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2008 Multifamily Guide

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  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide




    20082011 Edition

  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide




  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide


    PreaCe iv

    introduCtion 1

    PlanninG & desiGn

    introduCtion 13

    aa1 Inll sites 16

    aa2 Design or walking and biccling 19

    aa3 Alternative transportation 23

    aa4 Mixed-use developments 26

    aa5 Outdoor gathering places 28aa6 Design or saet and vandalism deterrence 31

    aa7 Passive solar design, dalighting and natural ventilation 34

    aa8 Adaptable buildings 39

    aa9 Aordabilit 42


    introduCtion 45

    a1 Protection o soil, vegetation and water during construction 48

    a2 C&D waste management 51a3 Construction environmental qualit 53

    a4 Reccled aggregate 55

    a5 Cool site 57

    B1 Sustainable landscaping 60

    B2 Source water ecienc 65

    B3 Light pollution reduction 68


    introduCtion 71C1 Acoustics: Noise and vibration control 74

    C2 Mixed-use design strategies 77

    C3 Commissioning 81

    d1 Reduced portland cement in concrete 85

    d2 Structural pest and rot controls 87

    d3 Construction material eciencies 89

    d4 Engineered lumber 93

    d5 FSC-certied wood or raming lumber 95

    d6 Raised heel roo trusses 97

    d7 Structural insulated panels and other solid wall sstems 99d8 Window replacement 101

    e1 Drainage planes and durable siding 104

    e2 Sustainable roong options 106

    e3 Vegetated roos 110

    1 Insulation 114

    2 Qualit installation o insulation 116


  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide




    introduCtion 119

    G1 Water-ecient xtures 122

    G2 Ecient domestic hot water distribution 125

    G3 Water submetering 127

    G4 Water heater replacement 129

    H0 Heating equipment 134

    H1 Radiant hdronic space heating 136

    H2 Air conditioning with non-HCFC rerigerants 137

    H3 Advanced ventilation practices 140

    H4 Garage ventilation 143i1 Solar water heating 145

    i2 Photovoltaic sstems 148

    J1 Building perormance exceeds Title 24 152

    J2 Building diagnostics 156

    inisHes & urnisHinGs

    introduCtion 159

    K1 Entrwas 162

    K2 Reccled paint 164K3 Low/no-VOC paint and other coatings 166

    K4 Low-VOC adhesives and sealants 169

    K5 Environmentall preerable materials or interior nish 171

    K6 Reduced ormaldehde in interior nishes 176

    K7 Durable cabinets 178

    K8 Environmentall preerable interior urniture 180

    l1 Environmentall preerable fooring 182

    l2 Low-emitting fooring 188

    M1 Energ- and water-ecient appliances 190

    M2 Central laundr 192M3 Reccling and waste collection 195

    M4 Lighting 199

    M5 Elevators 203

    M6 Outdoor pla structures 205

    oPerations & MaintenanCe

    introduCtion 207

    n1 Operations and maintenance procedures 210

    n2 Transit options 214n3 Educational signage 216

    n4 Energ monitors 218

    Case studies 221

    resourCes 239

  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide


    aBout tHe Guidelines These Guidelines were produced through collaboration between GreenBuilding in Alameda Count and Build It Green The are designed or

    the multiamil residential building industr in Caliornia The oer:

    Cost-eective suggestions to minimize construction-related waste,

    create healthier and more durable residences, reduce operating

    costs or owners and support local manuacturers and suppliers o

    resource-ecient building materials

    Methods to reduce the environmental impacts o building in

    Caliornia communities, including inll development, energ

    ecienc, indoor environmental qualit, solid waste management,

    water conservation and resource conservation

    The Green Building in Alameda Count program works with building

    proessionals and local governments in Alameda Count, Caliornia, to

    increase the suppl and capacit or green building, and engages in

    consumer outreach to increase the demand or green building Green

    Building in Alameda Count is a program o StopWasteOrg, which

    is the Alameda Count Waste Management Authorit and Source

    Reduction and Reccling Board operating as one public agenc

    aBout Build it Green Build It Green is a proessional non-prot membership organizationwhose mission is to promote health, durable, energ- and resource-

    ecient buildings in Caliornia Supported b a solid oundation o

    outreach and education, Build It Green connects consumers and

    building proessionals with the tools and technical expertise the need

    to build qualit green homes Build It Green osters collaboration with

    ke stakeholder groups to accelerate the adoption o green building

    standards, policies, and programs (For more inormation, see the

    Resources section at the end o these Guidelines)

    ProJeCt teaM Green Building in Alameda Count1537 Webster Street

    Oakland, CA 94612



    Contact: Karen Kho, Wes Sullens, Orion Fulton

    Build It Green

    1434 Universit AvenueBerkele, CA 94702



    Contact: Tenaa Asan, Jennier Love, Kat Hollbacher, Brian Gitt

    2 KEMA

    492 Ninth Street, Suite 220

    Oakland, CA 94607


    wwwkemagreencomContact: Andrea Traber, Elizabeth Durne, Elaine Hsieh

    aBout Green BuildinG

    in alaMeda County

  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide


    Practica Consulting

    636 Wildcat Canon Road

    Berkele, CA 94708


    Contact: Marc Richmond

    Jennier Roberts, Writer and editor

    San Francisco, CA



    Meri Soll, Green Building in Alameda Count Elena Madison and MegWalker, Project or Public Spaces Stephen Ashkin, The Ashkin Group

    Doug Beaman, Douglas Beaman Associates Nehemiah Stone, Lauren

    Glasscock, Dais Allen, Julia Larkin and Zed Bates, KEMA

    desiGn and ProduCtion Celer Design Collaborative, Design and Illustrationwwwcelerdesigncom

    aCKnowledGeMents Thank ou to the ollowing building industr proessionals or theircommitment, input and advice in developing these Guidelines:

    nortHern Caliornia develoPMent CoMMittee

    Dan Adams, San Francisco Maors Oce o Housing Jonathan Austin, JSA

    Consulting Services Sall Barros, Cit o San Leandro Tro Bevilacqua,

    SunPower Richard Chien, San Francisco Department o the Environment

    Teresa Clarke, Aordable Housing Associates James Coles, Cit o Chico

    Je Evans, HKIT Architects Alan Heikkinen, Branagh Construction,

    Inc Erick Hockada, Segue Construction Mart Keller, First Communit

    Housing Dennis Kim, Segue Construction Michael Kloekorn, Van MeterWilliams Pollack Katie Lamont, Eden Housing Puja Manglani, Heschong

    Mahone Group Larr Maers, Maers Architecture Je Oberdorer, First

    Communit Housing Billi Romain, Cit o Berkele Peter Schultze-Allen,

    Cit o Emerville Jennier Somers, Ba Area LISC

    soutHern Caliornia develoPMent CoMMittee

    David Blanke, Southern Caliornia Gas Co Pamela Cepe, Global Green

    USA Tom Delarlo, Southern Caliornia Gas Co Michelle Espinosa

    Coulter, Livable Places Roberto Espinoza, Communit Redevelopment

    Agenc Sam Filler, Transportation and Land Use Collaborative Paul

    Gede, Bond Companies Gar Gilbar, Togawa Smith Martin Residential,

    Inc Ka Gilbert, Cultivating Sustainable Communities Colin Jessop,

    Heschong Mahone Group Je Johnson, Newhall Land Maura Johnson,

    Hollwood Communit Housing Corporation Nathan Krantz, CTG Energetics

    Chandra Krout, CTG Energetics Joe Linton, Livable Places Lara

    Morrison, LA Eco-Village Elaine Nasr, Snder Langston Mozell Paton,

    JOTSel LLC Rebecca Quinn, Brookeld Homes Pamela Slack, Anastasi

    Development Jodie Solorio, Cabrillo Economic Development Ron

    Strother, William Hezmalhalch Architects, Inc Weiss Surkhabi, CRA/LABlane Sutton-Wills, SCANPH Kelle Thom, Cit o Rolling Hills Estates

    Noel Toro, LINC Housing Corporation Michael Van Pars, Togawa Smith

    Martin Residential, Inc Monica Villalobos, Transportation and Land Use

    Collaborative Victoria Welch, Hollwood Communit Housing Corporation



  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide


    additional reviewers Tor Allen, Caliornia Solar Center Rachel Balsle, StopWasteOrgAnn Cheng, Transportation and Land Use Collaborative Gregor

    Dick, Caliornia Integrated Waste Management Board Teresa

    Eade, Ba-Friendl Landscaping Dan Harrington, EcoTimberCnthia Havstad, Ba-Friendl Landscaping Peter Holst,

    Charles M Salter Associates, Inc Gar Klein, Caliornia Energ

    Commission John Koeller, Caliornia Urban Water Conservation

    Council Heather Larson, Heschong Mahone Group Aaron

    Lubrano, Beaudin Ganze Consulting Engineers, Inc David Mar,

    Tipping Mar + associates Bob Massaro, Health Buildings, USA

    Regis Mesko, Universit o Caliornia at Los Angeles Dana

    Perls, Transportation and Land Use Coalition Josh Plaisted,

    Kineo Design Group, LLC Robin Plutchok, StopWasteOrg

    Fred Pollack, Van Meter Williams Pollack Gar Pugh, Alternative

    Building Concepts, Inc Geeta Rao, Non-Prot Housing

    Association o Northern Caliornia Kirsten Ritchie, Gensler

    Talor Robinson, Green Builder Charles Salter, Charles M

    Salter Associates, Inc Toni Stein, Caliornia Department o

    Public Health Ron Strother, William Hezmalhalch Architects,

    Inc Geo Sphers, Codding Enterprises Saskia Van Gendt,

    US Environmental Protection Agenc Clark Williams, Caliornia

    Integrated Waste Management Board

    Case studies assistanCe Deni Adania, Resources or Communit Development SeanArmstrong, Danco Communities Jonathan Austin, JSA Consulting

    Services Cherl Casanova, Brookeld Homes Liz Eckstein,

    Resources or Communit Development Wend Jackson, East

    Oakland Communit Project Mart Keller, First Communit

    Housing Nathan Krantz, CTG Energetics Katie Lamont,

    Eden Housing, Inc Radziah Loh, McLarand Vasquez Emsiek &

    Partners Brett Mascaro, LINC Housing Bob Massaro, Health

    Buildings, USA Michael Mwase, Allied Housing, Inc JordanRose, Patok Architects Lihbin Shiao, Mosaic Development &

