, luxurious collar of Coney fur adds to the warmth andart appearance of the garment. The back has a pointed Empire yokebuiton-trimmed plaits below. The sides attract attention by beingwith rows of pin-tucking and buttons. English style raglan sleeves.

    belt in front. Lined throughout with flowered Venetian lining. COL-


    3F112Muffled in a coat-wrap of beautiful Velour Plush such as theone illustrated above, " Milady" can bravely face the wmtry gales withthe assurance that she is warmly and handsomely attired It is fashionedon voluminous lines which reflect the smartest Parisian originations. Thesweeping large collar and deep pointed cuffs are of Silk Plush. CordedEmpire yoke front and back, joined in sharp points at either side. Noveltybuttons trim the sleeves. The unbelted draped lines achieve grace andsmartness. Lined with fancy pattern Tussah Silk. This attractive wrapcan easily serve the need of an evening cloak as well as a day coat. It is

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    y^'A Notable Offering of Smart New Coatsfor Misses and Small WomenBest

    YorkBeautiful Materials and Fash-

    Colors are represented inSmart Coats displayed on these

    of Unexcelled Beauty design-o accentuate the charms of the

    figure.that will Assure you Unquestion-

    Service, Warmth and Comfort atbound to meet with Approval.

    A Wrap Coat of Fashion which Gives theOutward Expression of Beauty, Grace andCharmthe Rightful Endowment of Youth3F113This exceedingly attractive coat-wrap has beenfashioned in one of the season's finest fabrics, high grade All WoolVelour. This warm coating is famous for its pliancy and drapingpossibilities. It is particularly appropriate for the youthfulstyles which call for unusual grace of line. In design it is cut withflattering becomingness. Made with a sweeping large, adjustablecape collar. The Kimona-cut sleeves have deep cuffs, and effectgraceful drapings at the sides. The back is made with a tailoredyoke that reaches to the waist. Below the yoke the coat is grace-fully plaited for additional flare and fullness. The extending sidepockets present an interesting new silhouette in outline. A sashbelt in front adds a chic finishing touch. Novelty buttons andstit;^hing have been used effectively. Carefully lined to the waistwith Venetian lining. COLORS: Green or "navy. SIZES: 14to 20 years. LENGTH OF COAT: 45 inches. Moder- aoo C(\ately priced for a garment of such high character ipO^.uU

    You Pay Only the Prices MarkedWe Pay All Delivery Charges

    How to Order Misses' CoatsMisses' Coats come in sizes 14 to 20 years, in

    accordance with the following schedule:14 years, 32 bust. 18 years, 36 bust.16 years. 34 bust. 20 years, 38 bust.The length of each coat is stated in the description.Take your bust measurement over your shirtwaist,and then order the size that comes nearest to that


    ^ 3FII3

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    A Value-Giving Selection of Misses' Coats

    3FII7$1950$24653F119 Fetch-ing and >outhoful in its smartinterpretation of

    the mode is this coat of Wool-Mixed Velour. Cut onvoluminous, all-enveloping lines, with deep armholedkimono sleeves. A dressy, rich note of trimming is addedby the adjustable collar of Kit Coney lur. The backhas an Empire yoke, below which the coat is plaited. Abuckle trimmed belt defines the waistline. Half linedwith fancy pattern Venetian lining. Finished with careand exactitude. COLORS: Navy or burgundy. SIZES:

    3F118A practical and smart ap-pearing version of the indispen-sable fall and winter topcoat formisses. Made of "Wool-Mixed Ve-lour, a coating of undeniable merit.Designed on youthful lines with asoft, flattering collar of Kit Coneyfur. The back is unbelted and fallsin graceful folds. The capaciouspockets have been added for decora-tion as well as use. The full belt,which is only visible in front, isdrawn through opening at the sides.Half lined with Venetian Hning.

    COLORS: Brown or navy. SIZES:14 to 20 years. LENGTH: tfo^ i^C

    LOURPLUSH3F117Attractive wrap-coat of handsomVelour Plush. Equally suitable for day or evening wear. Made with adjustable collar oBeaver fur cloth. Fashioned on graceful linewith deep armholed kimono sleeves that drapeffectively at the sides. The back has an Empiryoke on top and a corded panel at the bottomboth trimmed with buttons, as pictured. Halbelt in front. Lined with fancy Sateen UningCOLORS; Burgundy or black. SIZES: 14 tinches.,

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    XT ^Tw:^^ TZJZ :2IZ2^Amazing Values in Smart Misses' Coats

    A Conservative ModelWarm, practical, well-wear-Misses* Coat of Thibet Velour.winter-weight Wool and Cottonwill give dependable ser\'ice and

    offered at an exceptionally low price.with an adjustable large collarSilk Plush. The back is straight cutunbelted. It is made with a loosetrimmed with Silk Plush but-There are two pockets that ser\-edecoration as well as for use and, like

    cuffs, they too, are button-trimmed.in front. COLOR: Black only.14 to 20 years. A'| j or;pl4*0*^

    3F122A fashionable Wrap=coatthat bespeaks chic anrl grace in itsdevelopment. The picture does notdo justice to its unusually smart de-sign. The coating is warm, of winter-weight Wool Mixed Velour. Cut onthe voluminous dolman-effect lines,with a loose back. The attractiveslot-closing collar and cuff trimmingare of Beaver Plush. Invertedplaits, pin-tucking and novelty but-tons have been used effectively fordecoration, as pictured. Deep, con-venient pockets. Half-belt in front.COLORS: NaN'y or brown. SIZES:14 to 20 vears a^ /\ oCq)l^*03

    3F121The assured quality, style and good workman-ship combined in this attractive fall and winter Coat, willrecommend it highly to the discriminating purchaser. It alsohas the practical advantage of being popularly priced. Madeon becoming lines to the youthful figure of Wool Mixed Melton,a well-wearing, smart-looking coating. A dressy note is addedby the large shawl collar of Beaver Fur Cloth. The loose, un-belted back is made with button-trimmed tabs and rows ofsilk braid, headed by an Empire yoke. The novel cuffs arealso braid and button-trimmed. There are two fancy cut sidepockets. A half-belt in front defies the waistline. COLOR:Navv only. SIZES: 14 to 20 years. LENGTH: ^-i ft qC

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    Youthful in Appearance are These Misses Coats

    3F114Pleasing and serviceable is thisPlaid coat, designed for the youthful figure.The material is winter weight and is com-posed of Wool and Cotton mixture. Themodel is designed with dolman-effect sleeves,which achieve a graceful drape at the sides.Deep butcon-trimmed stitched cuffs. Theadjustable collar and pocket tabs are ofVelour Plush, which add a dressy note to thecoat. The loose, unbelted back has twobutton-trimmed tabs, as pictured. COLOR:Plaid mixture. SIZES; 14. to 20 a*-* a qmyears. LENGTH: 45 inches... lt14*Ob

    oFllS Luxuriouswarmth and chic styleare beautifully blendedtoge'Lher in this coat-wrapfor misses. It is cut anddesigned according tothe latest silhouette onvoluminous dolman-effectlines. Developed in a superb fabric^high-gradeSilk Plush, which in appearance rivals the beautyof any coating. A rich effect is achieved by thehigh snug-fitting collar of silky Kit Coney fur. Thecollar can be worn open, if desired. The sleeves arecut in deep kimono fashion, which add gracefuldrapes to the sides. There are two slot pockets.SeL^covered buttons enhance the lower part of themodel on either side, and also the deep cuffs. Theloose-cut back is held close to the body by an elasticbelt inside. Half belt in front. Fancy Venetianlining. COLOR: Black. SIZES: 14 to a^ ^a

