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2011 Fall Class Schedule

Date post: 07-Mar-2016
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Schedule of Class for PAAL
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7 E. Old St. | Petersburg, VA | (804) 861-4611 | www.PAALart.org FALL 2011 Adult and Youth Class Schedule
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7 E. Old St. | Petersburg, VA | (804) 861-4611 | www.PAALart.org

FALL 2011

Adult andYouth ClassSchedule

Page 2: 2011 Fall Class Schedule

A U G U S TStenciling with Matthew HawthorneSaturday, August 13, 201110:00am-1:00pmRegistration $25/$20 for members

This class begins with a brief overview that includes the history of stenciling, as well as artists that are using stencils in their work. Students will learn where stencil art origi-nated as well as where the trend is going. Students will learn the basic techniques and methods (i.e. spray paint vs. acrylic rolling, computer paper vs. construction paper vs. vellum, etc.) to let them choose which medium fits them best. Hawthorne will show the versatility of stencil making and how it can be applied to almost anything and repeated over and over. Students will be able to select from over 100 multiple layer stencils or create digital stencils with their own images to make their own prints. In the end, the class students will be comfortable with any aspect of the stencil making process, whether it be a simple one layer print to a complex 13 layer print.

Matthew Hawthorne is currently enrolled in VCU’s Painting and Print making program and has been making multime-dia works with stenciling for the past 7 years. He works have been shown at Gallery5, Metrospace Gallery, Plant Zero and many other Central, VA institutions.

Drawing with Kathryn SantmyerTuesday, August 16, 2011 – September 20, 2011 6pm-8pm (6 Week Class)Class Registration $100 for non-members$90 for members

Richmond artist and educator, Katie Santmyer, is coming to PAAL for a 6 week course in basic drawing for adults. She will introduce several di�erent drawing materials throughout this course, as well as the di�erent kinds of drawing subject matter.

Katie is a recent graduate from VCU’s art education program and has a double minor in art history and painting/printmaking. She had a passion for art and teaching, combining the two and sharing that passion with Richmond and abroad.

Comic Book Creation with Elizabeth Essex (Youth Class)September 17, 201110:00am-12:00pmAdvance Registration:$15 Non-Members$12 MembersDay of Class:$20Ages: 3rd to 7th Grade

Want to create your own superhero? Discover the world of comic book art as you learn how to tell fantastic stories through hand-drawn comics. We’ll explore the who, what, when, where and why of storytelling and learn some flashy comic drawing techniques.

Elizabeth Essex has been the Art and Photo-journalism Teacher at Brunswick High School in Brunswick County, Virginia since 2009. She received a Masters in Art Education from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Bachelors in Fine Arts, Painting Emphasis, from Virginia Tech. She has a wide variety of skills and interests aside from visual art including playing piano, dancing, working with comput-

ers, and helping with theater sets.

S E P T E M B E R Collages with Matthew HawthorneSaturday, September 17, 201110:00am-1:00pmRegistration $25 + $5 Materials Fee$20 for members + $5 Material Fee

Learn how to utilize multiple medi-ums, including acrylics, screen prints, stencils, magazine cutouts, found materials, etc in a collage format. Students are first introduced to major artists that utilize collage making in their work today. Students will learn about the accessibility of found objects and the best ways to incor-porate interesting images into a medium of their choice. Collage making is a good way to put down a bunch of di�erent ideas as well as to concentrate on composition.

Matthew Hawthorne is currently enrolled in VCU’s Painting and Print making program and has been making multimedia works with stenciling for the past 7 years. His works have been show at Gallery5, Metro-space Gallery, Plant Zero and many other

Central, VA institutions.


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O C T O B E R What Am I Looking At: Art Appreciation 101 with Margaret HancockSaturday, October 1st, 201110 am - 3 pm$40 non-members/$35 for members

What Am I Looking At: Art Appreciation 101 provides a thorough introduction to art appreciation. Participants spend the day looking at and talking about a wide range of the visual arts in major museum collections - from scuplture and photography to painting and installation art. Art history, elements of art, principles of design, methods and materials of artists, and more come into play.

Margaret Hancock holds her M.Ed from the University of Virginia and her B.A. in Art History from Duke University. She owns and operates Margaret Hancock Studio, conduct-ing art and design educational programming for a variety of institutions. Margaret is the former Director of Programs and Curator for the Virginia Center for Architecture. Her resume also includes the Savannah College of Art and Design, the University of Virginia Art Museum, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and an internship with the National Gallery of Art.