    Consulting, on behal o Resources or Communit Development

    John Stevens, BRE Properties, Inc Eve Stewart, Aordable

    Housing Associates Matthew Weber, The Olson Compan

    disClaiMer These Guidelines are provided exclusivel or general education and inormationalpurposes and as a public service o Build It Green, a Caliornia non-prot corporation

    registered under Section 501(c)(3) o the Internal Revenue Code Build It Green

    authorizes ou to view these Guidelines or our use and to cop an part o themas is In exchange or this authorization: (i) ou agree not to alter, sell or publish the

    Guidelines in an wa without rst receiving written permission rom Build It Green; and

    (ii) ou waive, release and covenant not to sue Build It Green and all others aliated

    with developing these Guidelines rom an liabilit, claims and action, both known and

    unknown, or an losses, damage or equitable relie ou ma now have a right to assert or

    ma later acquire, arising rom such use or reliance on the Guidelines Unauthorized use

    o the Guidelines is prohibited and a violation o copright, trademark and other laws

    Nothing in these Guidelines constitutes an endorsement, approval, or recommendation

    o an kind b an persons or organization aliated with developing these Guidelines

    The suitabilit and applicabilit o this inormation or a given use depends on various

    actors specic to that use These include, but are not limited to, laws and regulationsapplicable to the intended use, specic attributes o that use, and the specications

    or an product or material associated with this inormation All warranties, express

    or implied, are disclaimed, and the reader is strongl encouraged to consult with a

    building, product, and/or design proessional beore appling an o this inormation to

    a specic use or purpose

  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide





    MultiaMily Green BuildinGs: tHe BiG PiCture

    Wy gr buildig marGreen building means improving our design and construction practices so that

    the homes we build toda will last longer, cost less to operate and wont harm

    peoples health Green building also involves protecting the climate, conserving

    natural resources and improving the built environment so that people,

    communities and ecosstems can thrive

    Although all sectors o the econom aect the environment, the building

    sectors impacts are particularl large Buildings, it turns out, account or

    nearl hal o all greenhouse gas emissions annuall in the United StatesGreen buildings help rein in these emissions because the use less ossil

    uelbased energ or heating and cooling, water heating, lights and appliances

    While green building principles encourage building energ-ecient new

    homes, perhaps more importantl, the also emphasize improving the energ

    perormance o existing homes Given that in 2006 Caliornia had more than 13

    million housing units31% o which were in multiamil buildingsretrotting

    existing buildings is a ke strateg or climate stabilization

    Using energ to keep lights burning and air conditioners humming isnt the onl

    wa that buildings contribute to global warming Water use is also intimatel

    tied to the production o greenhouse gases, a result o the tremendous amount

    o energ used to treat and distribute water In act, Caliornias single largest

    energ user is the Caliornia State Water Project, which moves water rom

    the San Francisco Ba and Delta to Southern Caliornia Natural Resources

    Deense Council reports that the amount o energ used to deliver that water

    to residential customers in Southern Caliornia is equivalent to approximatel

    one-third o the total average household electric use in the region Eorts to

    reduce residential water use not onl conserve a resource thats in increasingl

    short suppl, the also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with

    water distributionWaste reduction and reccling, two undamental green building strategies, can

    also have a proound eect on climate stabilization Take lumber, or example

    Reusing or reccling wood waste during construction and demolition activities

    keeps wood out o landlls, which reduces the amount o methane produced

    when organic materials decompose Methane is twent-one times more potent

    as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide Reccling and buing reccled-content

    products also protects the climate because making products rom reccled

    materials tpicall uses less energ than making goods rom virgin resources

    Land use decisions also pla a critical role in climate stabilization A recentstud b the Urban Land Institute, Growing Cooler: The Evidence on Urban

    Development and Climate Change, provides evidence that carbon dioxide

    emissions will continue to rise, despite technological advances, as the growth in

    driving overwhelms planned improvements in vehicle ecienc and uel carbon

    content Better communit planningincluding the compact, transit-oriented,

    mixed-use developments encouraged b green buildinghas signicant potential

    to reduce the miles that residents drive, the stud concludes

    For these and man other reasons, policmakers, building proessionals and

    residents across the state are embracing green building as one o the principalsolutions to the environmental challenges conronting us

  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide





    Green building is a whole-sstems approach to the design, construction and

    operation o buildingsrom the earl stages o development to the nal nishes

    to the da-to-da operations and maintenance o the building To move orward

    with greening our retrot or new construction project, it is helpul to understand

    these ve principles o green building:

    1 Plan or livable communities

    2 Use energ wisel

    3 Improve indoor environmental qualit and health

    4 Conserve natural resources

    5 Conserve water

    Plan or livaBle CoMMunities

    For much o the twentieth centur and continuing even toda, zoning codes

    and conventional development practices encouraged the construction o homes

    ever urther rom cit and town centers With residential zoning segregated

    rom commercial uses, people living in ar-fung suburbs became completel

    dependent on automobiles to get rom place to place

    Over the past ew decades, the negative eects o sprawl have become

    increasingl apparent Farmland and ertile soil are being paved over at an

    alarming rate Plant and animal species are going extinct as buildings take the

    place o natural habitats Carbon dioxide is accumulating in the atmosphere

    as vehicle miles traveled steadil increase Time once available or amil,communit and personal activities shrinks as people spend more hours in their

    cars Some experts even attribute the growing obesit epidemic to sprawl, as

    people drive more and walk less

    WhAts neWThe 2008 edition o the Multifamily Green Building Guidelinesconsist o 66 recommended measures grouped intosix sections: Planning & Design, Site, Structure, Sstems, Finishes & Furnishings and Operations & Maintenance

    Although the section categories are the same as in the 2004 edition o the Guidelines, the measures have been

    thoroughl revised and updated to refect the current state o the green building industr Some original measures

    have been consolidated; or example, the measures encompassing passive solar heating, thermal mass fooring,

    dalighting, and building placement and orientation have been combined into one new measure (Planning & Design:

    AA7Passive Solar Design, Daylighting and Natural Ventilation).

    Also, a number o new measures have been added to each section:

    Pg & dg: AA3Alternative Transportation, AA9Aordabilit

    s: A1Protection o Soil, Water and Vegetation during Construction, B2Source Water Ecienc

    sc: C1Acoustics, C2Mixed-Use Design Strategies, C3Commissioning, D2Structural Pest and

    Rot Controls, E3Vegetated Roos, F2Qualit Installation o Insulation

    sm: G2Ecient Domestic Hot Water Distribution, G3Water Submetering, J1Building Perormance

    Exceeds Title 24

    h & hg: K2Reccled Paint, K6Reduced Formaldehde in Interior Finishes,

    L2Low-Emitting Flooring

    op & Mc: N2Transit Options, N4Energ Monitors

    Each section also now includes a brie case stud that relates to the sections content In addition, the Case Studies

    section at the back o the Guidelines includes new and updated in-depth project proles

    Wa i gr buildig?

  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide





    Toda, increasing numbers o communit leaders, building proessionals

    and residents are learning how green building can help them create better

    neighborhoods and address these qualit-o-lie and environmental issues

    Green building oers sensible solutions that improve an individual buildings ordevelopments perormance while providing broad-based economic and communit

    benets These benets range rom cleaner air to reduced trac congestion, rom

    more appealing recreational opportunities to a more diversied municipal tax base

    exaMPle strateGies

    Inll and mixed-use developments that increase economic vitalit and make

    the most o existing inrastructure (Measures AA1 and AA4)

    Policies, sites and designs that make it easier or people to drive less (AA2, AA3, N2)

    Planning and design decisions that encourage neighborliness and outdoor

    activities (AA2, AA5, AA6)

    Durable and low-maintenance materials and design strategies that help keep

    homes aordable ear ater ear (AA9, E1, E2)

    Cool site strategies that reduce the urban heat island eect (A5)

    use enerGy wisely

    New and remodeled residential buildings in Caliornia must compl with the

    most stringent energ code in the countr However, given the states projectedpopulation growth, even this ma not be enough to keep demand or energ in

    check With homes accounting or roughl 31% o the electricit consumed in

    the state, it is clear that developers and owners o multiamil buildings have a

    signicant role to pla in helping our societ address energ-related concerns

    Energ ecienc is the cornerstone o ever multiamil green building

    Improving energ ecienc and using renewable energ sources are eective

    was to reduce the potential o energ suppl interruptions, improve air qualit,

    reduce the impacts o global warming and slow the rate at which we need to

    build new power plants Improving energ ecienc also makes good sense orbuilding owners, residents and commercial tenants: an energ-ecient building

    saves mone b reducing utilit bills ear ater ear

    exaMPle strateGies

    Passive solar heating, overhangs on south windows, deciduous trees on west

    and south sides (Measure AA7)

    Upgraded insulation (F1, F2), structural insulated panels (D7), high perormance

    low-e windows (D8)

    High ecienc heating (H0)and air conditioning (H2)equipment, and energ-

    ecient appliances (M1)

    Solar water heating or space heating and domestic hot water (I1);

    photovoltaics or onsite electricit generation (I2)

    iMProve indoor environMental quality and HealtH

    On average, Americans spend 90% o their time indoors, et the air in new

    homes can be ten times more polluted than outdoor air, according to the US

    Environmental Protection Agenc A common source o indoor air pollution

    in new and remodeled homes is the ogassing o chemicals ound in man

    building materials, including cabinets, urniture, paint, foor nishes, adhesives

    and sealants That new house smell is a telltale sign that there are harmul

    chemicals in the indoor environment Fortunatel, the building products

    industr is responding to these concerns b developing saer products, which

    are now commonl available at costs comparable to conventional products




    Multiamil green buildings can blendharmoniousl with contemporar design TheNueva Vista project in Santa Cruz createsinviting spacesinside and out

  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide





    Poor indoor air qualit is also oten caused b dust and dirt tracked in on

    peoples eet, and b other biological contaminants, such as mold that grows as

    a result o moisture inltration due to inadequate ventilation, poor design and

    maintenance, and other actors Green buildings are designed and maintainedto reduce these and other sources o indoor air pollution

    Noise pollution is another indoor environmental concern, particularl in

    multiamil buildings In act, the World Health Organization now recognizes noise

    as a serious health hazard rather than merel a nuisance Designing multiamil

    buildings or less noise usuall results in a quieter environment or occupants,

    which ma reduce sleep disturbances and stress levels, increase satisaction with

    the building, and make the homes more attractive to potential buers and renters

    exaMPle strateGies Noise and vibration control (Measure C1)

    Kitchen and bathroom ans that exhaust to the outside to remove moisture

    rom the home (H3)

    Track-o sstems at entrwas (K1)

    Low- or no-VOC paints, coatings and adhesives (K3, K4)

    Pressed-wood products with reduced ormaldehde (K6)and fooring with low

    VOC emissions (L2)