    3Fli5 The front of this practical and smartslooking model is just as fetching as the back. Itis made of warm, durable Melton, a dependable coat-ing of Wool and Cotton mixture. In cut and out-line the model reflects some of the newest stylenotes. Designed with an Empire yoke, front andback, below which the coat falls in straight un-belted line in the back, while the front is finishedwith a half belt. The large adjustable collar ispin-tucked. There are two side pockets for con-venience. Novelty buttons have been used ef-fectively. Colors: Oxford-grey orbrown. di lygSizes: 14 to 20 years. Length: 45 inches plo*/d

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    This coat has been specially designedoffer the woman with the small-sized pursewearable model at the minimum of

    Made of Chinchilla Veloura winter-ser\'iceable coating. Desigried with aadjustable collar that is trimmed withfur cloth. The back has two invertedstitched to yoke depth. There are twopockets for convenience. An all-arounddefines the waistline and controls the full-Deep-cut kimono sleeves. Fastens withbuttons. COLOR: Navy. SIZES: 34 tobust measure. LENGTH: 48 a

    An Ultra-Fashionable Model3F63An attractive fall and winter top coatwhich added to its many recommending stylefeatures has the practical advantage of being arare value. A dressy and smart touch is addedby the large cape collar of Silk Plush. The backis made with an Empire yoke, below which thecoat is shirred for pleasing fullness and finishedwith a fold on either side, trimmed with Plushbuttons. There are two useful side pockets. Ahalf belt in front adds the finishing touch.COLOR: Black. SIZES: 34 to 4*^

    SFClAn especially good value or a smartlydesigned coat never fail to delight, and whenthese two admirable qualities are blended to-gether, as they are in this attractive model, thenit really is an offering that should not be over-looked by the discriminating purchaser. The coatis fashioned on graceful new lines and developed inan altogether satisfactory and luxuriously warmfabric. Silk Plush. In design it mirror's theflaring loose back, that is unbelted. The crossfastening snug collar can be adjusted to be wornlow, if desired. Convenient slot pockets. Halfbelt in front. Sateen hning. COLOR: Black.SIZES: 34 to 46 bust measure. Length a00 rrv

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    The Smartest of the Smart in Junior Coats3F340Not only its clever new style, but also theattractive price at which it is offered will make thiscoat appeal to the particular purchaser. It is devel-oped in a popvilar and dependable fabricWool Velourwith a small percentage of Cotton. Designed on linesof chic in the flattering dolman-effect style. Madewith adjustable bell collar. The back is unbelted andhas rows of pin-tucking at the bottom. Empire yokein back with button-trimmed folds below, as pictured.Two slot pockets. Kimono-cut sleeves, which have cuffstrimmed with pin-tucks and buttons to match the col-lar. Half belt in front. Lined to the waist withSateen. COLORS: Navy or burgundy, ^-i q qSSIZES: 13 to 19 years ^lU.OO


  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    Values In Chic Junior CoatsRead i^

    '.7^ How to Order.-^^ Your Right -;''

    / Size Coat ^on Page 20 ^

    3F342Many are the qualitiesof merit that recommend thishandsome new Junior model to thepurchaser. It is fashioned in aluxuriously warm and thoroughlyckpendable fabricfine qualityWool Velour, which contains asmall percentage of Cotton foradded durability. In design it ismost attracti\-e. It displays thesmart unbelted loose back. Thelarge, graceful collar can be ad-justed to be w-om low if desired.The sleeyes have deep Englishstyle Raglan cut. There are twoslot pockets finished at either sidewith embroidered darts. Tailor--stitched, button-trimmed strap-effect tabs have been effectivelyused for decoration on the largecollar, cuffs and sides of the coat.Half belt in front. Lined to thewaist with fancy Venetian lining.COLORS: Navy or brown.SIZES: 13 to 19years,. $19.95 y^



    3F345$1985VELOUR , ..PLUSH I 11

    We:i-made, smartlyJunior coat, whichand cut adds flatter-contour to the youthfulFashioned in a new.fabric of winterSilver-tip Velour. Thisis of Wool and CottonIt has a solid colorwith a silver colornap. The coat is de-with a fashionable collarBeaver-fur cloth.back has pin-tuc':s. fin-with embroidered darts,Buttons trim thestyle Raglan sleeves innew manner.in pockets are also but-A two-part beltthe waist. COLORS:or navy. *- _ __

    13 to 19 years

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    Coats for Stout Figures

    ^3F2C0The chic and distinctive fashion features of a regularslender coat model have been copied and appropriatedwith care to the needs of the amply proportioned woman.Developed in V'elour Plush. Made v.ith an adjustablecollar, trimmed with Beaver Fur Cloth. The deep cuffare of the same material. The back is made with anEmpire yoke, below which the coat falls in deep gracefufolds. Half belt in front. Two fancy shaped pockets.Venetian lining. COLORS: Black or burgundy. SIZES:41 to S3 bust measure. LENGTH: 48 ^\ a oCinches p^4.ob


    /J L\



  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    Attractive DressesValues




  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    Choice of Fine Values 1F21The universal becomingness, absolute com-fort and never-ending service of Jersey dresseshave won for them a lasting place in the affections andconsequently in the wardrobe of the smart Americanwoman. They are delightfully warm. too. without at-tending weight or bulkmess. The model illustratedmirrors their many qualities of merit. It is designedon the straight-line silhouette, unbroken by draperiesor pockets. The simplicity of outline is counterbalancedby the lavish use of beautiful embroider^', which deco-rates the front, as pictured. A new and exceedinglysmart touch of trimming is added by knitted Wool, ofcontrasting color, which has been used for the belt, sash-end and neck. Self-covered buttons have been usedeffectively. Waist is lined. COLORS: Rookie tanor Belgian blue. SIZES: 34 to 46 tfoo Cf\bust measure pO^ DiJ

    1F22This Paris-inspired afternoon Frockof rich, lustrous Velveteen, is not only correctin style, but has the grace, refinement and beautywhich will recommend it to the woman of goodtaste. ' In design it reflects the popularity of thetunic blouse, which is cut to flare in graceful folds,above the narrower drop skirt. The blouse is em-bellished in front with embroidery that has beenexploited with artists' skill. Richness and warmthhas been added by a smart collar of silky ConeyFur. A heavy silk cord trimmed with tasselsrather suggests than reveals the waistline. Snugfitting sleeves. The drop skirt is attached to alining and the waist is also lined. COLORS:Green or navy. SIZES: 34 to 46 bust a>Q Offmeasure. Priced with moderation at. p^^*0!>

    1F23An excellent replica of a French origi-nation which came from the hands of a masterdesigner. It reveals in every line and detail thegenius of those who have made Paris the leaderof Fashion. The frock is developed in lovely SilkTaffeta, which lends itself with grace and flatteryto desianing. It is made with a sweeping, largecape collar which crosses in front and fastens insurplice-fashion. The blouse extends to the topof the hips in slight basque effect and is encircledat the waist with a silk ribbon sash of contrastingcolor. Very chic and decidedly novel is the skirt.It displays the smart cuff hem at the bottom andhas the newest style, draped "Pannier effect" extending pocketsthat are lined with contrasting color. Heavy cording outlinesthe cape collar, cuffs, pockets and cuff hem. The waist is lined.COLOR; Black


  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    The Season's New Models for Every Personalityand the Most Exacting Occasions

