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2009 11 24 Tuesday 9 Am 1145 Am Planning For Change Reyty

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  • 1. Planning for Change

2. 3. Watch a 7-Minute Movie for All Ages: Planting Hope: Wangari Maathai & The Green Belt Movement. 4. Mungari Maathai

  • Planting trees promote democracy & peace. Explain.

5. Reflection

  • What is the movie about?
  • What are important things to do?
  • How can we apply what we have learned in the movie in our own communities back home?

6. Ground Rules

  • We will be in a plenary Study Circle.
  • Respect each speaker by actively listening.
  • Respect everyones views. If necessary, correct factual errors only, not opinions.
  • Take turns clockwise in speaking up.
  • Right to pass.
  • We can get back to you, if you wish, by raising your hand.
  • 10-minute break every hour.
  • We will use the Peace Sign to tell everyone to keep quiet & to pay attention to the speaker.
  • Dont repeat an answer.
  • Present reports by geographic groupings.

7. Think

  • What do you think will weconcretelydo in this session?

8. Social Entrepreneurship & the Environment Animals Nature Humans Focus 9. Flowchart of Your Leadership Work The Big Picture 10. 1.Before coming to the U.S., Dr. Kate asked you to dotwocommunity needs assessment in your country already.2.We will do a3 rdneeds assessment here. Needs Assessment 11. Community Needs

  • What are community needs?
  • Why do you have to have an assessment of community needs?

12. Quote from the Project Proposal

  • Develop Citizen Action Plans: Although the ideas for the Citizen Action Plans will spring from the adult and youth participants, the SeAYLP staff and external consultants will encourage and assist them to focus specifically on engagingenvironmental issues through social entrepreneurship ."

13. Planning for Citizen Action

  • Social Entrepreneurial: willing to take risk to start something new that benefits society
  • Environmental
  • Community or Citizen Action
  • etc.

14. Plans

  • What is a plan?
  • Why not just do things? Why do we have to prepare plans? A waste of time?

15. Complete the Sentence

  • A good leader is like a __.

16. What are the qualities of a Good Leaders? Write key words on a flipchart. 17. Management Power Emergent Role Assigned Status Process Traits Leadership P.G. Northouse. 18. P.G. Northouse. Achieve Participative Support Direct Leadership Behavior 19. P.G. Northouse. Women! Transformational Psycho- Dynamic Team Exchange Types of Leadership 20. P.G. Northouse. Build community Honest Justice Serveothers Respect others Leadership Ethics 21. 2009 Rey Ty P.G. Northouse. Leadership 1 Motivation 2 Dependence 3 Repression or individualism or independence or the Shadow Self 4 Relations with others or notImportant 22. 23. Big Picture Focus Efficiency Resources Do Reflect Review Report Evaluate Implement Resources Detailed Work Plan Action Plan Projects & Activities Framework& Values VMG SWOT Needs Problems Situation Planning 24. Funnel Approach to Planning Situation Problems Needs Assessment SWOT VMG Framework Values Plans 25. What is the Situation? World Situation National Eco, Pol & Cult SituationNational ProblemsLocal Eco, Pol & Cult SituationLocal ProblemsNational NeedsLocal Needs 26. Southeast Asia times. Vietnam at different Singapore the talking Malaysia people doCambodia *Let different Brunei Spring 2010 Fall 2009 27. Responsibilities

  • Chair : In each group, agree on who will facilitate the group discussion to make sure each person has an equal chance of speaking up.
  • Scribe : Agree on who will take notes, encode in the computer & give each one a copy, including me within 24 hours by email!
  • Rapporteur : Agree on who will take turns in presenting your findings.