    Conserve natural resourCes

    Conventional building construction and operation consume large quantities o

    wood, water, metals, ossil uels and other natural resources Even though most

    materials used to build a home are put to good use, vast quantities are wasted

    Much o this waste is avoidable Careul management o the construction

    process makes a big dierence

    There are man eective building strategies that conserve natural resources,

    as well as providing benets such as cost savings Some strategies reduce the

    amount o new material needed or construction, such as b reusing lumber, trim

    and xtures rom existing buildings or emploing advanced raming techniques

    that reduce lumber requirements without compromising structural integrit

    Durabilit is both a conservation and cost savings strateg: durable products

    sometimes cost more upront, but because the dont have to be replaced as

    requentl as their less durable counterparts, the save mone or the building

    owner and are easier on the environment Reccling and buing reccled-

    content products are also undamental conservation strategies: reccling

    keeps valuable materials out o the landll and reduces the demand or virgin

    resources to manuacture new products Reccling also helps protect theclimate, because making reccled-content products tpicall requires less

    energ than making products rom virgin materials

    exaMPle strateGies

    Reuse/reccling o construction and demolition waste (Measure A2)

    Reccled fash in concrete (D1)

    Advanced raming techniques (D3), engineered lumber (D4), Forest

    Stewardship Council (FSC)-certied raming lumber (D5)

    Reccled-content decking, ceramic tiles, carpet and other products (K5, M6)

    Flooring made rom rapidl renewable resources such as cork, linoleum,

    bamboo (L1)

    Common rooms, such as this building atMurph Ranch in San Jose, are an integralpart o multiamil living


  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide





    Conserve water

    Caliornias water resources can no longer be taken or granted In the uture,

    according to the states Department o Water Resources, warmer temperatures,

    dierent patterns o precipitation and runo, and rising sea levels willprooundl aect the abilit to manage water supplies The states prosperit

    and abilit to meet the needs o its growing population hinge on having

    adequate supplies o clean, resh water

    Caliornia residences use 56 million acre-eet o applied water annuall Homes

    built and landscaped to use water wisel make a tremendous contribution to

    protecting our shared resources Conserving water also reduces expenses or

    the residents, and it reduces greenhouse gas emissions because treating and

    pumping water consumes a tremendous amount o energ

    Multiamil developments can take advantage o a new generation o cost-

    eective, high ecienc appliances and landscape water management sstems

    The can also use reccled water or rainwater or some o their nonpotable water


    exaMPle strateGies

    Low-water landscaping and high ecienc irrigation (Measure B1)

    Water reuse and rainwater harvesting (B2); green roos (E3)

    High ecienc aucets and showerheads with below-standard fow rates (G1)

    Water submeters to encourage conservation (G3)

    Water-ecient dishwashers and clothes washers (M1, M2)

    Rol of igrad dig i gr buildigToo oten, design and building disciplines remain highl ragmented: developers

    and unders select (or are given) a site; architects design the building;

    mechanical and electrical engineers design HVAC and lighting; and so on It israre, or instance, to involve the mechanical engineer in architectural decisions,

    even though those decisions might signicantl aect equipment costs and

    energ use

    To minimize the cost and maximize the benets o green building, use

    an integrated design process that involves people who represent these



    Occupant (ma be represented b an experienced propert manager)


    Mechanical/electrical/plumbing engineers

    Civil engineer/landscape architect


    Maintenance/operations personnel

    Integrated design aims to connect as man members o a project team as

    possible Introduce integration earl Hold meetings earl with all the major

    stakeholders Tour the site Discuss green strategies earl on and set clear goals

    rom the beginning Whatever the goals areproviding health interiors, or

    example, or creating a zero net energ buildingever team member must be

    aware o the goals and committed to achieving them

  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide





    Integrating the design process allows or creative solutions to complex problems

    Questions can be raised and answered openl through a charrette or team meeting

    New technologies or practices are explored as a group, allowing enthusiasm,

    skepticism and solutions to surace at the same time Misconceptions can becleared up, and changes to standard practice can be highlighted

    how gr buildig ca rduc coWhile the health and environmental benets o green building are well

    established, man people still assume that green building costs more But

    taking an integrated approach to design, as described above, can actuall

    reduce construction and operating costs The ke to saving mone is to evaluate

    opportunities as earl as possible in the design process because the range ocost-eective solutions narrows as the design progresses

    A contractor, or example, can be engaged earl in design to help steer the

    design awa rom expensive solutions and toward cost-eective ones The

    options available during schematic design can include strategies such as using

    structural insulated panels (SIPs) instead o conventional wood raming Such a

    change can oten save mone, energ and labor, but would be costl to do once

    construction documents were underwa

    Just as the contractor can help the design team nd cost-eective green

    solutions, so can the other team members The mechanical engineer ma beable to recommend increasing the exterior wall thickness to accommodate

    more insulation, which could result in reducing the size and cost o the heating

    sstem I the developer is concerned with achieving HUD noise ratings and

    is part o this conversation, she ma ask the engineer whether using special

    sound-rated windows will also help reduce cooling needs

    For ever recommendation in these Guidelines, we have careull weighed

    the measures cost against its benets to justi its inclusion While not all

    measures will be applicable to our project, the measures included are relevant

    and reasonable or multiamil developments built and renovated toda

    Some o the recommended measures do cost more initiall, but this additional

    cost needs to be evaluated in the context o longer-term benets provided, such

    as utilit cost savings, better indoor air qualit and longer building lie When

    considering green building measures, it is ver important to balance upront

    design, product and construction costs with these other signicant benets (this

    process o evaluating the long-term costs o design decisions is oten reerred to

    as lieccle cost analsis)

    Funding aordable housing involves unique challenges and opportunities,

    particularl i the design includes green building measures that ma cost moreupront but provide long-term benets For good inormation about unding

    aordable, green multiamil buildings, visit the Green Aordable Housing

    Coalitions website at wwwgreenaordablehousingorg

    Green building can be seen as pushing the design and construction industr

    to do things that ma be new, such as integrating the design process Learning

    new practices sometimes costs mone But green buildings are more than just

    buildings The are the end result o collaboration between people on all levels

    o design and construction who are committed to improving homes or toda

    and the uture

  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide





    PlanninG & desiGn

    aa1 i

    aa2 dg kg bccg

    aa3 a p

    aa4 M- pm

    aa5 o ghg pc

    aa6 dg m c

    aa7 P g, ghg

    aa8 apb bg

    aa9 ab


    a1 Pc , g

    g cc

    a2 C&d mgm

    a3 Cc m

    a4 rcc ggg

    a5 C

    B1 sb cpg

    B2 sc cc

    B3 lgh p c

    Gr Buildig timabl

    The table below allows ou to quickl scan all the measures in these Guidelinesto get a eel or when each measure becomes a priorit during the development

    process During the initial communit planning phase, or example, critical

    decisions arise such as whether to choose an inll site or develop the project

    or mixed uses But other measures, such as speciing engineered lumber or

    energ-ecient appliances, can be decided later, during design development

    Use this table as a general tool or planning purposes, and reer to it as our

    projects progress























  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide






    C1 acc: n b c

    C2 M- g g

    C3 Cmmg

    d1 rc p cm cc

    d2 sc p c

    d3 Cc m cc

    d4 eg mb

    d5 sC-c mg mb

    d6 r h

    d7 sc p h


    d8 w pcm

    e1 dg p b g

    e2 sb g p

    e3 vg

    1 i

    2 q


    G1 w-c

    G2 ec mc h b

    G3 w bmg

    G4 w h pcm

    H0 Hg pm

    H1 r hc pc hg

    H2 a cg h -HCC g

    H3 ac pcc

    H4 Gg





















  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide





    (SySTEMS, continued)

    i1 s hg

    i2 Phc m

    J1 Bg pmc c t 24

    J2 Bg gc

    inisHes & urnisHinGs


    K2rcc p

    K3l/-voC p h cg

    K4l-voC h

    K5em pb m


    K6rc mh h

    K7db cb

    K8em pb

    l1em pb fg

    l2l-mg fg

    M1eg- -c ppc


    M3rccg cc



    M6o p c

    oPerations & MaintenanCe

    n1 op mc pc

    n2 t p

    n3 ec gg

    n4 eg m























  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide





    Gr Buildig MaurWhile separating green building strategies into individual measures ma give

    the impression that the can be used in isolation, in realit each measure isclosel integrated with man other design strategies To encourage teams to

    work across disciplines and embrace an integrated design approach, each

    measure contains man cross-reerences to related measures For example, the

    Heating Equipment measure (Systems: H0)contains a cross-reerence to Planning &

    Design: AA7Passive Solar Design, Daylighting and Natural Ventilation.

    The individual measures are presented with a consistent laout so ou can

    scan them or relevant inormation Each measure begins with an at-a-glance

    graphic, as shown in the example below


    desiGn for walKinG

    and BiCyClinG

    dg dvpmt s,

    Pt wkg Bccg

    aa2Measure number

    Measure title

    New version

    Old version

    Summar o


    This measures principal benets:

    Hh/ieq: Reduces indoor

    pollutants, promotes better

    indoor environmental qualit,

    and/or provides opportunities or

    improved public health

    s/Cmm: Protects land,

    water and air on and near

    site rom pollution or other

    environmental damage, uses

    municipal inrastructure more

    ecientl b redeveloping

    building or site, and/or provides

    important and needed amenities

    or the surrounding communit

    eg ecc: Reduces

    building energ consumption

    w ecc: Reduces water

    use in building and/or on site

    M ecc: Reduces,

    reuses and/or reccles materials

    that might have otherwise

    ended up in landlls, reduces

    materials needed to construct

    or operate the building, and/or

    uses materials produced in a wa

    that minimizes environmental

    damageo&M: Increases buildings

    durabilit, and/or reduces

    operating and maintenance


    r sc: Saves

    residents mone, and/or improves

    residents qualit o lie

    Cm Pc: Reduces

    greenhouse gas emissions related

    to the buildings operation and


    Construction Specication

    Institutes (CSI) MasterFormat

    Division or Specication


    Key Beneits

    Health/IEQ Material Ecienc

    Site/Communit O&M

    Energ Ecienc Resident Satisaction

    Water Ecienc Climate Protection

    12 93 00: Site Furnishings

    02870: Site Furnishings

  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide


  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide


    Fold TAB here Tuck here





  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide


    The measures in this section encompass

    undamental planning and design

    decisions that, or the most part, need to

    be made very early in the developmentprocess. The choices made at this stage,

    such as site selection and access to

    transportation alternatives, will have a

    proound eect on the projects success

    rom an environmental, economic and social

    perspective. Many o the recommendations

    in this section address ways in whicha development can help strengthen a

    communitys economy and improve

    quality o lie or all its citizens.