    1F24Unquestionablycorrect in style and every de-tail, made in a most desirablefabric and popularly pricedis this semi-tailored dress.It is fashioned in good qual-ity Wool Serge, which con-tains a small percentage ofCotton. Attractively en-hanced is the front of theblouse with embroidery ofself and contrasting colors. A

    of buttons also lend a touch of trim-The collarless round neck-line haspopularity with its becomin^ess.flare cufls finish the sleeves.pockets trimmed with rows of

    attracts attention to the skirt,is cut on straight, slender lines. A

    defines the waistline and evolves intosh in front, finished with Silk tassels.Navy or black, ot-m g f\Q34 to 46 bust measure. , pl3^0An Attractive Frock

    at An AttractivePrice1F25It is the chic orgraceful stj les that domi-nate the Fashion field thisseason, outrivaling those thatare extreme or eccentric.This frock, therefore, re.lectsthe mode, for it is both smartin appearance and graceful insilhouette. Developed inlovely Silk Taffeta of a finequality. Designed with asimple but becoming blousethat is made with the muchfavored collarless round neck-There is a fold on either side frontback, trimmed with buttons. SilkCrepe sleeves with Taffeta cuffs.

    of the tunic is well demon-by its use over the stiaight-cutskirt. A beautiful embroideredflower decorates the wide crushedwhich is finished in the back with aWaist is ]jned. COLORS: Navyblack. SIZES: 34 to 44 ,measure $18.95

    IF24$1598EMB.WOOL ^SERGE IF25

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    .. 'F26ifc. EMB.TRICOTINE

    1F28Paris holds in highest esteem and her de-sij^ners produce man? charming variations of theRussian blouse dress. The model illustrated abovesuccessfully mirrors one of their smartest origina-tions. It takes form in lovely shimmering Satin.The waist blouses in graceful fashion. It is madewith a turn-down collar of self-material, which isfinished at the neck with a bead-trimmed cord.There is a button-trimmed vest of Silk GeorgetteCrepe, partly covered with a panel of richly coloredbrocaded ribbon. The transparent sleeves of SilkGeorgette Crepe have novel-shaped button-trimmedSatin cufls. The chic effect of a tunic is well demon-strated on the skirt. It is softly plaited and button-trimmed, as pictured. A heavy Silk cord finishedwith tassels encircles the waist and ties in front.Waist is lined. COLORS: Taupe-grey or ^n^i CA

    1F27Velveteenthe fabric used for the develop-ment of the handsome frock pictured abovenotonly imparts a sense of luxury and beauty to thewearer, but it has its practical appeal as well, as-sured by its long-wearing qualities. The model isdesigned on the long, straight, loose-line silhouette,which imparts a youthful touch and flattering graceof contour. Chic and very new is the "Bib" collarfront and back, which is softly outlined with a bandof silky Coney Fur. It has been used for decor-tive advantageon the cuffs and sleeves also, as pictur-ed. There is a panel-effect fold on the dress, both backand front, trimmed with buttons. Rows of Silkbraid encircle the bottom of the skirt. A sash beltgracefully adjusts the ful Iness. Waist is lined.COLORS: Navy or green. SIZES: 34 ^91 Qfito 46 bust measure y^ t ^O

    1F26For the woman who seeks to com-bine the requirements of style with econ-omy and service this dress will prove to bemore than satisfactory, for in its developmentall three of these qualities of merit have beensuccessfully blended together. It is made ofWool- Mixed Tricotinea thoroughly depend-able fabric of the latest mode. The basque-effect blouse is made with a becoming square-cut neck-line, outlined with Silk braid and at-tractively embroidered. The cuffs have em-broidery to match. The skirt reveals pannierside pockets that are also finished with Silkbraid and trimmed with buttons, as pictured.A completing touch is added by the sash belt,which ties in loose, tassel-trimmed ends in theback. The waist is lined. COLOR: Navy.SIZES: 34 to 46 bust mea-

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    The Season's Authoritative Stylesof such infinite variety and beauty have neverappeared in any one season. It seems as thoughhas refreshened and inspired creative genius andforth artistry of designs in frocks that have beenin any previous showings.

    Silhouette, too, is of interesting diversity. No One periodtheme has been the subject for all the designerstheytheir inspirations only from the Graceful and Beautiful.House of Perry, Dame & Gj., is resplendent with the most

    styles that are beautifully blended with Superiorand Skillful Workmanship.

    Dame & Cos collection of frocks are unrivaled for Origi-and Versatility. They reproduce the Smartness of theParisian creations as interpreted by the American

    A ValueExtraordinary

    is ThisElegant


    Marvelous Creation of Chic EleganceA master designer of great genius has createdgown of match. ess beauty. Ihe superb fabric,artistry of design and exactitude of workmanship alltogether in one array of exclusive elegance whichmeet the appeal of the discriminating woman for a

    of ultra-distinction. Perry, Dame & Co. offer itpride and untold enthusiasm as their finest dress, thatnot been rivaled by any previous showing. The

    is fashioned on a flattering new silhouette, of shim-lovely, All-Silk Satin. It displays a basqueand snug-bitting sleeves that have been exquisitelywith all-over heavy silk embroidery of aneffective desifrn, which adds a rich, luxurious

    to the garment. The pannier-draped short tunic iswiih two rows of self-covered buttons, front andThe drop skirt is cut somewhat narrower than thein accord with the whim of the fashion of the day,

    like on the tunic buttons have added a decorativetouch. The waist is silk lined. COLORS:or navy. SIZES: 34 to 46 bust measure. For aof such superior fabric and workmanship dtjtn Crtis priced with restraint and fairness U

    How to Order Your Right Size DressDresses come in sizes 34 to 46 bust measure with the39 inches in length. Made with a deep hasted hem so thatcan be shortened or lengthened easil>, if desired.us your actual bust and waist measures and we will send



  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    and ValuesUnsurpassedAnywhere!


    1F32A gowri of superlative chic, which will serve appropriately for any dressylunction. It reveals the charming combination of two luxurious and beautifulfabricsVelveteen and lustrous Satinas pictured. The sides of the waist, thesmart collar and button-trimmed sleeves are of the Satin. The front of the dresshas been designed with a panel which evolves into pannier pocket-eflFect drapes,and which is attractively embroidered in a scroll design. The back of the blouse isfinished with a loose panel that folds back gracefully at the waist and the heavySilk Cord which defines the waistline is drawn through it. Silk braid pipes theedges. Waist is lined. COLORS: Navy or brown. SIZES: 34 to 46 ,bust measure $29.85

    1F30Another clever version of the latest and most popu-lar Paris innovation in frocks, the "Suit-dress." Developedin well-wearing, fine quality All-Wool Serge. The coat-effectblouse is designed with a becoming small collar and snug-fittingsleeves. It reflects the mode of the day by having a vest ofluxurious Paulette Silk. Soft gathers at the waist give grace-ful blouse effect. The tunic of the coat has button-trimmedtailored tabs on either side. The straight-cut skirt, like the restof the garment as pictured, is attractively enhanced with rowsof Silk braid. The waist is lined. COLOR: Navy. tf -l Q ys

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    The Very Kind of DressesThat Might Be ExpectedOnly at Twice or Three

