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1950s: Changing American Culture TV, Music, and the Suburbs.

Date post: 26-Dec-2015
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1950s: Changing 1950s: Changing American Culture American Culture TV, Music, and the TV, Music, and the Suburbs Suburbs
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  • 1950s: Changing American Culture TV, Music, and the Suburbs
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  • 1950s Pop Culture A. Economic Stability 1. After the war, soldiers returned home to find jobs and fair wages. 2. The Great Depression was over! a. Great jobs in manufacturing, business, marketing, and industry (chemistry and engineering). b. Unemployment and inflation were low, leading to steady income.
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  • 1950s Pop Culture B. Changing Landscape 1. Many Americans, working in large industrial cities, did not want to live in the cities! 2. Interstate Highways a. In the US, President Eisenhower pushed forward new construction on a lightning fast highway system, connecting cities with rural areas.
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  • 1950s Pop Culture b. This highways led to faster drive times c. American workers began to move outside of the cities, into areas that became known as suburbs. 1. A normal commute of 20-35 minutes (Today it is 30-60 min!!)
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  • 1950s Pop Culture d. First Suburb 1. Levittown, NY a. Builders Bob and Alfred Levitt are credited with designing the suburb neighborhood. 2. Mass produced homes- Could finish a fully built house in 16 minutes!!!! 3. The typical suburb is based on the Levitt model today!
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  • 1950s Pop Culture C. Pop Culture 1. Due to good economic times, demand increases for entertainment and fun activities. 2. New technology, better sound and cameras, leads to what some call the Golden Age of American Culture.
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  • 1950s Pop Culture 3. 1950s Entertainment a. Television 1. I Love Lucy- Lucille Ball b. Movies c. Music 1. Rock and Roll Elvis Presley, the Beatles 2. Blues 3. Country Western
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  • 1950s Pop Culture D. Rebellion in the 1950s 1. Beat movement 2. Beatniks challenged the new America, they were free thinkers, rejected normal life. a. Jack Kerouac, writer- On the Road Famous book of loneliness and rebellion b. Alan Ginsberg, poet- Howl
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