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2010.1 mandriva linux gdm

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Simple GDM (GNOME display manager) browsing.

Mandriva Linux 2010.1: GDM GNOME display manager

Discovering some GDM optionsafter installing Mandriva Linux 2010.1(Spring) using DUAL CD


GDM default login screen (p3) has a few options:

1 Change Universal Access Preferences p42 Check out the date (time is always visible) p53 Reboot/shutdown the computer p64 Login as user p7

GDM: default login screen

GDM: Universal Access Preferences; accessible by clicking a blue button on down/right corner

GDM: Time
Hovering the mouse over the day/time bar shows the date

GDM: Clicking power switch opens Restart/Shut Down list

GDM: clicking User (see p3) opens password bar below and lets to log in. Languages, keyboard and desktops bars are open now.

GDM: there is a possibility to change from default to Other languages

GDM: opening Languages list with English (United States) as default

GDM: keybord layout may be changed to different one

GDM: keybord layouts screen with USA keybord as default

GDM: Desktops; this screen shows avialable desktops after installing Mandriva Linux 2010.1 using DUAL CD

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