    Times the Price


    1F34The fashion reign of the Serge dressfor fall and winter is supreme, for women ofgood taste have come to realize that no othertype of apparel will gain them quite that air ofchic and trim look, as a well-made, semi-tailoredcloth dress. An All-Wool Serge dress is alsowarm and practical and can take the place of asuit in the early fall when worn with furs. Thedress illustrated here is fashioned on distinctivelines and artfully embellished with jet bead em-broider>', as pictured. The waist displays around neck-line piped with Silk, which has alsobeen used for the facing of the novel, button-trimmed cuffs. The skirt is gracefully drapedon one side and finished in the back with a fullrow of buttons. The crushed Satin girdle iscompleted with a sash-end. Waist is lined.COLOR: Navy. SIZES: 34 to 46 A

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    Excellent Values in Dresses of Fine Quality1F36The attractiveness of this well-madefrock of Silk Poplin is heightened by the artisticuse of embroidery applied to the front of the blouse,as well as to the two box-plaits on the front of theskirt, as pictured. The dress is simple m outline,adhering to the much-desired straight-line silhou-ette. The blouse is made with a collar of whitePoplin and the pointed turn-back cuffs are of thesame material. Self-covered buttons trim eitherside of the panel in front. A belt finishes thewaistline, trimmed with two large, handsomebuckles. COLORS: Navyor burgundy. SIZES:34 to 46 bust mea-$10.98


    EMB.SILKPOPLm /.,\f36 Jf^

    1F37Creators of feminine attire have conuto realize that the combination of two loveh'l;ibrics. different in texture, have been responsiblefor the success of some of the most fashionablefrocks. The attractiveness of such a combina-tion is featured in this afternoon frock of lus-trous Satin and Silk Georgette Crfpe. Theblouse has a reverse collar and is draped infront and finished wi.h a large buckle-trimmedbow. as pictured. 1 here is a vestee of white andself-colored Georgette trimmed wi.h tiny buttons.The transparent sleeves have bell-shaped Satincuffs. Silk embroidery beautifully enhances theGeorgette tunic, front and back alike. Boththe drop skirt and the banding on the tunic areof Satin. The dress is lined. COLORS:Xavy or black. SIZES: 34 to 46

    1F38This gown of elegance in evury line anddetail suggests the cultivated taste and creativegenius of the New York designer It featuresan interesting new silhouette, which promisesto win favor from the fashionable clientele ofthe smartest modistes, both in this country andabroad. The model is developed in high-gradeAll-Wool Veloura luxurious warm fabric witha soft, velvety finish. '1 he basque-effect blouseis made with a round neck-line. Snug-fittingwell-tailored sleeves. The skirt invites in-terest with its pannier-effect pockets that arelined with contrasting color Silk. The backof the skirt has a button-trimmed fold. Atasseled heav>' Silk cord and the Uvish use_ ofbeautiful embroidery add the chic completingtouchs. Waist is lined. Colors: Brown tfoC (\(\p*>0Ul/

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    Becoming Styles in Dresses for Stout Figures1F200With exactitude and artists* skill have thelines of this frock been studied to achieve a slendereffect for the woman of stout proportion. Developedin one of the most popular dress fabricsSilk Taffeta.The blouse has a smart, semi-large collar. There areTuxedo folds on either side, while the center displays avestee of Silk Taffeta and white Silk Georgette Crepetrimmed with Silk-covered buttons. The sleeves areof self-color Sheer Silk Georgette with Taffeta cuffs. Aplaited three-quarter tunic adds chic to the straighthnes of the skirt. A tasseled sash belt encircles thewaist and ties in loose ends in front, as pictured. Waistis lined. COLORS: Navy or black. SIZES: rf^nj oj?41 to 53 bust measure i)>^4*od

    TAFFETAGEORGETTEScientifically constructed to the re-silhouette of the stout woman withoutsacrifice of style is this handsome afternoon dressrich, lustrous Velveteen. It displays the collar-round neck-line which is universally becoming.blouse has two narrow inverted plaits front andand deep-cut armholes. The sleeves have

    cuffs of self-material. Graceful and ex-smart is the button-trimmed, graduatingwhich is gathered softly at the waist forfulness. The drop skirt -is cut on theslenderizing silhouette. A beltthe waist and adds a finishing touch. Theand bell of the model are attractively enwith Sflk embroider\- of an artistic design.is lined. COLORS: Burgundv or Arjr* ffASIZES: 41 to 53 bust measure. . p^0.bU

    1F202The fashion of the day has been kind tothe woman of stout proportion, for it has decreedlong, loose lines for some of its smartest origination,and it is just this type of dress that is especially suit-able and becoming to the stout woman. The modeillustrated here is a splendid example of such a dress.It is made of Wool Serge with a small percentageof Cotton. In design it displays a straight panelin front, which is handsomely embroidered withmetalique threads. The sleeves are similarly em-bellished. Smart, becoming collar. Button-trimmedvestee r.t neck of Georgette Crepe. A sash beltdefines the waistline and ties in loose ends in front.Buttons have been used effectivelv for decoration.Waist is lined. COLOR: Navy. SIZES; a^/% qj-41 to 53 bust measure pi0.i73

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    Two Most Unusual ValuesA Handsome Frock ofBeaded Silk GeorgetteCrepe and one of Fine AllWool Serge both atRock-bottom Prices.


    A "Tailleur" Dress of Ap-proved Smartness1F39With the first tang ofcold in the air "Milady's"thoughts naturally turn to her falland winter wardrobe, and what

    could be more suited to hex earlyneeds than an artfully conceivedtailored frock, like the one pic-tured here, developed in All-WoolSerge. The smart basque effectblouse is made with a small, be-coming collar. The sleeves havenovel-shaped cuffs lined with SilkPoplin of contrasting color. Silkbraid has been used in an interest-ing and effective manner on theblouse and each row is headed witha button, as pictured. The pan-nier style skirt has extending sidepockets that are as decorative asthey are useful. It mirrors theblouse by having rows of Silk braidfor trimming. A belt defines thewaistline. The blouse is lined.This model is carefully made andis priced with restraint and modera-tion. COLOR: Navy. SIZES:34 to 46 bust mea- $17.95An Exquisitely Styled

    Creation1F40This surpassingly lovelyafternoon or "party" frock isfa::hioned on lines of superlativechic. It takes form in Silk Geor-gette Creptthe reigning fabricfor elaborate frocks;\vhose luxuri-ous softness and daintiness havewon for it the approval of theworld's style creators and conse-quently the favor of the mostfashionable women. The model ismade over a Silk foundation. Itis softly bloused over the girdle andmade with a collarless V-shapedneck-line. There are Mandarin,bell-shaped sleeves. The tunicis gathered at the waist, achievingflattering fullness. The crowningbeauty of the frock is the ciq^uisiteembellishment of bead embroidery,wliich has been lavishly exploited,both front and back alike, as pic-tured. A wide, crushed girdle ofSafin encircles the waist and isfinished at the side with fringetrimmed sash-ends. COLORS:Na^T or black. SIZES: dOC AA34 to 46 bust measure.. ^OO.VVRead How to Order YourRight Size Dress Page 27



  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    Dresses Distinguishedby a Trim Look and Simple Lines1F41This attractive frock has beenspecially designed to bring the style of theday within the reach of the woman with anaverage-sized purse. It displays the clevercombination of Wool Mixed Serge and richlycolored Plaid Silk. The latter named hasbeen used for the basque-effect blouse,which is ingeniously trimmed with suspendereffect loose straps on either side, held in atthe waist with an all-around belt. Thesleeves have novel Serge cuffs. The skirtis simple but smart in cut. COLOR: Navywith plaid. SIZES: 34 to 46 bust $15.98

