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2011 holiday shopping survey

Date post:06-Aug-2015
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1. Holiday ShQp}I))1S Turn to Digital Devices to Stretch Their ollars 2. Findings from the 2* annual SapientNitro-GfK holiday shopping survey show Americans are increasingly turning to digital gadgets to bargain hunt for holiday gifts. Saphntiftm nnensuemeens(fIl' M IUH1 . 'lLll1t 4 5. One respondent said: Using digital devices makes it easier and makes me feel like I m in control of the prices.I get better deals and better prices,and its enjoyable. $Sw"Il'D' I IDEAENGINEERS -coon'umu'-anal-tnn'oouon11ox 5 6. 0 ul all . '. lllCMlalL~7 agree that their use ut digital Ll(nLn O has vnnchmf tlu-ir shopping c-'pc-nvnco so far thishnhdav season. Want this infoyraphicl thu_4y1lu_t_1;l l)_c/ _'. $mEAE~5mEER5 :mu-numn : uuSI'll; Sll(1KP(. Hla'l'ION b 7. I n fact,39% of all Americans agree that their use of digital devices has enriched their shopping experience so far this holiday season.Nearly half of 18-24 year olds (47% ) agree. Sapientg. Uwo . m:_; E~GmEERS rmvnumn _m. 1| -It-VIcmu~mc'rm 8. One respondent noted: It was less conzsing.so you don t have to have [all] the papers with youthe ads are right there on yourphone.That was iaonderful.Sapientj. U9 . m:_; E~GmEEg5 rm'ml4,llH 1" 18. One area were watching with interest is GPS- enabled mobile computing,particularly among the savvy tablet owner. - Chris Davey,global head of commerce at SapientNitro megguemggs cconrumnn'-auurmrroouounnm :8 19. According to the survey,among consumers who have smartphones: - 31% used their GPS/ location feature on their phone to help with holiday shopping- 30% used a mobile app to search for or purchase a product this holiday season- 20% looked or posted something on Facebook,'Iwitter,or other social networks to nd or ask for advice on holiday gift buying- 18% used a mobile coupon at point-of-purchase- 19% used a QR code to find more information about a product$ wmm mEAENG| NEER5 r c0rIlc1n'aunMr1Ex1cnu>ou1'IoN HI 20. Among tablet owners: - 42% used a mobile app to search for or purchase a product this holiday season- 41% scanned a QR code or barcode to get more information about it (compared to 19% for smartphone owners)$S$j"u-Q ggaggegugggg i(C0F'llGln'sIIIA! iAPlENTO()lP0I. I|'l'lO. l an 21. Imagine the day when you walk into a store and the retailer already knows something about you based on location-aware services.The implications for retailers in terms of targeted promotions or in- store navigation are fascinating. Chris Davey.global head ofcommerce at SapientNitro5 S$*'Il'D' ' IDEAENGINEERS ~r oontnuur nIIulItPIEN1'x| lPOlA'll)N as 22. December 9 - 11, 2011 by GfK Roper Public Affairs & Corporate Communications on behalf of SapientNitroPress Release:imp;Q tin} H1liftIii1,#1I, {H(ujL, 'Contact:David LaBar lillllli iilttllitll * ~. ip1:'I11_j: >I:1$, DEAENG, ~EER5 1('(Il'ltl()I[l; lt_ mEAEN3mEER5 rconIicin'au. MriEx1con. romr| ox :3

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