  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide























    Hh/ieQ: Rducs idoor

    polluas, promos r

    idoor viromal quali,

    ad/or provids opporuiis or

    improvd pulic halh.

    s/Comm: Procs lad,

    war ad air o ad ar

    si rom polluio or ohr

    viromal damag, uss

    muicipal irasrucur mor

    cil rdvlopig

    uildig or si, ad/or provids

    impora ad dd amiis

    or h surroudig commui.

    eg ecc: Rducs

    uildig rg cosumpio.

    W ecc: Rducs war

    us i uildig ad/or o si.

    M ecc: Rducs,

    russ ad/or rccls marials

    ha migh hav ohrwis dd

    up i ladlls, rducs marials

    dd o cosruc or opra h

    uildig, ad/or uss marialsproducd i a wa ha miimizs

    viromal damag.

    O&M: Icrass uildigs

    duraili, ad/or rducs

    opraig ad maiac


    r sco: Savs

    rsids mo ad/or improvs

    rsids quali o li.

    Cm Poco: Rducsgrhous gas missios

    rlad o h uildigs

    opraio ad locaio.





    aa1 i

    aa2 dg o wkg bccg

    aa3 a poo

    aa4 Mx- opm

    aa5 Ooo ghg pc

    aa6 dg o m c

    aa7 P o g, ghg


    aa8 apb bg

    aa9 aob



    beneItS this al liss h Guidlis Plaig & Dsig masurs, ad showsh primar s o ach. Ma o h masurs i his scio provid

    road-asd social ad viromal s ha go wll od improvig

    a idividual uildigs prormac. or xampl, popl who liv i mixd-us dvlopms (AA4)rahr ha covioal suura dvlopms

    ar mor likl o g phsical xrcis walkig o ar shops ad

    ighorhood srvics.

  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide


    COnneCtiOns tO tHe natural envirOnMent

    udamal o gr dsig is h rlaioship w a uildig ad haural virom. Whil aordal housig projcs picall hav mor si

    cosrais ha mark-ra housig, vr si prss uiqu opporuiis.

    th dsig am should carull assss h sis aural lmsicludig

    solar accss, wid codiios ad xisig pla ad aimal liad sriv o

    dsig i harmo wih hos lms o rduc rg us, icras livaili

    ad proc h virom (AA7, B1).

    land use and CliMate CHanGe

    Plaig ad dsig dcisios ha suppor compac, rasi-orid, mixd-us dvlopms (AA1 through AA5)hav sigica poial o rduc mils ha

    rsids driv. I ac, mor compac dvlopm is a ssial srag or

    clima sailizaio, accordig o h Ura Lad Isiu ad ma ohr

    orgaizaios ha sud lad us, rasporaio ad clima chag.

    inteGrated desiGn

    or a projc o mak a sigica dirc i rms o coomic ad

    viromal susaiaili, as wll as quali o li or uildig rsids ad

    h commui a larg, is s o ak a igrad approach o dsig. thrcommdd Plaig & Dsig masurs prsd hr ar udamal o

    igrad dsig, ad should addrssd wih as much car, im ad rsourcs

    as h projc ca ar. (For more about integrated design, see the Guidelines introduction.)

    COMMunity suPPOrt

    A impora aspc o gr muliamil housig is craig codiios ha

    osr coomic ad social wll-ig i h commui. Ma o h masurs

    i his scio or rmdous commui s, ragig rom rducd

    rac cogsio (AA1 through AA4)o mor araciv opporuiis or rcraio(AA2, AA5, AA6)o grar coomic viali (AA1, AA4). or h dvlopr, gagig

    muicipal rprsaivs ad commui ladrs arl i h dsig procss

    ca pav h wa o a much mor succssul projc.

    COde issues

    I som muicipaliis, dsi, zoig ad ohr cod issus ma somims

    cofic wih gr dsig sragis, such as ill (AA1)ad mixd-us

    dvlopms (AA4), ad improvd pdsria ad icclis accss (AA2). earl

    i h plaig procss, h dvlopm am should idi poiallprolmaic cod issus ad work wih h appropria ocials o ovrcom

    hs arrirs.


    or local muicipaliis, h masurs i his scio ca provid ma

    coomic s. Dvlopms dsigd o rduc dpdc o cars

    (AA1 through AA4)hlp as rac cogsio, which ca improv usiss

    producivi. Mixd-us dvlopms (AA4)courag coomic viali ad a

    divrsid muicipal ax as. Ill projcs hlp rvializ oldr ura aras.

    or h dvlopr, som o h rcommdd Plaig & Dsig masurs ca

    do wih lil or o xra cos i icorporad arl. Cos icrass ca

    o os or miimizd adopig a igrad dsig approach (see the

    introduction to these Guidelines).



    COre COnCePts

  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide


    O a lo i dowow brkl ha prviousl srvd as a surac parkig lo,Rsourcs or Commui Dvlopm (RCD) is uildig a mixd-us projcha will provid 97 aparms or housholds makig rom 20% o 60% o aramdia icom.

    th 100,839-squar-oo ura ill projc, schduld or complio iJauar 2009, icluds v soris o housig ovr o sor o rail. A adjac

    dvlopm o h si, h David browr Cr, is dvod o viromalducaio ad acivism ad missio-driv rail spac. th browr Crparrd wih RCD o dvlop h commrcial spac i oh uildigs.

    Oxord Plazas locaio is crucial o is viaili as a aordal, susaial,mixd-us dvlopm. Wih a bARt suwa saio o lock awa, a us huwo locks awa, ad h UC campus ad dowow brkl wihi as walkigad icclig disac, rsids will hav xcll accss o mplom,shoppig, rcraio ad ducaioal rsourcs.

    th cral locaio also mas ha h projcs rsids will gra much

    lowr ha ormal auo rac volums. to rplac h surac parkig ha had a rvu sourc or h Ci o brkl, Oxord Sr Dvlopm, LLC(a parrship o RCD ad h David browr Cr, Ic.), uil a udrgroudgarag o h si, u oh h housig ad rail uss ar dsigd wih lssha h sadard zoig rquirms or car parkig.

    I addiio o is ura ill locaio ad mixd-us, high dsi dsig, ohrgr aurs iclud a solar hrmal ssm or radia hdroic spac haigad domsic ho war (H1, I1); low- ad o-VOC pais, adhsivs ad foorig(K3, K4, L2); ad raiwar collcio or irrigaio (B2). ths gr crdials ar

    likl o a srog sllig poi or poial rail as, spciall hos wih asusaiaili ocus. Oxord Plazas groud-foor commrcial spac was dsigd soha i could accommoda o largr railr or as ma as our smallr railrs.

    RCD, i craig Oxord Plaza, is dvlopig a damic commui whrh rail ad h surroudig dowow ighorhood will suppord h rsids o h aordal housig aov i. Popl somims hav hmiscocpio ha lowr icom popl do hav mo. I ac, h havh sam d or asic cssiis ad srvics, said Lisa Mooama, RCDsdircor o housig dvlopm th workig amilis ha will livig a Oxord

    Plaza will hav h addd icom suppor ha aordal r provids so hah will al o shop, a ad jo a movi or pla i dowow brkl.

    I locaig aordal housig clos o jos, rasi ad shoppig, h Ci obrkl ca xpc a dcras i commur rac, cogsio ad polluio,ad a icras i h umr o dollars ulig h local coom, addig o hvirac o dowow.

    For more inormation, visit www.rcdev.org

    Oxord Plaza ad David browr Cr


    Oxford Plaza, Berkeley, CA

    location, location, location:the ticket to affordability, sustainability,

    vand mixed-use success





  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide



    Key Beneits

    Halh/IeQ Marial ecic

    Si/Commui O&M

    erg ecic Rsid Saisacio

    War ecic Clima Procio

    NEW: N/A

    OLD: N/A

    inill sites

    dop Hgh d Hog o

    Po dop s, rBg ro Bowf



    develop hgher ensy housng on exsng

    urbanze ses (known as nll ses) ha have

    sewer lnes an ules n plae.

    Reevelop exsng bulngs raher han

    emolshng hem.

    Resore an reevelop brownels or hoose a se

    n a esgnae reevelopmen area.

    Avo bulng on envronmenally sensve ses.

    dcponw dvlopm o aks plac o h rigs oxisig ura ad suura dvlopm. Rsidso hs oulig aras dpd o cars causpdsria, iccl ad pulic-rasi ravl is usuallimpracical. Suura sprawl has likd o a hoso viromal ad social prolms, icludig:

    Grhous gas missios ad ohr air polluiorom vhicls

    Loss o lad or ood producio, rcraio, wildlihaia ad ohr ssial ds

    Ici us o pulic irasrucur

    Lss im or amil, commui ad phsical acivi

    Loss o usiss ad idividual producivi romrac cogsio

    Highr dsi ill dvlopm addrsss hsad ma ohr viromal, social ad coomic

    prolms, whil providig housig ha rfcs odaschagig dmographics, icludig a dcliig umr opopl pr houshold. Ill dvlopm compasssw cosrucio as wll as h adapiv rus oxisig uildigs. Ma ps o xisig uildigs ca rdvlopd or muliamil housig, icludig hols,warhouss, acoris, schools, dparm sors, ado cours uildigs ha wr origiall rsidial (orinormation about designing buildings so that they can be adapted in the

    uture, see Planning & Design: AA8Adaptable Buildings).

    Rdvlopm aras o coai rowld sis,which h U.S. eviromal Procio Agcds as a propr, h xpasio, rdvlopm, orrus o which ma complicad h prsc orpoial prsc o a hazardous susac, polluaor coamia. dral ad sa lgislaio, programsad icivs xis o hlp dvloprs ad proprowrs maag rowld rdvlopm.

    Do o loca projcs i viromall ssiivlocaios such as sp slops, prim armlad orparklad, wihi 100 o wlads, or i a araidid as haia or a spcis o dral or sahrad or dagrd spcis liss.


    Dvlopms i ds ura ciis picall hav asmallr viromal oopri ha dvlopms i

    lss ds aras. th sragis i his masur xpadh local ax as, osr jo growh, mak us oxisig irasrucur, avoid grld dvlopm adimprov quali o li ad viromal quali i hcommui.

    Whr hr is accss o pulic rasi or commrcialaciviis, dsr dvlopms or h advaago shorr commus, lss dpdc o cars, adrasi-orid walkal commuiis (Planning & Design:

    AA3Alternative Transportation and AA2Design or Walking and Bicycling).

    Rhailiaig uildigs miimizs dmoliio was adrducs h d or w cosrucio marials (Site:A2Construction and Demolition Waste Management). Rdvlopiguildigs ad rowlds ca coriu o acommuis ss o plac ad hlp kp is hisoraliv prsrvig sis ha hav culural, archicuralor hisorical valu.