    1F43Surpassingly beautiful in its expression of re-finement and dignified elegance is this straight-Une"Trotteur" model. It is fashioned with studied simplicity in the season's newest and most dependable offering,All-Wool Tricotine. No other woolen fabric presents quitethat air of chic and lends to the modeling of the frock orsuit such added grace of contour and such flattering soft-ness. Deft hand-embroidery of an unusual and artisticdesign effects embellishment for the pockets and lower partof the dress. The snug-fitting sleeves suggest carefultailoring. Grace and novelty is added to the back byhaving a narrow loose panel, which is held in at the waist-line with the chic sash-belt and folded back at the bottombeneath the hem o the skirt. Silk buttons and loops adda finishing touch to the neck, which, like the armholes. ispiped with Silk. Jap Silk lining. COLORNavy. SIZES: 34 to 40 bust measure $39.50

    1F42Velveteena warm, superbfabric is fashioned here into ayouthful, smart style by a master de-signer, and offered at an exceedinglymoderate price. It is cut in one pieceon the straight, slender silhouette.Flattering softness is added to thesquare neck line by Coney Fur trim-ming. The Mandarin bell sleeves andthe armholes are finished with Silkbraid. Lavish embroidery has beeneffectively used for decorative purposeon the blouse, sleeves and skirt, as pic-tured. A narrow belt encircles thewaist. The blouse is lined. COLORS:Burgundy or navy. SIZES: *iq qj-34 to 46 bast measure. .... plZ/^d

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    Dresses of Exquisite Charm forMisses and Small Women


    CHIFFOnWhat could be more expressive of the joyful spirit of youth-than this picturesque "dance or party " Frock of beautiful All Silk

    It is fashioned on graceful I'nes and made over a soft silk founda-Designed with a Grecian neck-line banded with silk, and quaintlyshort sleeves. The over-skirt, as well as the top skirt, are finishedgraceful airy flounces. Embroidery attractively enhances the bodicethe tunic. The waist is finished with a wide, crushed girdle of SilkCOLORS: Maize, as pictured, or white. SIZES: d-io ACto 20 years. Modestly priced at plO*4uA handsome new version of one of the most deservedly popu*models"the Suit Dress"which has met with enthusiasm and ap-from the best dressed women in this country and abroad. It is mir-developed in good quality French Wool Mixed Serge. The box-blouse is made with a smart narrow collar that is finished at thewith a silk bow. Vest of richly colored plaid silk. Box-stitching ofcolor effectively trims the lower part of the blouse Snug-button-trimmed sleeve. The skirt is fashioned on straight-hanging

    IFIIO$2509IFllOThe creative art of a clever designer has produced this at-tractive afternoon frock for misses. It bespeaks the charm of two materialcombinations by being made of lustrous beautiful All Silk Satin and lovely Vel-veteen. Has collarless new neck-line and a deep, loose novel shaped yokefront and back, which forms bodice-effect The under blouse, sleeves andthe upper part of the skirt, as pictured, are of the All Silk Satin. The skirtis cut m an interesting manner and displays simulated side pockets. Silkbraid, pendant buttons and plain buttons have been effectively used for

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    Dainty, Elusive and Charming Are These Dressesfor Missesand SmallWomen

    See Size Scaleon Page 36


    AFascinatingFrock ofIrresistibleBeauty

    , /'I SATINFII4$3495

    The younger set, who appreciate and demand the very newest and mostchic touches that Fashion originates, will be captivated by the smart youthful linesof this Paris-inspired frock. It is developed in All Wool Jersey whose pliabletexture lends to every fashion added grace of contour and flattering softness. Thesimplicity of outline is counter-balanced by the luxurious embellishment of Silk em-broidery which has been lavishly used on the whole frock, back and front alike, aspictured. The becoming coUarless round neck is also outlined with rows of Silkembroidery. Snug fitting sleeves. The waistline is defined with a double Silkcord sash trimmed with pefidants of the Jersey. Waist is lined. ltO'7 CACOLORS: Rookie tan or burgundy. SIZES: 14 to 20 years |>^/.DU

    1F114This wonderfully charming dress has beencreated with those many points of artistic excellencewhich will instantly attract the attention of those whoare careful in their choice of correct apparel. It is be-witchingly youthful, having been designed on flatteringlines especially for Misses. Shimmering Satin of a finequality has been used for its development. Thepointed bodice in front has been almost entirely coveredwith the sweeping large cape collar that crosses andfastens in surplice fashion. White Satin shield at theneck. The ruffles on the sleeves, as well as the largecape collar are also lined with white Satin. The skirtpresents a smart appearance by having rows and rowsof gracefully gathered ruffles which add a quaint, chictouch to the frock. A completing note is the dashingbow in the back with sash-ends. Silk Uned waist.COLORS: Navy or black. SIZES: 14 *o^ qcto 20 years |>0^*/D

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    A Group of Money-Saving Values

    1^116St^le alone is not satisfactory in a dress, for workmanship inproducing it correctly is vhally important. Perry. Dame & Co. put stresson thorough workmanship in their dresses and the model pictured above,which is only one of their many smart offerings radiates quality and willcaptivate those who are best judges of dressmaking. The frock is fash-ioned on youthful lines and developed in lovely Silk Taffeta. The blousedisplays a hemstitched plaited collar an^' small vestee ot Silk GeorgetteCr^pe of contristing color. Pin-tucked cording decorates the blouse and alsothe split tunic that is cut in sharp points at the sides. The sleeves are halfTaffeta and Georgette and are finished wffh shirrmg at the wrist. The sash-girdle ties in a bow in the back with streamer ends that are ball An a r-/\

    1F115It is not alone the touch of appealing youthfulness that winsthis frock favor, but its delightful departure from the extreme novelties,presenting in their stead refreshing newness in its effective simplicity.It is developed in one of the winter's best-Hked fabricsrich, lustrousVelveteen. Flattering softness is given to the outline of the square-cutneck by a band of Coney Fur. The Mandarin bell-shaped sleeves, aswell as the apron-panel in front and back, are also fur trimmed. Thewaist and straight-cut skirt both accentuate the slender silhouette pre-scribed by the niode of the day. Silk braid outlines the wide belt whichencircles the waist. Lining in the blouse. COLORS: Bur- ^n^ ^r\

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    York Styles of Great VarietyFor the chillsome days of fall and winter a practicaldesigner originated this dress of warm, well-wearing Wool Serge.

    It reflects many of the newest fashion points as prescnbed by themode of the day for the younger set. The basque effect blouse ismade with a coUarless round neck-line and, hke the sleeves, it istrimmed with buttons. An embroidered belt defines the naturalwaistline. The skirt is made with pannier extending side pocketsthat are attractively embroidered to match the belt. Rows oftailored pin-tucks add their dressy touch to the model. The backis made with a full-length overlapping seam trimmed with buttons.Waist is lined. COLOR: Nav>' SIZES: 14 to 20 (^10 QQyears plo J/O

    One of the most pleasingthings about this season'sofiferings in frocks, is that thedesigners have followed noone particular period or styletheme for their creations. Infact never before has therebeen a more diversified show-ingall kinds of Silhouettes,Soft Drapings, Ruffles, Ex-tending Pockets, etc. There-fore any young woman maydon that particular style offrock which is most be-coming to her, and yet feelthat she is fashionablyattired.