28. On one sheet of paper, write in very large print the name of your groupscountry . Post it on your corner on the wall now. 29. Other parts of the world Southeast AsiaThe world as a whole SocialCult Pol Econ Global Situationer 30. Situational Analysis Environmental Scanning SocialCult Pol Environ Econ National Situationer 31. Situational Analysis Environmental Scanning SocialCult Pol Environ Econ Local Situationer 32. SocialCult Pol Environ Econ Problem Statement 33. Sample Problem Statements

  • Muslims are discriminated in the Philippines.
  • Everyone is complaining about dirty drinking water but the majority of the people are throwing all kinds of garbage into the river.
  • Almost all directors in all offices are male. There are almost no female directors, even if many women have MBAs or HRM degrees.
  • There is always soil erosion in the kampung when it rains, because there are very few trees left.

34. Sample Problem Statements

  • The air quality in the city is so bad you can see black smoke always, causing many to have health problems.
  • Funding support for the arts & music in the schools is very limited.
  • There is trash everywhere in the streets. The waste management system is not working.
  • There are so many floating dead fish washed to the beach.

35. Interview Needs Assessment Politicians Shop Keepers Teachers Farmers Elders Poor & Rich Residents Community Needs Assessment 36. SocialCult Pol Environ Econ RealCommunity Needs Assessment 37. SWOT Internal StrengthsInternal Weaknesses External OpportunitiesExternal Threats 38. Strategy Stretch Strategic Intent External Threats External Opportunities Internal Weaknesses Internal Strengths 39. Place Z Place N Place A External ThreatsExternal Opportunities Internal Weaknesses Internal Strengths SWOT Analysis 40. Reflection :Everything considered, choose onlyone issueon which you will focus your attention forconcrete action . 41. A Few Service Learning Ideas

  • Planting fruit, flowering, & hardwood trees benefiting a community
  • Composting for community income
  • Adopt a riverbank benefiting a community
  • Street theater about low-income farmers
  • Peace garden in a community
  • Food or clothes drives for the migrant workers, flood survivors, etc.
  • Consciousness-raising sessions: homelessness, AIDS
  • Energy conservation in the community hall
  • River clean up in a community

42. Title : Give a Name to Your Plan Now. Write it down on paper in large print. Write on one colored paper. Post it on the wall in your corner. 43. 44. Contact Information

  • Organization
  • Name of Officers
  • Street Address
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • E-Mails

Write on a sheet of paper of another color. 45. Vision

  • Broad
  • All-inclusive
  • Future
  • Dramatically presented
  • Dream

46. Vision In a perfect world 47. Vision Dream Cloud 48. Sample Vision

  • Western Illinois University
  • will be the leading comprehensive university in the United States.

49. Sample Vision

  • Northern Illinois Universityisamong the nations premier regional public universities.

50. Sample Vision

  • NIUs International Programs
  • An International NIU
  • NIU is responsible for producing graduates who have a global perspective and are culturally sensitive and internationally competent so that they can be effective workers and citizens of an increasingly global and diverse society, economy, and workplace.

51. Sample Vision

  • Earth Charter
  • We envision individuals, organizations, businesses, governments, and multilateral institutions throughout the world, including the United Nations General Assembly and UN agencies, acknowledging the Earth Charter, embracing its values and principles, and working collaboratively to build just, sustainable, and peaceful societies.

52. Sample Vision

  • NIU Womens Resource Center
  • The Womens Resource Center envisions an environment of mutual respect and equality for women and men on campus and in the community where diversity of age, race, class, sexual orientation, ethnicity, physical and mental abilities, class, and gender are accepted and appreciated. The Womens Resource Center strives to be recognized at the local, regional, and national level for its work in creating gender equity.

53. CocaCola 2020 Vision

  • Our vision serves as the framework for our Roadmap and guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.
  • People : Be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.
  • Portfolio : Bring to the world a portfolio of quality beverage brands that anticipate and satisfy people's desires and needs.
  • Partners : Nurture a winning network of customers and suppliers, together we create mutual, enduring value.
  • Planet : Be a responsible citizen that makes a difference by helping build and suppo
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