    Procig viromall ssiiv sis suppors

    cossms ha provid ssial srvics ad so humas ad ohr spcis.



  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide



    Size Low Ris Mid Ris High Ris

    type nw Cosrucio Rro

    uSe Rsidial Commrcial

    Highr dsi ill dvlopm ad avoidac oviromall ssiiv sis ar applical o allmuliamil projcs. Opporuiis or uildig rusad rowld rdvlopm will dpd o a vari oacors, icludig si availaili ad programmaic ds.

    dg d

    HiGH density inill

    Igra h uildig ad is si wih h xisigighorhood. Muliamil uildigs, v i h arhigh dsi, should complm h ighorhoodsxisig dvlopm pars. Avoid a ulk ormoooous apparac sppig ack highr sorisrom h sr ad rakig dow h scal o larg

    uildig volums.

    Passiv solar haig ad coolig, aural vilaio addalighig ca challgig o accomplish o mahigh dsi ill sis. rom h ous o h dsigprocss, acivl sk opporuiis o icorpora hssragis (Planning & Design: AA7Passive Solar Design, Daylightingand Natural Ventilation).

    Idi was o acilia social iracio, such ascraig pock parks, plazas or mixd-us dvlopms(Planning & Design: AA4Mixed-Use Developments and AA5Outdoor

    Gathering Places).

    BuildinG reuse and BrOWnield


    Adapig a uildig ha was o origiall idd orrsidial us ca prs uiqu dsig challgs.Ma commrcial uildigs, or xampl, hav dpfoorplas ha mak i hardr o provid adquadaligh, aural vilaio, viws or oudoor socialgahrig placs or h rsids. Adapiv rus is oa w cocp, howvr, ad ma archicur rmsspcializ i dig craiv was o mak uildigslival, such as icorporaig sklighs, ligh wlls,clrsoris ad irior ladscapd courards.

    Ma hisoric or idusrial uildigs hav larg, fxilspacs ha ar idal or mixd-us purposs or arsidial projcs commui aciliis. Prsrvig adrsorig a oldr uildigs origial irior ad xrior

    archicural dails hoors h commuis hisor,adds visual irs ad ma v icras h uismarkaili. Ma popl ar draw o livig i oldruildigs prcisl caus o hir disiciv characr.

    Cosul rmdiaio or rowld xprsi ou ar cosidrig a si ha has

    coamiad. I ma s o avoidxcavaig a si ad o lav coamiad soil iplac. Som coamiad sis will iappropria orrsidial us i i is cos prohiiiv o rig hm upo accpal sadards.

    Co Coo

    Policmakrs ca acilia ill dvlopm dsigaig appropria sis or dvlopm. Also

    cosidr rvisig uildig ad zoig cods o avorhighr dsi dvlopm i arg aras; his couldiclud rlaxig high limis ad parkig rquirms,ad providig icivs or gr ill dvlopms.Policmakrs ad commui mmrs ca supporcommui plaig procsss ha lad o localara plas or masr plas. ths procsss hlp aighorhood aricula is visio or dvlopmad ca improv h pulic rviw procss or spcicdvlopm proposals. nighorhood plas rducucrai or h dvlopr wh h idi dsirdcommui aciliis ad dvlopm ps.

    Oldr uildigs picall rquir sigica upgradigo m curr uildig ad rg cods. Rovaios osom oldr uildigs ma hav o compl wih local or sadsig rgulaios or hisoricall sigica srucurs.

    A cis rdvlopm agc will hav a rdvlopmpla ha ss ou guidlis ad rquirms.

    Rdvlopm o rowld sis ma govrd sa or dral rgulaios.

    Coo o r

    Popl livig i ill dvlopms ar mor liklo shop, work ad pla clos o hom. th will havmor pulic rasporaio opios ad opporuiisor social iracio.

    Wh rowlds ar rdvlopd, commui rsids

    rom improvd viromal, coomicad ighorhood quali. Rsids o rdvlopdrowld sis ma hav cocrs aou h poialor ligrig coamiaio. Dvloprs should addrsshs cocrs opl ad proacivl.



  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide


    Co Co ec


    COst or h dvlopr, ill projcsma rquir addiioal dsig imcaus high quali dsig is

    criical o gaiig commui accpac. taxpars rom ill dvlopm caus ciis pa moro provid srvics o suura dvlopm ha oill dvlopm.

    th cos civss o rusig xisig uildigs variswidl, dpdig i larg par o how xsivl huildig ds o modid o m curr markds ad cod rquirms.

    browld sis ca hav vr high claup coss, usom muicipaliis ma willig o icur hs xpssi ordr o courag dvlopm o glcd aras.

    Som ciis ma or icivs such as propr rasrs,gras ad loas o courag priva dvlopm irdvlopm aras. ths ca provid sigicacoomic s o dvloprs.



    loc Gom Commo has a lcdocials chcklis or compac rsidial projcs,

    buildig Mor Lival Commuiis: DsigGuidlis or Muliamil Housig: www.lgc.org/rpu/lad_us/guidlis/muliamil_housig.hml; LGC also pulishs h ook, Building MoreLivable Communities: A Policymakers Guide to Infll

    Development: www2.lgc.org/ooksor

    noh-Mw i oli ook, Sragisor Succssul Ill Dvlopm ca dowloadd

    or r rom: www.mw.org/illook.hm

    u.s. eom Poco agc smar growhpulicaios iclud Craig Gra nighorhoods:Dsi i your Commui:


    ub l i has ooks ad oli rsourcso ura ill dvlopm, icludig Highr-DsiDvlopm: Mh ad ac ad Growig Coolr:

    evidc o Ura Dvlopm ad Clima Chag,which docums ha rsids o compac, mixd-us,rasi-srvd commuiis do lss drivig, a ssialacor i comaig clima chag: www.uli.org

    adaPtive reuse

    Co Oc o Hoc Po has acshs, dsig guidlis ad iormaio aou axicivs ad cods praiig o rdvlopm ohisoric propris: hp://ohp.parks.ca.gov

    BrOWnield redevelOPMent

    C o C l rccg has rsourcs orowld rdvlopm: www.cclr.org

    Environmental Building Newsaricl, buildigo browlds (March 1999), provids a goodiroducio o h sujc; o accss:www.uildiggr.com

    u.s. eom Poco agc rowldswsi has xsiv rsourcs:www.pa.gov/rowlds

    r C s

    Carm Avu, p. 230

    Colo Park, p. 227

    Crossroads, p. 234

    ox Cours, p. 47

    Oxord Plaza, p. 15

    Sara Cor Cour Aparms, p. 221

    MroHollwood provids aordal housig, commrcial spac addacar aciliis immdial adjac o h Hollwood/Wsr MroRd Li Saio i Los Agls.






  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide



    Key Beneits

    Halh/IeQ Marial ecic

    Si/Commui O&M

    erg ecic Rsid Saisacio

    War ecic Clima Procio

    NEW: 12 93 00: Si urishigs

    OLD: 02870: Si urishigs

    desiGn Or WalKinG

    and BiCyClinG

    dg dopm o s, PWkg Bccg



    desgn bulngs, sewalks, pahways, srees an

    rossngs o enourage walkng an bylng.

    Bul seure byle sorage aleson he se.


    Walkig ad icclig ar h chaps ad mossusaial orms o rasporaio, u h ar oicompail wih covioal car-asd dvlopmpars.

    Covic, sa ad ashics ar k acorsi promoig ravl oo ad iccl. Rsidso dvlopms wll cocd o ar amiisar mor likl o walk or ik o hir dsiaios.Sidwalks ad sr crossigs should dsigdo provid sa ad covi pahwas. Clarldiriad vhicl, iccl ad pdsria spacs willrduc rac accids. Ariculad uildig acadsad groud-foor commrcial acivi cra a plasigpdsria virom.


    Walkig ad icclig ar xcll, ixpsivorms o phsical acivi ha promo halh. thprovid alraivs o ravl car, a major sourc ogrhous gas missios, air polluio ad rg us.

    trac-calmig masurs ma lad o lowr pdsriaijur ras, grar ighorhood coomic acivi adicrasd pulic sa. Childr, siors ad poplwih disailiis mos rom icrasd moiliad sa.


    Size Low Ris Mid Ris High Ris

    type nw Cosrucio Rro

    uSe Rsidial Commrcial

    Applical o all projcs. (For related inormation, see Planning& Design: AA1Infll Sites, AA3Alternative Transportation, AA5Outdoor

    Gathering Places and AA6Design or Saety and Vandalism Deterrence.)

    biccl ad pdsria-ridl dvlopms should, aa miimum, hav hs characrisics:

    Sidwalks ar phsicall, pschologicall orucioall sparad or urd rom h roadwas.

    trac-calmig masurs ar implmd.

    th housig dvlopm provids ddicad, covrdad scur iccl sorag or rsids.

    I mixd-us projcs, h dvlopm providsaddiioal scur iccl sorag or orsidial

    a mplos ad visiors.

    dg d

    rOad netWOrK COnneCtivity

    Work wih h cis rasporaio dparm o craa roadwa ssm i our dvlopm wih muliplroadwa cocios ha r disrius rac.blocks should o xcd 300 .

    Cul-d-sacs ad o-wa srs ar srogl discouragdcaus h rduc cocivi ad icras ravldisacs, which corius o gloal warmig. O-wa

    srs also courag spdig ad circlig.

    Sripd iccl las wih propr sigag ar appropria or srs wihlowr rac volums ad spds.




  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide


  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide


  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide


    Coo o r

    Quali-o-li improvms iclud grar moili,sa ad opporuiis or phsical acivi. Addiioals iclud lowr rasporaio xpss ad arducd caro oopri.

    Co Co ec



    biccl parkig coss rom $220(isalld) or a asic U rack haaccommodas wo iks o $600

    ad up pr ik or sorag lockrs. Car parkig coss$7,000 o $30,000 pr spac (2007 coss).