    How to Order YourRights Size Dress

    on Page 35

    1F1?0The person who ap-preciates chic simplicitywill look with favor and ap-proval upon this charming,little frock. It has been de-signed on flattering lines formisses and small women. De-veloped in lustrous, good qual-ity Silk Poplin. The bodice ismade with a coUarless roundneck-line and is attractivelyhand-embroidered infront, as pictured.The mandarin sleevesare of sheer GeorgetteCr^pe and are fin-ished with button-trimmed Silk PoplincuCs. A bit of nov-elty is added to thedress by the gracefulsash belt, which be-gins at the side-front,crosses in the backand reaches the frontagain, where it ties inloose sash ends. Cord-ing joins the bodiceto the straight-cutskirt. Waist is lined.COLORS: Navy orGreen. SIZES:14 to 20 ^^n QQyears ipl^UO

    1F119A fascinating new frock that mirrors the fashionof some of the latest Parisian originations. It is developedin shimmering, lovely Satin of a good quality. ^ The blouse,while simple in design, is cleverly styled, for it presents a"PierroL*' frill round collar of white Georgette Silk Cr^pe.The sleeves havp frill cufTs to match. Interestine and de-cidedly original is the chic skirt. It has a panel of shirringin front, as pictured, while the back reveals a graceful bustletunic of varied lengths. Instead of a hem, the bottom of theslfirt is finished with a shirred double frill. The waist is fin-ished with a semi-wide belt that is encircled with a sashof two-tone silk ribbon. Waist is lined. |i4 *\pCOLOR: Nav>' SIZES: 14 to 20 years ^io.^b

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    Wonderful Values to be Had Here1F121A smartly conceived new version ofthe Paris originated "suit-dress." Devel-oped in the youthful Russian blouse style, inhigh-grade. All-Wool Panama. The coat blouseis made with a revere collar and the lower edge iscuff finished with an upturned, button-trimmedhem. Beautiful lustrous Silk Tricolette has beenused for the vestee. A heavy tasseled silk cordencircles and defines the waist-line. Mandarinbell-shaped sleeves. The skirt is cut on straightsmart lines and, like the rest of the model, it is*attractively enhanced with rows of Silk braid.Waist is Uned. COLOR: Navy, a^qq-SIZES: 14 to 20 years ^>l/03

    1F122 It is a bewitchingly smart little dress foits apparent simplicity. Fashioned on youthfulines of lustrous, beautiful Silk Taffeta. Designed wita becoming collar of self-material. The sleeves havbell-shaped, button-trimmed cuffs. The front of thblouse is made with a stitched panel which is attractivelembellished with Silk and bead embroidery. Patterneafter the straight, slender silhouette, is the skirt. It hatwo button-trimmed tabs on top. two narrow folds at thbottom and is finished at the waist with a gracefullshirred heading. Waist is Hned. COLOR: Avtv qqNavy. SIZES: 14 to 20 years pl/

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    Pretty, New Junior Frocks That Are Lovely in^-^ ;. Their Youthful Simplicity

    Every young girl's ward=should contain one or more ofserviceable middy dresses. Ita two-piece model and will givesplendidly for school or gen-wear. Developed in good qualitySerge. The slip-on middy iswith a deep sailor collar, which,the cufTs, is braid trimmed. Slip-tie at neck. Handkerchief breastThe separate skirt is welland can be worn with other

    if desired. It is finished inwith an overlapping seam.Navy. SIZES: 13 ^o qq

    1F322 Flappers have indeed been well servedthis season by the minute attention and care withwhich designers have created garments that aresuitable and flattering to their youthful figures.These frocks enhance and bring out the charm andgrace which is the rightful endowment of youth.One of the latest conceived models is the suit-dresspictured above. It is fashioned in a handsomechoice fabricVelveteen. The collar of the box-coat effect blouse, as well as the embroideredvestee, are of Satin. Piping trims the lower endand the cuffs. Buttons also lend a touch of trim-ming. The skirt is attached to a lining and madewith a box-plait panel in front. COLORS: Na\T^with Copenhagen or solid color bur- rfi q qC

    1F321This clever little frock isfashioned on flattering lines and espe-cially designed for the Flapper. Goodquality Gabardine has been used forits development. Designed with thebecoming collarless neck-line. Thedeep cuffs and neck shield are of Mer-cerized Poplin, attractively cross-stitched. Buttons have been used fordecoration. The skirt has pannier-effect side pockets, which lend graceto the outline of the model. A sash-belt crosses in front and ties in looseends in the back. Back closing.COLORS: Navy or wine, a/j ^q*|)D.yo

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    JuniorFrocks at PricesThatPlease'V


    y' /


    ^^ -'1

    .^. FOR

    pswfy ^^^



    1F325 A frock thatgracefully adheres to thelines of youth and helps toaccentuate its charm. Madeof good quahty Wool Sergecombined with a small per-centage of Cotton, whichaids in the durability ofthe fabric. The blouse at-tracts interest with itsnovel cross-tie collar, whichis made of Mercerized Pop-lin. The cuffs are of thesame material. The skirthas a button-trimmedplaited short tunic. Beltat waist. COLORS: Navyor Brown. SIZES: 13 to 17








    IF323$795 :WOOL # iSERGE .-' ' '

    1F323One of those satisfactoryslip-on sailor dresses which for serviceand Vjecomingness have found no rival.Made on flattering loose lines of goodquality Wool Serge with a small per-centage of Cotton. Deep sailor collarwith braid trimming. Novel-cut Em-pire yoke with piped handkerchiefpocket. There are two box-plaits belowthe yoke, front and back, which are heldin at the waist with a buckle-trimmedpatent leather belt. Fastens with tapelacing. COLOR: .\avy. SIZES: u,- rtP13 to 17 years i^/.751F324Tlie attractive combination of twodifferent fabrics has been cleverly exploited inthe design of this smart Junior frock. Made ofWool and Cotton Serge and richly coloredPlaid, as pictured. The straight, loose lines ofthe model are especially becoming to the youth-ful figure. The waist has a button-trimmedpanel, while the skirt reveals the much-favoredpannier effect side pockets. Two narrow Duckle-trimmed belts at the waist. COLOR: Navywith plaid.



    WOOLSERGEIF326$95Order by Age Only.See Size Scale on

    Page 39




    1F326Simplicity may gia very striking and effectiyirnpression if planned witwisdom, as has been the cain the fashioning of this smaJunior frock. The straighloose hncs which add sucflattering softness to thyouthful figure have also beeemployed in its designingThe material used for thfrock's development is gooquality Wool Serge combinwith a small percentageCotton. The collar and cuffare of Faille Silk. Embroidery decorates the front of thblouse. The skirt has plait'front and back, and two no\elty pockets trimmed witupturned folds. A two-parbutton-trimmed belt defintthe Empire waistline. COI>ORS: Navy, Wine or BrowiSIZES: 13 to 17 *Q o

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    Choice MaterialsCareful WorkmanshipBeautiful DesignsSurprisingly Low Prices

    Are theof the



    Irresistibly Handsome DressSkirt that Will Win the Ad-

    miration of the MostFastidious.Lovely Silk Taffeta is one of thepopular and appealing fabrics. Its

    is delightfully soft and lends it-in designing to the most llatteringThe model illustrated reflects itsand many points of merit. Theis fashioned on the slender silhou-demanded by the mode of the day.design it features a simulated over-slashed sli^-htly at ei:her end andwi.h self-covered buttons. Vel-ribbon straps extend from the wai:.teither side, front and back, and foldthe simulated tunic, as pictured.lower part of the skirt has rows ofpin-tucking, which add a decorativeand smartness to the model.of shirring at the waist are hiddena wide girdle belt, which iswith lar^e Velvet buttons.Black only. SIZES: 23 to 32waist measure. F R O X T33 to 43 inches (h- o qo

    A Walking Sldrt of RareSmartness.