Stop Motion Animation with Elizabeth Essex (youth class)Begins September 28, 2011 (4 Week Class)5:30-6:30Advance Registration:$45 Non-Members/$40 MembersDay of Class:$50Ages: 3rd to 7th Grade

Sculpt your own original characters, use puppets, build mixed-media sets, or create your own drawings while you collaborate with other campers to produce a stop-motion animation movie.

Elizabeth Essex has been the Art and Photojournalism Teacher at Brunswick High School in Brunswick County, Virginia since 2009. She received a Masters in Art Education from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Bachelors in Fine Arts, Painting Emphasis, from Virginia Tech. She has a wide variety of skills and interests aside from visual art includ-ing playing piano, dancing, working with computers, and helping with theater sets.

Batik Workshop with Carolyn JollySaturday September 24, 201110:00am-3:00pmRegistration: $60

A one-day hands-on workshop canvassing the processes involved in batik fabric work. Originating in Centeral Asia, batik is a method of producing colored designs on textiles by dyeing them. Students do so by applying wax to the parts to be left undyed. Each student will make at least 2 batiks. All supplies are included.

Still Life Watercolor and Drawing with Carolyn JollyWednesdays, October 5th, 2011-November 9th, 2011 (6 Week Course)6pm-8pm$100/$90 Members

Learn how to draw from still life and your own photos with an introduction to watercolor techniques.

Mask Making with Johanna Stoneking (Youth)Saturday October 22, 201110:00am-12:00pmRegistration: $15/$12 for membersAges 1st grade and up.

Please visit www.paalart.org for more details

PAAL also o�ers weekly Yoga and Tai Chi ClassesPlease contact the instructor for more details

Yoga One with Hope Lynch - (804)240-6796 www.yogaonepetersburg.comTuesdays 6:30 PMThursdays 9:00AM-10:00 AM & 6:30 PM

Tai Chi with Harvey Joyner - (804)[email protected] 6:00pm

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Encaustic Workshop with Lynda RaySaturday October 22, 201111:00am-5:00pmRegistration: $60/$55 for Members + $20 Materials Fee

Encaustic is a luminous medium that is made up of molten beeswax, pigment and resin. It can be smooth and shiny, textured and three-dimensional all on the same painting. We will explore melting and fusing, line and edge, working with paper, texture and scraping through. It is ideal for scribing with lines, working abstractly or in a more representational style. Encaustic, once an ancient process, is now updated with new tools and equipment. The participants will be supplied with a small piece of board (4×6”) on which to practice each of the 6 techniques. This is a solvent free medium.The equipment, paint, medium, brushes and tools will be provided by the instructor. No prior experience necessary.

Lynda Ray is a professional artist whose paintings have been shown locally and nationally. Her work is included in The Art of Encaustic Painting by Joanne Mattera. She has a BFA in Painting from Massachusetts College of Art and studied at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture and Virginia Commonwealth University. She has been working with the ancient medium of encaustic since it’s re-emergence in the 1980s. Although she works in a non-representational style, she finds encaustic to be an excellent medium for all types of work. Understanding the properties of encaustic is the first step to incorporating it into your work.

Holiday Crafts Workshop with Suzanne Vaughan (Youth)Saturday November 19, 201110:00am-12:00pmRegistration: Free/Please Sign Up in Advance

Students will learn how to make a holiday object using foundart. More details TBA

Native American Tribal Art with Johanna Stoneking (Youth)Saturday November 19, 201110:00am-12:00pmRegistration: $15/$12 for membersAges 1st grade and up.

More Details TBA. Please Check www.paalart.org for updates

Petersburg Area Art League7 E. Old St.Petersburg, VA 23803



These classes are made possible with partial funding from:

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Registration for PAAL classes is on a first-come, first-served basis. Completed registration forms must be accompanied by full payment to secure class placement. PAAL accepts checks, VISA and MASTERCARD. Class fees will not be pro-rated for any reason. You may e-mail or mail this form to [email protected] along with your payment information.

If the number of registered students is insu�cient one week before the start date, the class may be can-celled. If this occurs, a full refund will be processed for those currently registered in the class.

Registered students may cancel at any time prior to the class. A 50% refund will be issued to students who cancel prior to 7 full days before the start date; no refund will be issued to those who cancel less than a week prior to the start date.

Class Participant Name:________________________________________________

Parent Signature (if participant is under 18):_______________________________

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Payment Method:

CASH: ____________________ CHECK #: _________________ CHARGE#: __________________________________ Exp. Date:___________ Billing address:_____________________________________________________ Signature:_________________________________________________________

Please note: by submitting this registration form I give permission for PAAL to take photos of myself and/or my child and reproduce those images in the media or for other marketing purposes to promote PAAL and/or its art education programs. If you wish to not be in any pictures please let us know in advance.