    Ma pdsria si dsig aurs cos ohigi icorporad arl. th cos or xig prolmaicirasrucur varis gral. Sripig crosswalks adisallig sr humps ar rlaivl ixpsiv, uwidig sidwalks ad isallig rug islads ar cosl.Howvr, hs acios ma rduc ijuris ad aaliis.


    arCat liss iccl rack ad lockr mauacurrs: www.arca.com/divs/sc/sc02871.shml

    C o d, which is wll kow or is iccl-ridl dsig, has xsiv iormaio icludigh cis Comprhsiv biccl Pla:www.ci.davis.ca.us/iccls

    C o Po has biccl Parkig aciliisGuidlis:

    www.porladoli.com/rasporaio (see GettingAround Portland/Transportation Options/Bicycles/Bicycle Parking)

    loc Gom Commo has ik adpdsria dsig guidlis ad ohr rsourcs:www.lgc.org

    no-Po Hog aoco has iormaio aouplaig or rsidial parkig:www.oprohousig.org (see Action Center/Tool Box)

    u o Co, Bk Campus biccl

    Pla has guidlis or improvig iccl accssad sa:hp://p.rkl.du/rasporaio_alraivs

    r C s

    Carm Avu, p. 230

    Colo Park, p. 227

    Crossroads, p.234

    ox Cours, p. 47

    Oxord Plaza, p. 15

    Sara Cor Cour Aparms, p. 221



  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide


  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide


    dg d

    Pedestrian aCCess tO transit and serviCesChoos a si has clos o pulic rasi sops,prral o mor ha o-quarr mil rom o ormor us sops, ad/or o mor ha o-hal mil roma commur rai or ligh-rail rasi ssm sop. idlocaios whr good rasi srvic alrad xiss, orwhr uur srvic improvms ar plad, such asa hisoric ow cr or rdvlopm disric.

    Dsig or a sa ad joal walk rom h projc

    si o ighorhood srvics ad rasi sops (Planning &Design: AA2Design or Walking and Bicycling and AA6Design or Saety

    and Vandalism Deterrence). Igra h dvlopm ioh surroudig virom icludig walkwas opulic rasi. Walkwas ladscapd wih aiv plasad rs ma also al o srv as wildli corridorsad ik pahs (Site: B1Sustainable Landscaping). Icluda vari o walkig ad ik pahs providig dircad covi cocios o rasi hus, shoppigcrs, ohr rails ad parks. balac h rous

    dircss wih visiili ad sa. Pahs ha passaciv aras ar mor likl o usd ad lss liklo arac grai or collc garag ha rous ha gohrough aras wih w popl aroud.

    Provid crosswalks likig dircl o rasi sops, ad ussidwalk xsios o rduc crossig disacs o widrsrs (Planning & Design: AA2Design or Walking and Bicycling).

    Isallor courag h rasi agc o isallusshlrs a major us sops. Shlrs should proc

    ridrs rom h lms, provid som saig, adhav clar iormaio aou us rous ad rquco srvic.

    ParKinG & Car sHarinG

    Rduc osi parkig. I h projc icluds o-srparkig or rsids, provid lss ha 1.0 parkigspac pr rsidial ui, i allowd local cod. Iha is o possil, provid lss ha 1.5 parkig spacspr ui.

    O wa o discourag car owrship is o uudlparkig rom housig. I parkig is icludd wiha housig ui, rsids will civl pa or irgardlss o whhr h d i. Wh housiguis ad parkig spacs ar rd or sold sparal,rsids who do d a spac ca sav mo.

    Muliamil dvloprs ca also rduc hir ovrallparkig rquirms allocaig spacs or dsigad

    car-shar vhicls. Car-sharig programs allow rsidsad ighors o jo h covic o drivig whh d o, whil avoidig h xps ad hasslso owrship.

    Also look io whhr h ci has trasporaioDmad Maagm programs or w rsidialprojcs. thr ma policis ha provid r ordiscoud rasi passs o projcs ha discourag carus (Operations & Maintenance: N2Transit Options).

    Miimiz h visual impac o parkig srucurs.Siua garags ad parkig srucurs so ha hdo o domia h sr. Visuall scr parkiggarags caus h ca discourag pdsria acivi.Cosidr wrappig groud-foor rail aroud a parkigsrucur o hid i rom viw. Avoid usig surac

    parkig los caus h cra gaps i sr aciviad ar a ici us o lad. I maur vgaioxiss or is plad or h si, dsig udrgroudgarags so h will o irr wih roo ssms.

    O-sr parkig is rcommdd caus i acsas a ur w sidwalks ad movig vhicls.Howvr, diagoal parkig ca caus srious coficswih iccls caus i is hardr or drivrs o s hm.Miimiz drivwa widhs ad rquc o spacig

    caus h cra addiioal hazards or pdsrias(Planning & Design: AA2Design or Walking and Bicycling).

    bus shlrs should proc ridrs rom h lms ad providsom saig.





  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide


    Co Coo

    Zoig or plaig cods picall rgula h miimum(ad somims h maximum) umr o o-srparkig spacs rquird or paricular uss. Somjurisdicios hav movd oward rducig parkigrquirms or muliamil, mixd-us ad aordalhousig dvlopms i ura crs ad ohr rasi-ridl locaios.

    trasi agcis usuall hav a sadard or us shlrs,sigag ad ohr rasi-rlad sr aurs.

    Dsig ams should idi poial cod osaclsarl ad work wih local ocials o rsolv hm.

    Coo o r

    trasi-orid, pdsria-ridl dvlopms maki asir or popl o driv lss or v o ow a car.this savs mo, rducs gloal warmig impacs adpoiall corius o a halhir lisl. Accordigo a rc sud h Mropolia trasporaio

    Commissio, popl i h Sa racisco ba Arawho liv ad work wihi a hal mil o rasi ar ourims mor likl o walk ad ims mor likl ous rasi ha hos who do. I parkig spacs aruudld rom housig, rsids who do dparkig will sav mo.

    buildig mor rsidial uis x o rasi supporshighr ridrship lvls, which i ur suppors rad mor rqu rasi srvic. I also icrass

    cusomr rac o local sors ad srvics, improvigh local coom.

    Pdsria-ridl dvlopms ar maighorhood srvics ca improv quali o li makig i mor covi ad joal or poplo shop, work ad pla clos o hom, ad rducigh im sp o cogsd roads.

    Co Co ec



    A si wih good accss o pulicrasi ad ighorhood srvicsma cos h dvlopr mor o

    purchas i h locaio is paricularl dsiral, u agood locaio ca also icras h uis markaili.Rducig h umr o parkig spacs ca rduccosrucio coss.

    or aordal housig dvlopms, choosig arasi- ad pdsria-ridl locaio is a criical

    aordaili srag.


    Co t-O dopm (tOD)Daaas provids iormaio aou mor haw rasi villags i Calioria:


    C-h comp i Calioria iclud: CiCarShar (www.cicarshar.org), lxcar (www.fxcar.com) ad Zipcar (www.zipcar.com); or iormaioaou ohr compais ad car sharig i gral:www.carsharig.

    G Comm Cobo pulishs a oolkiha icluds hadous o iorm commuiis aouk aspcs o rasi saio ara plas:hp://gracommuiis.org/idx_ls/oolki.hm

    Mopo tpoo Commo oolox/hadook, Rormig Parkig Policis o SupporSmar Growh is a guid or commuiis irsdi plaig ad implmig parkig policis adprograms ha ar supporiv o rasi-orid

    dvlopm: www.mc.ca.gov/plaig/smar_growh/parkig_smiar/toolox-Hadook.pd

    rcocg amc/C o t-Odopm wsi has rsourcs ad ools osuppor rasi-orid dvlopm, icludig cassudis, s pracics ad polic iormaio:www.rcocigamrica.org

    ub l i pulicaios iclud GrowigCoolr: evidc o Ura Dvlopm ad Clima

    Chag, which docums ha rsids o compac,mixd-us, rasi-srvd commuiis do lss drivig,a ssial acor i comaig clima chag:www.uli.org

    u.s. eom Poco agc promos smargrowh, icludig craig walkal ighorhoodsad providig a vari o rasporaio choics:www.pa.gov/smargrowh

    r C s Carm Avu, p. 230

    Colo Park, p. 227

    Crossroads, p. 234

    Oxord Plaza, p. 15

    Sara Cor Cour Aparms, p. 221




    Measure aa4

  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide


    Key Beneits

    Halh/IeQ Marial ecic

    Si/Commui O&M

    erg ecic Rsid Saisacio

    War ecic Clima Procio

    NEW: N/A

    OLD: N/A



    icopo no u Mm Hog dopm


    Prove spae or shoppng, employmen, soal,

    ulural or ommuny ales whn a mulamly

    housng evelopmen.


    Mixd-us dvlopms comi mor ha o us(or xampl, rsidial, rail ad oc) i a sigluildig or dvlopm ara. this p o dvlopmwas prval uil h arl wih cur, whmuicipaliis adopd zoig cods ha sgrgadrsidial rom commrcial ad idusrial uss. Sigl-purpos zoig is viromall ususaial caus

    i cras dpdc o auomoils, icrass carodioxid missios ha coriu o gloal warmig, aduss lad icil. Som xprs also liv i hascoriud o a dcli i civic gagm.

    this masur addrsss h social, coomic adviromal s o mixd-us muliamildvlopms (For design strategies, see Structure: C2Mixed-UseDesign Strategies).

    Dmographic, coomic ad viromal acors ardrivig mark dmad or dvlopms whr popl

    ca work, shop, pla ad m hir dail ds clos owhr h liv. Also, h shrikig suppl o availaludvlopd lad is osrig w irs i urardvlopm (Planning & Design: AA1Infll Sites).


    Mixd-us dvlopms:

    Cra a ss o plac ad provid moropporuiis or social iracio

    Icras ighorhood coomic viali

    Srgh ad divrsi h muicipal ax as

    Provid mor ha o sourc o projc cash fow orh dvlopr

    Icras rasporaio opios such as walkig,ikig, car sharig ad pulic rasi, ad rducvhicl rips ad associad grhous gas missios

    Us lad, pulic irasrucur (such as roads, warad swr), ad aciliis mor cil

    Rduc rgioal imalacs w jos ad housig


    Size Low Ris Mid Ris High Ris

    type nw Cosrucio Rro

    uSe Rsidial Commrcial

    Mos w muliamil housig projcs ca succssullicorpora orsidial uss, xcp o h mossvrl cosraid sis. A igrad dsigapproach is criical o h succss o a mixd-usdvlopm (or more about integrated design, see the introduction tothese Guidelines).

    Cosidr ddicaig a porio o h dvlopmsorsidial spacs o ighorhood srvics, suchas sors, liraris, child car crs, ss crs,rsauras ad commui crs.

    dg d

    Mixd-us dvlopms o call or dir, ad omor complx, cosrucio mhods ha sigl-usdvlopms (or design guidance, see Structure: C2Mixed-UseDesign Strategies). I addiio, commui ad dvlopmcosidraios or mixd-us projcs ma call orsomwha dir sragis, as dscrid low.

    identiy COMMunity needs

    egag muicipal rprsaivs ad commuiladrs arl i h dsig procss. Providig amiisha ar dsird h commui will icras localsuppor or h projc.



    888 7h Sr, dsigd David bakr + Parrs Archics, is aw mixd-us dvlopm i Sa racisco wih aordal admark-ra homs.