    A new and interesting adapta-of the ever-popular plaited skirtis youthfully becoming to thefigure. In spite of itS comfort-fulness, it presents a chic, slenderin outlinethe fashion of thefor width is hidden in the depth ofplaits. The model is developed inWool-Mixed Chiffon Panama.box-plaits and side plaits have beento effective advantage, as pic-Two tailored slot pockets fin-with embroidered darts have beenfor convenience. A new noveltybelt completes the smart appear-^^'s carefully tailored skirt.Black or navy. SIZES: 23 tn^^'^^ measure. FRONT33 to 43 inches. a,~ --pnced 2p705


    Pay Only the Prices MarkedPay the Delivery Charges Whewa

    How to Order Your Right Size SkirtIt is an easy matter for you to get a perfect-fitting skirt at Perry, Dame & Co.

    ^len ordering Skirts, either with a regulation wristband or girdle top, give yourist measure taken around your waist, making no allowances; and also give fromaisi: measure laKeii arouiiu >our wiiisi, iiictKiiiK *' length, taken from natural waistline to desired length.

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    Skirts of Superior QualityResplendent with Style and Beauty

    An ExpertlyTailoredWalking Skirt

    5F47A c h i e V i n gsmartness and distinc-tion at a most moderateprice is the accomplish-ment of this well-made,carefully tailored skirt.It is developed in Wooland Cotton-mixed Sergeof a good quality. Silkbraid, one of the mostpopular trimmings thisseason for tailored gar-ments, has been used toeffective and decorativeadvantage. Rows ofthe Silk braid encirclethe lower part of theskirt, as pictured, whilethe button-trimmedpockets as well as thedetachable all-aroundbelt are outlined withit. Shirring beneath thebelt adds pleasing ful-ness. COLORS: Navvor black. SIZES: 23to 32 inches waist mea-sure. FRONTLENGTHS: 33 to 43^'^^ $6.98A Skirt That

    Mirrorsthe Latest Mode5F46B e a u t i f u IMoire Silk Poplin,the fabric used for theorigination of thischarming dress model,is again reflected inFashion's mirror andis being worn this sea-son by the smartestNew York women. Themodel, while simple indesign, is attractive inappearance. It adheresto the slim, slender sil-houette that the modedemands. Draped tabson cither side extendfrom the top of thewaist to a httle belowhip depth, as pictured.They are fclded back ingraceful fashion andserve as pockets.Trimmed with noveltybuttons. There arerows of shirring at thewaist beneath the all-around belt. COLOR:Black only. SIZES: 23to 32 inches waist mea-sure. FRONTLENGTHS: 33 to 43^^^^^ $8.95 5F4$895


    Ultra-Smart, Carefully Tailored Skirt Model.5F45Embodying the accepted fall and winter mode, asdictated by the noted stylists of Pai^s and New York, is thisattractively smart model of AU-Wool Panama Poplin. Thismaterial is one of the most enduring, fine appearing and popularskirtings. A new and original note has been expressed in theformation of the extending side pockets, which are outlined withSilk braid and trimmed with large buttons, as pictured. A groupof fine pin-tucks relieve the plainness at the bottom. The back ismade with an overlapping seam. Button-trimming on either side,as shown in small sketch. The skirt and the encircling belt fastenin the back. COLORS: Black or navy. SIZES: 23 to 32 *p QRinches waist measure. FRONT LENGTHS: 3i to 43 ins. ^O.UO

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    The Season's Newest SkirtsValues You Cannot Afford to Miss


    A Dress Skirt oF Cap-tivating Charm

    5F44The richness andbeauty of the fabric used fortho making of ihis model musthave inspired the designerto create a skirt on new linesof great chic and elegance.It is developed in lustrous,good quality Satin Fabric.Combined with a dressy Silkblouse it will r. eet the needof a one-piece frock. In out-line it adheres to the lateststyle demands. A noveUyside pocket has been addedfor convenience and decora-tion. The lower part of theskirt displays three gracefulfolds. There are rows ofshirring at ^he waist foradded fuhiess. covered by asash belt, which ties in loose,long fringe-trimmed ends atjne side. COLORS: Black,aavy or taupe. SIZEo: 23to ^2 inches waist measure.FROXT LENGTHS: 33 tot3 inches. $7.98

    Attractive, CarefullyMade Walking

    Skirt5F42To accumulate ful-ness and yet retiin the slen-der silhouette \vhich is mostfashionable this season hasbeen accomplished by thissmai^ly tailored skirt ofrichly colored Half-WoolPlaided Serge. Althoughthere are many new designsto rival the plaited skirt, itstill retains its popularity,especially for walking models.The skirt pictured here isespecially attractive. It isgracefully box-plaited allaround. Novel button-trimmed side pockets add adecorative touch. Thewaist is finished with a yokeeffect belt, which fastens infront. COLORS: Assortedplaid. SIZES: 23 to 32inches waist measure.FROXT LENGTHS: 33 to43 inches ^.p qj-Read How to Order Your

    Right Size Skirt onPage 41.

    This Beautiful Skirt is Priced to Suit the "Average Purse, but Tailored to Pleasethe Most Exacting5F43--Fashioned on new, graceful and becoming lines isthis dress skirt of high-grade All-Wool Serge. It merits a placein the wardrobe of the well-dressed woman by reason of its smartstyle, excellence of material and fine workmanship. The long,slender lines that Fashion demands are carried out in the simplecut of the moi.el. Interesting stvle notes are the loose hip-tunicsthat are richly and effectively decorated with Silk braid embroid-ery There is an overlapping seam on either side, trimmed withbuttons. Rows of shirring at the waist are hidden beneath a widedetachable belt. COLORS: Navy or black. SIZES: 23 to32 inches waist measure. FRONT LENGTHS: 33 to a-i t Ar'43 inches !>11.45


  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    5F49A skirt made on tailored lines with sufficient of the feminine charm andoriginality to make it appeal to the fastidious woman. Developed in serviceableWool and Cotton Sergea popular skirting. The straight, slender silhouette^ thatthe mode decrees for this season remains unbroken. An interesting new note is thebutton-trimmed cuff-hem. There are two useful novelty pockets and the waist isfinishtd with a belt. COLORS: Black or navy. SIZES: 23 to 32 inches 0m qqwaist measure. FRONT LENGTHS: 33 to 43 inches. Splendid value.. . ;>4*aO5F48The effective simplicity of this model is counterbalanced by the lustrous,beautiful Silk Poplin that has been used for its development. In outline and cut itadhercj to the long, slender silhouette that is being sponsored by the smartest womenin New York. The model is richly enhanced by a wide border of exquisite embroideryin self-tone. Finished at the waist with a wide yoke-effect stitched belt. COLORS:Biege. navy or black. SIZES: 23 to 32 inches waist measure. FRONTLENGTHS: 33 to 40 inches, '"^ $6.98



    5F485F49 ,$498 '

    WOOLSERGEA Skirt That is Faultless in Quality

    Smart in Design5F50This tailored skirt represents a stop fur=ther than mere originality in design, for it is alsoportrayed in an exceedingly fine fabric, displays excel-lent workmiinship and is sensibly priced for a skirt ofall these merits. The material used for its making ishigh-grade All-Wool PopUn. The model is cleverly de-signed in simulated tunic effect, v.hich is outlined witlirows of tailored pin-tucks. Embroidered darts finishthe slot pocket at either end. There is an overlappingseam at one side, headed by a wider cut fold, wherethe closing is effected with novelty buttons and button-holes. Shirring beneath the yoke effect loose beltadds graceful fulness. COLORS: Navy or black.SIZES: 23 to 32 inches waist measure, fp^ 1 ^eFROiNT LENGTHS: 33 to 43 inches.... $11*^^3

    5F50$1195Read How to OrderYour Right Size Skirt

    on Page 41

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    for Misses and Small Women5F53An air of grace and youthfulness al-ways accompanies an all-around bos-plaitedmodel like the one pictured below. It is fash-ioned on sensible and comfortable lines, ofserviceable, good quality Chiffon Panama.The straight, slender lines are unbroken withdra.pings or pockets. A wide belt encircles thewaistline and is finished at one side with tv.-osash-ends trimmed with Stlk fringe. C0L0R3:Ka^'>' or black. SIZES: 22 to 2S inches waistmeasure. FRONT LENGTHS: 32 to a^ qq37 inches ^0*/0 \

    Particularly charming and pictur-IS this skirt for festive or general occa-It mirrors many of the newest style notes.

    in lustrous, hich-grade Silk Taffeta.plaitings furnish a very new and effectivefor the smart "cuff" hem and for thenovel side pockets that are also en-with self-covered buttons. The chicbelt is trimmed to correspond. The backwith a button-trimmed overlappingdown the center. COLOR: Black only.22 to 28 inches waist measure. a*n j'f-LENGTHS:


    5F52Varied-size groups of finep!n=tucks attractively enhance thissmartly tailored skirt of Wool and Cot-ton Serge. They mark the modelwith distinction and a note of ori,>inality. There are two tailored slotpockets for convenience. Like manyof the most fashionable skirts shownthis season, it has a full-length backclosing, effected with large novelty but-tons and buttonholes. Rows of shirr-ing hidden beneath the detachable beltfor graceful fullness. COLORS: Navyor black. SIZES: 22 to 28 incheswaist measure. FRONT thpy /vLENGTHS: 33 to 37 inches.. $7.95

    ^F51Many are the desirable fea=tures th:it recommend this handsomeskirt, which has been especially de-si:;jned for misses and small women.Developed in good quality Wool andCotton-Mixed Serge. Embroidery ofa quaint and unusual design attrac-tively enhances the lower part of themodel, as pictured. A fancy pocketserves for decoration and conven:en-:e.The left side of the skirt is made withan overlapping seam trimmed with arow of buttons. Gathers at the waistbeneath the stitched voke effect beltadd to the fullness. COLORS: Navyor black. SIZES: 22 to 28 waistmeasure. FRONT LENGTHS: 32*^''"*"

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    ame louses amous


    9F333From the hand of amaster designer comes this en-chanting vest blouse, revealingin hne and every detail the geniusof those who have made NewYork the leader of Fashion. Itis developed in beautiful All-SilkGeorgette Crepe and is lavishlyand decoratively enhanced withTOWS of fine Valenciennes lace,as pictured. The collar is verysmart and becoming. The yesteeis a new style note and is es-pecially suitable for adding afeminine touch to the tailor-madesuit. Mandarin. bell-shapedsleeves. Hemstitched seams. 1Elastic in the waistband. COL-ORS: Flesh or white SIZES:34 to 46 bust measure ^m q/>9F330No matter what season ofthe year, a Silk Cr^-pe de Chineblouse like this one will always finda welcome in the wardrobe of thewell-dressed woman. It is smart inappearance, easily laundered andmoderately priced. Designed witha round neck-Hne in front and asailor collar in the back. The frontis made with a panel that is hand-romcly Silk embroidered. Fasten-ing is effected at one side with pearlbuttons. Elastic in the waistband,COLOR: Flesh only. SIZES Ao qQ34 to 46 bust measure ....

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    Blouses, Dainty in Fabric and Design9F335A pieasing, well-made, semi-taiiored blouse that will be an adequateaccompaniment to the fall and wintersuit. Developed in handsome, lustrousSilk Taffeta. Designed with a button-trimmed, semi-large collar and turn-backcuffs. Two box-plaits in front relieve theplainness and add fullness. Elastic in thewaistband. COLOR: Black only, a^ qqSIZES: 34 to 40 bust measure. . t{>40^




    Fashion can hardly conceivea blouse that h3.s more chic and ori[;-than this uhra-smart, semi-tailorci

    of extra fine quality AU-Silk Geor-Cr^pe. Numerous fine pin-tucl:sbeen effectively arranged to decora-advantage on the entire front of theand also on the

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    Refinement of Design inThese Moderately

    Priced BlousesA fX


    "' woman finds useful formany occasions. Made of well-wearing, good qualitystriped Madras. It is conservative in style and alsosuitable for mourning wear. Designed with an ad-justable collar that can be worn buttoned snugly tothe neck, if desired. Becoming both high or low.\The sleeves have turn-back cuffs. Fastens with pearlbuttons. COLORS: Black or white. SIZES: a| /jqI34 to 46 bust measure pl 079F346This exceedingly chic. little slip=onblouse has those indescribable touches of a clever de-signer, which help to distinguish the unusual from thecommonplace. It is offered, too, at a most unusuallylow price. Developed in good quality Voile Hashemstitched round yoke, attractively embroidered infront. Fine pin-tucks and two narrow folds effect-ively relieve the plainness in front by running hori-zontally, as pictured. Turn-back cuffs. Fastens atthe shoulders with pearl buttons. Elastic in the waist-band. COLOR; White SIZES: 34 to 46 ^^ Qt\bust measure ... .. < yX*0/9F348The crisp sheernessv trim appearanceand good service of Organdie rivals many fabricsthat are far more expensive. Checked organdie hasbeen used to effective advantage in the fashioning ofthis rnodel. A note of interest is the unusual collarofwhite Organdie. The turn-back cuffs are also ofthis material. The front is made with a stitchedpanel-effect where the closing is effected on one sidewith pearl buttons. Elastic in the waistband.COLORS: Rose or Copengahen check, a^ ^gSIZES: 34 to 46 bust measure plC>

    CHECKED jf^ IORGANDIE,-k;^ ^^



    9F347A slip=on blousewhich will add attractive-ness and charm to thewearer. It is developed infine quality Voile. In de-sign it displays the becomingcollarless round neck-line,which is finished with aFrench band, drawn withblack Silk ribbon. Embroid-ery decorates the front and abit of novelty is added by thehemstitched scalloped flounce.The cuffs are also of embroid-ery with scalloped edging.Hemstitched seams. ColorWhite. Sizes: 34 to An ^q46 bust measure.

  • 8/9/2019 (1919) New York Styles: Fall and Winter 1919 (Catalogue)


    Values in Middies and Specially PricedTailored Blouses

    9F353One of those practical, well-made regulation slip=onmiddies that have found no rival for their many uses and goodservice. Equally desirable for sport, gymnasium or general wear,The one pictured is made of good quality, durable Twill. It isdesigned with a deep sailor collar, finished at the neck with a slip-knot tie. Handkerchief breast pocket. Suitable for both womenand misses. COLOR: White with blue collar and tie. SIZES:Women's, 32 to 44 bust measure; Misses', 14 toyears - 9F351Another smart version of the regulation sailormiddy, especially suitable for the fall and winter. It is developedin excellent quality Wool Serge, mixed with Cotton, which aids inthe garment's durability. The deep sailor collar, shield