  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide


    Coo o r

    Rsids o mixd-us uildigs ar mor likl oshop, work ad pla clos o hom. th hav moropporuiis or social iracio ad lisur im, adma hav icrasd rasporaio opios.

    I mixd-us uildigs, rsids ma paricularlcocrd aou icrasd ois ad rac romcommrcial aciviis ad dlivris, privac issus,sparaio o rash ad rcclig aras, ad parkigsparaio or shard parkig aras (Structure: C2Mixed-UseDesign Strategies).

    Co Co ec



    Mixd-us dvlopms ma mor complicad o ac harsidial-ol uildigs, i par

    caus ldrs ar accusomd o sigl- ad spara-us acig coomics ad policis. Also, irs addow pams d o highr du o h dicul oscurig mixd-us morgags. Howvr, mixd-us

    projcs cra mulipl cash fows ha ca hlp mak aprojcs coomics mor avoral o ivsors.

    Commrcial lass ar dir rom rsidial lass,ad co-ac ad ohr owrship srucurs ma mor complx i mixd-us uildigs compard orsidial uildigs.


    B a loc i sppo Copoo (LISC)provids rsourcs o mixd-us dvlopm:www.cdxchag.org/commrcial

    Pojc o Pbc spc ors iormaio aoumixd-us dvlopm:www.pps.org/mixd_us

    soh Co aoco o Gom hasusul pulicaios, icludig aciliaig Small-Scal Mixd-Us Dvlopm: Wha h WssidCiis Could Do:www.scag.ca.gov/lival

    ub l i has ma ooks ad olirsourcs o mixd-us dvlopm, icludigh rpor, Growig Coolr: evidc o UraDvlopm ad Clima Chag, which documsha rsids o compac, mixd-us, rasi-srvdcommuiis do lss drivig, a ssial acor icomaig clima chag: www.uli.org

    r C s

    Crossroads, p. 234

    Oxord Plaza, p. 15

    Idi srvics ad aciliis ha ar currllackig i h commui ad drmi whhr i

    is coomicall asil o icorpora a o hmio h projc. Commol dsird amiis icludgrocr sors ad child car aciliis. Dsig hprojc so ha ighors ca also us plazas, migrooms or ohr aciliis.

    additiOnal strateGies Or MarKet-rateHOusinG

    Mark-ra dvloprs ma also cosidr hssragis or succssul mixd-us projcs:

    Coduc mark rsarch o idi h appropriasiz ad p o rail ad/or commrcial uss.

    Sk lgal xpris o addrss uildig lasig,govrac issus, owrship agrms ad zoigrquirms.

    CreatinG a sense O PlaCe

    Loca rail uss o h groud foor o cra visualirs ad clar dsiaios or pdsrias. Railuss should hav dirc accss rom h sr adshould gag h sr wih lighig, oudoor saig,sigag ad displas orid o h sr.

    Mixd-us uildigs should uil clos o h sidwalko h propr li. Sacks ar o rcommddor uildigs wih groud-foor rail ulss h sackprovids a plac or usisss o hav oudoor saigor displas. A sack should vr usd o providparkig w h uildig ad h sidwalk.

    Dsig uildig acads ha ar ashicall varidad simulaig wih widows ha provid a cociow h irior ad xrior. tid widows addp arcads ar srogl discouragd caus hrduc visiili ad mak rail lss accssil. Corruildigs should ovrlook oh sr roags adcra a ss o plac. (For additional design strategies thatsupport walking and bicycling, outdoor gathering places and saety, see

    Planning & Design: AA2, AA5 and AA6.)

    Co Coo

    Local zoig cods drmi whr mixd-us uildigsma cosrucd, h ps o uss allowd, ad hirshap ad siz. Cod rquirms or rsidial, oc,rail ad parkig uss dir ad ma icompail.Som local jurisdicios ad plaig auhoriishav rgulaios ha prohii or rsric mixd-usdvlopm. Dsig ams should idi cod prolms

    arl ad work wih local ocials o rsolv hm.

    Policmakrs ca promo mixd-us dvlopm rmovig spcial variacs, providig zoigfxiili, assisig i acig ad assmligpropr dvlopm righs.




  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide


  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide


  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide


    Measure aa6

  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide


    Key Beneits

    Halh/IeQ Marial ecic

    Si/Commui O&M

    erg ecic Rsid Saisacio

    War ecic Clima Procio

    NEW: Division 2: exisig Codiios, Division 9: iishs

    OLD: Division 2: exisig Codiios, Division 9: iishs

    desiGn Or saety and

    vandalisM deterrenCe

    dg Bg lcp oPomo s rc vm


    desgn bulngs an lansapes o promoe saey

    an eer rme.

    take seps o proe he evelopmen agansvanalsm an gra urng an aer onsruon.


    Dsigig uildigs o dissuad crimial havior iskow as crim prvio hrough viromal dsig(CPteD). Whil i ma possil o dr crim wihall cs, vido survillac ad righ lighs, hslms also dr oudoor pla ad ighorliss.

    th should usd ol wh asolul cssar. thmos scur commuiis hav dsig lms haosr rahr ha discourag huma iracio.

    CPteD sragis or promoig sa icludcouragig commui iracio, corollig accss oh si, craig comoral covrsaio ad saigaras ar uildig racs so ha popl ca kp a o hir ighorhood, ad riorcig h rriorialdircs w priva ad pulic aras.

    Vadalism ma occur durig ad ar cosrucio,which ca lad o arl ailur o uildig lms.I is also rusraig or rsids ad acili sa,ad ca lad o cosl rpairs ad a dcrasd sso commui valu ad sa. Durig cosrucio,moior h si ad rsric accss o aras pro ovadalism ad grai. Oc a uildig is occupid,dsigs ha promo iracio amog ighors,walkal aras ad good maiac will lssvadalism (Planning & Design: AA2Design or Walking and Bicyclingand AA5Outdoor Gathering Places).


    Dsigig wih oh huma iracio ad sai mid improvs quali o li or rsids adighorig commuiis. CPteD courags ighorliracio, ca dr crim, ad ma rduc privascuri ad pulic law orcm coss.

    Drrig vadalism rsuls i clar, sarcommuiis ad rducs uildig rpair admaiac coss. Quick rspos o icids willicras rsids moral ad discourag uurvadalism.


    Size Low Ris Mid Ris High Ris

    type nw Cosrucio Rro

    uSe Rsidial Commrcial

    Applical o ma rro projcs ad all wcosrucio projcs, spciall i crim-pro aras.

    dg d

    PrOteCt tHe COnstruCtiOn site

    earl ivolvm o h commui wih h projcca hlp proc agais grai, h, rspassig advadalism o h cosrucio si. nighors adcommui groups wih a sak i h dvlopm armor likl o pa aio o aciviis o h si.

    nglcd aras ivi disrspc ad crim mor hacla, wll-dd spacs. Rgularl cla jo sis adprovid adqua phsical arrirs aroud vadalism-pro aras such as ack walls ad allwas.

    this jo si was o vadalizd, u i looks as i hough i could hav

    . A cla ad wll-maiaid si ad uildig discourags vadals.





  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide


  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide


  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide


  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide


  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide



  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide


    u phoocoo o o cc ghg.I commo aras, phoocorols hlp sur rg

    savigs kpig lcric lighs o or dimmd whhr is adqua daligh.

    ig cc ghg g wh ghg. Aspar o a igrad dsig approach, cosidr hlcric lighig dsig i cojucio wih dalighigo avoid ucssar lcrical coguraios.

    Co b mc (vt) wh cgwow. Vt is h amou o ligh passig hroughh glass; highr Vt valus allow i mor ligh. or

    dalighig sraio i oh w cosrucio adrro projcs, maximiz Vt whil also choosig hU-acor ad SHGC ha ar suial or h climaad h sraios oriaio (Structure: D8WindowReplacement).

    natural ventilatiOn

    Makig aural vilaio work wll rquirs caruladhrc o uildig scic pricipls ad closigraio wih h ir dsig am. Hr ar som

    gral sragis:

    az coo. bor drmiig uildigplacm ad oriaio, chck local wahrsaio daa or wid spds ad dircio. Cosidrsig up a osi moiorig ssm i wids smparicularl srog.

    s bg o k g o pg w. tro si h uildig so ha osacls such as ohr

    srucurs do o lock summr wids ad o akadvaag o prvailig wids ad prssur dircs.Also, uildigs ad ladscapig ca dsigd adorid o hlp dfc cold wir wids.

    dg o co o. Dsig widows o cachprvailig rzs. Idall, ach room would hava opral widow o a las wo walls o haccross vilaio. or suci airfow, hr ds o a prssur dirc w h il ad oulopigs. Crai widow sls, such as casmwidows, ar mor suid o cross vilaio caush hav a largr opig ara ha widows suchas slidrs.

    dg o ck o. High opral widows,sklighs or cupolas comid wih low opralwidows ca cra a sack c. Risig ho airxhauss a h highr opigs, drawig i coolr airhrough h lowr opigs.

    Co fow wh h . Opigs wrooms, such as rasom widows, grills or op foorplas, acilia air fow hrough h ui. I possil,dsig doul-aspc uis ha provid vilaioad daligh rom a las wo sids.

    tk o cco c o coc.Widow opigs should opral scur so

    popl l sa lavig widows op wh a hom.Som widow mauacurrs iclud small opralvs i h widow rams o provid rsh oudoorair wihou havig o op h widow. Durig dsig,idi ighorig sourcs o ois ad dus adamp o rduc hos cs hrough h uildigsplacm, dsig ad ladscapig.

    Coo h comg . Cosidr plaig shad rso h uildigs widward sid o lowr h airmpraur o ifowig air. A od o war o huildigs widward sid ca also cool h ifowigair hrough vaporaiv coolig.

    ig o wh p o g ghg. naural vilaio ca usda igh o dissipa ha sord i hrmal massad cool h uildig. Look or opporuiis ohav opigs srv mulipl purpossvilaio,dalighig, viws, passiv solar dsigu carullvalua coficig prioriis.

    Co cg . I aural vilaio o isow will o provid adqua comor o mos das,cosidr supplmig i wih cilig as (Systems:H3Advanced Ventilation Practices).

    Housig or sior ciizs ad ohrs whoar paricularl vulral o h cs oprologd ha ma d o quippd

    wih som mchaical coolig o sur sa

    durig ha wavs.

    Co Coo

    Caliorias buildig erg ecic Sadards (til24) is limid i is aili o accou or passiv solarhaig. Cod rquirs ha all uildigs hav som ormo mchaical haig. A crdi is availal or hrmalmass; cosul a til 24 xpr or iormaio.

    I low-ris rsidial uildigs, aural vilaio

    alo is o adqua o m h rquirms o AnSI/ASHRAe Sadard 62.2 as rquird til 242008.Mchaical vilaio i h orm o a coiuallopraig or dmad-corolld xhaus or suppl a isrquird. or high-ris rsidial uildigs, h dsigmus sur ha suci rsh air is supplid, uaural vilaio ma all ha is rquird. (For moreinormation, see Systems: H3Advanced Ventilation Practices; or code

    issues related to windows, see Structure: D8Window Replacement.)




  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide


    Coo o r

    Rsids ma rom rducd haig ad cooligills ad r idoor viromal quali. tachrsids aou h sragis usd so ha h douiioall circumv h dsig. A hrow rug, orxampl, will rduc a mass foors aili o sor ha.

    Co Co ec



    th sragis i his masur maicras dsig im. Passiv solardsig ma icras marial coss or

    ims such as shadig dvics or xra cocr or drwallor hrmal mass. Howvr, passiv dsig sragis arproal h s wa o rduc rs coss associadwih ssm sizig (Systems: H0Heating Equipment)adprovid ogoig savigs hroughou h uildigs li.

    A asic lvl o dalighig ad aural vilaioca usuall providd or o icras ovr sadardcosrucio coss. Sklighs, clrsoris, all widows,cupolas, dp ovrhags, awigs ad ohr osadard

    dsig aurs ma icras coss. Sragis morcommo i oc uildigs, such as ligh shlvs,auomaic lighig corols ad spcializd glazig, casigical icras coss.


    Co comp provid rsourcs orpassiv ssms dsig, icludig modlig ools, solarcalculaors ad clima daa. Chck wih our uili.

    G aob Hog Coo has acshs o passiv solar dsig ad dalighig or

    aordal housig: www.graordalhousig.org

    no Ocogphc amophcamo (nOAA) has clima daa icludigdsig mpraurs, dgr-da avrags, ad mor:www.oaa.gov

    no rwb eg lboo provids solar

    isolaio valus:www.rl.gov/rrdc

    u.s. dpm o eg ors passiv solar addalighig udamals:www.r.rg.gov/uildigs/io

    r C s

    Carm Avu, p. 230

    Crossroads, p. 234

    Sara Cor Cour Aparms, p. 221



  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide



  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide


    to acilia uur disassml or adapaio,icorpora cocor ssms such as ols ad scrws

    rahr ha ails. nails ar mor dicul o rmovad dgrad h marial, prvig uur rus. Iaddiio, allowig h cocor ssm o visilrahr ha cocalig h ssm hid walls, uurmodicaios o h srucur will mor raspar ooccupas.

    Dimsioal plaig is o wa o kp opios opor uur uild-ou ad xpasio. buildigs haar cosrucd o 2- or 4-oo moduls ca morasil adapd, wih lss was rom dmoliio adriorcm.

    ramig par o h roo covioall isad o usigpra russs ca allow or xpasio io h aic.

    Cosolida uiliis i chass ad loca spacsrquirig uiliis (such as kichs ad ahs) aroudhs aras. Craig a cralizd ad lvad uiliracwa will allow wirig ad cals o updadwihou acig h wall srucur. this chiqu

    also miimizs h amou o drillig hrough sudso accommoda wirig, hus prsrvig h suds ordisassml ad uur rus.

    Co Coo

    Cosidr possil scarios ha could ac occupacor spac usag i h ar uur, icludig priodic cior cou gral pla amdms ad local housigrgulaios. Also, look a zoig populaio projcios,

    plad rsidial dvlopm ad ohr dmographicidicaors ha idi uur growh pars, ordcidig o uur adapaio goals.

    th Amricas wih Disailiis Ac, h air HousigAc ad h Calioria buildig Cod guid accssiilirquirms or muliamil dvlopms. exdigcod-complia dsig sragis o mor aras harquird dos o ac cod compliac.

    adaPtive desiGn

    Adapiv dsig rrs o dsigig a uildig so ha

    as i ags, i ca radil accommoda chologupgrads, chags i us ad ohr modicaios hama or ma o ors. Sigica alraios mighiclud addiios o projcs, such as a scod phas ocosrucio or addiioal uis. I cass whr uurdvlopm o h si ma occur, cosidr clusriguildigs ad ocus o uildig upward isad o ouward.buildig up rahr ha ou savs rg ad uildigmarials; i also rducs h iiial dvlopm oopri,which ma allow or uur xpasio.

    I a projc icluds rail or commrcial spac,aicipa ha h us ma chag. Kp foor plasop, rduc arig walls o allow or mor fxiili,ad limia awkward spacs ha could o radil covrd o rsidial us lar. Also cosidr hrvrs: Rsidial uis ma vuall covrd ocommrcial us.

    I liv/work uis ha srv oh rsidial adcommrcial purposs, iclud a las o ddicad

    rac o h commrcial zo ha is o hrac picall usd or rsidial accss. this hlpssur ha h uis ca ull ucioal as oh acommrcial ad rsidial spac.

    I all adapiv dsigs, h aili o prsrv ishswhvr possil is dsiral. Slcig dural,dachal, log-lasig marials will rduc was adrplacm coss.

    Ampl sorag ad a op foor pla allow or fxil us o hissudio ui.



  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide


    Measure aa9


  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide


    B Hog th i sb

    aob now o h log tm

    Key Beneits

    Halh/IeQ Marial ecic

    Si/Commui O&M

    erg ecic Rsid Saisacio

    War ecic Clima Procio

    NEW: N/A

    OLD: N/A


    deae some or all o a evelopmens uns o

    househols makng 80% or less o he area mean

    nome (AMi). Ensure ha some o hose uns have

    mulple berooms or larger amles.


    Whil ma Caliorias l h pich o scalaighousig prics, popl wih low icoms (gralldd as 80% or lss ha h AMI) ar paricularlhard hi h sas aordal housig crisis. Highrs ad morgags ar h ol hurdl. or poplo al o aord o liv i hir homs, h da-o-da

    coss o uiliis, maiac ad rasporaio mus maagal.

    Lack o aordal housig acs h commui advirom i mriad was. or xampl, i popl caaord o liv i h commui whr h work, hma hav o choic u o dur log commus, o car. Commuig coss rod prsoal icom, hourssp commuig ak awa rom im sp wih amil,rids ad ighors, ad commuig car corius

    o rac cogsio, air polluio ad gloal warmig.to susaial i coomic, social ad viromalrms, housig ds o uil wll, aordal odaad ovr h log rm, sid clos o rasi adighorhood srvics, ad locad i h commuiiswhr popl work. to achiv his lvl o susaiaili,ma dvloprs o aordal housig across h sarom Haia or Humai alias o local commuidvlopm corporaiosar mracig gr uildig.

    Gr uildig improvs h quali o aordalhousig, rducig h liklihood ha susadardhousig will coriu o poor halh rom mold, ladpoisoig, VOCs or ohr coamias (see Finishes &

    Furnishings). Good acousics (Structure: C1)ad good qualidalighig (Planning & Design: AA7)ad lcric lighig

    (Finishes & Furnishings: M4)ma rduc srss ad improvquali o li. nighorhoods dsigd or sa walkigad icclig ad cogial socializig (Planning & Design:AA2 and AA5)courag halhir lisls ad srogrcommui ods.


    Gr uildig sragis improv h quali oaordal housig, mak i mor rg ci ad

    mor dural, ad rduc gloal warmig impacs.Dvlopr/owrs rom lowr opraigcoss, rducd risk o liaili claims rlad o oxiccoamias i or aroud h uildig, ad rcommui rlaios i h local jurisdicio. Dvlopr/owrs who mrac gr uildig ma also hav aadvaag i h compiiv procss o applig or low-icom housig ax crdis.

    Gr aordal housig has impora pulic s.

    I mphasizs duraili, which xds h li o hxisig housig sock ad rducs coss compard ohavig o uild w housig. Ad i ca rduc axparsdollars sp o uiliis: ach ar, accordig o GloalGr, pulic housig auhoriis spd mor ha $1illio o uiliis i h Uid Sas. Gr aurssuch as r idoor air quali ad sa, walkalcommuiis ma rduc pulic coss or halhcar.

    Gr aordal housig improvs quali o li or h

    commui a larg i ma was. ths iclud makigi asir or popl o spd hir icom locall rahrha o housig ad rasporaio coss, rducigcommu ims so ha popl ca spd mor im wihamil ad i h ighorhood, cosrvig war, adrducig polluio ad grhous gas missios.


    Size Low Ris Mid Ris High Ris

    type nw Cosrucio Rro

    uSe Rsidial Commrcial

    Ddica all or som o h uis i a muliamildvlopm o housholds makig 80% or lss o AMI.esur ha som o hos uis hav mulipl drooms.Chck wih local jurisdicios or spcic rquirms.

    dg d

    Ivolv h local commui arl i h plaigprocss o gai suppor or h projc ad idi wasi which h projc ca hlp m local ds, suchas providig oudoor commui spacs (Planning &Design: AA5), uildig spac o accommoda ighorhood


    srvics i a mixd us uildig (Pl i & D i AA4) Gr uildig sragis ha icras rg cic


  • 7/30/2019 2008 Multifamily Guide


    srvics i a mixd-us uildig (Planning & Design: AA4),providig araciv ad rsourc-cosrvig ladscapig(Site: B1)

    ad ohr amiis.Dsigig homs ha ar smallr ha avrag sillucio wll is a k aordaili srag. Smallrhoms d o cos lss o u or r ad o liv iovr h log rm. buildig smallr homs, howvr,should o prclud providig mulipl droomso accommoda largr amilis. I ura aras iparicular, h scarci o aordal housig uis wihmulipl drooms cras a hardship or ma amiliswih low icoms. Aordal housig should alsoicorpora uivrsal dsig sragis so ha poplca sa i hir homs as h ag or hir phsicalailiis chag (Planning & Design: AA8Adaptable Buildings).

    or housig o rul aordal, i ds o locadwihi as walkig disac o pulic rasi adighorhood srvics (Planning & Design: AA1Infll Sites andAA3Alternative Transportation).

    Lik all housig, aordal housig should auiul

    ad should osr a ss o prid ad commui amogrsids ad ighors (see Planning & Design measures).

    Co Coo

    Som jurisdicios acivl suppor gr aordalhousig ad v or icivs o gr dvloprs,such as xpdid prmi approvals. bu dspih urg d or mor aordal housig, o allcommuiis courag i wihi hir ordrs. Gr

    aordal housig dvloprs ca gai suppor romcommui mmrs, ladrs ad ocials ariculaigh s o uildig gr, o jus or h rsidsu or h virom ad h commui a larg.

    Coo o r

    Rducd uili ad maiac coss mak hhoms mor aordal