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2012 TD Bank 250

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Official guide to the 2012 TD Bank 250 weekend of racing at Oxford Plains Speedway, Maine.
  • Sunday, July 22, 20


    Your guide to the biggest northern New England short-track race!





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  • OXFORD, Maine The 2011 Daytona 500 winner Trevor Bayne has entered the TD Bank 250 at Oxford Plains Speedway. The race will be held on July 22, 2012.

    Since 2004, Oxford has attracted the elite of NASCAR to the TD Bank 250. The trend was started with Matt Kenseth and Kurt Busch competing in the event that year. In 2005, Kenseth was joined by Kyle Busch. The 2006 event drew Kyle Busch, Ricky Craven, Denny Hamlin and JJ Yeley. The race in 2007 saw Terry Labonte and Kevin Lepage challenge the Late Model pilots.

    In 2008, Kevin Harvick raised the bar for the NASCAR crowd, winning the event. The 2009 event saw a Wallace family in-vasion, with Rusty as the Grand Marshall and Kenny and Steven competing on the track. Break-out Cup star Brad Keselowski competed in 2010.

    The race in 2011 saw the return of Kyle Busch, competing in his third TD Bank 250. Kyle did not disap-point, winning the race in style.

    I am excited to run the TD Bank 250 at Oxford Plains Speedway. It is one of those events that every short track racer from around the country knows about and hopes to get a chance to run one day. The race is su-per competitive, but I feel like I have a good shot, Bayne stated. Kevin and Kyle have set a high standard the past few years and I will definitely check in with them to get some advice.

    Oxford Plains Speedway owner Bill Ryan said, We are excited to have Trevor come to Oxford to race. It is a thrill for our fans to see the best NASCAR has to of fer r ight here on a short track in Maine. Trevor is a

    great driver and I am sure he will be in the mix all race.

    Bayne, who hails from Knox-ville, Tenn., competed for eight years on the go-kart circuit earning three World Champi-onships, with over 300 feature wins and 18 State and track Championships combined.

    Bayne moved to NASCAR in 2009 and has regularly competed in both the Sprint Cup and Nation-wide Series since. He became the youngest Daytona 500 winner in history with his effort in 2011. He also won at Texas Motor Speedway in the Nationwide Series in 2011. For more information on Trevor, go to www.trevorbayne.com.

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    Daytona 500 winner Trevor Bayne enters TD Bank 250

    Camping policy at OPS

    1. All campers must be properly state registered.

    2. No campers may be left on Speedway property from September 20 to April 15 of each year.

    3. All campers must be neat in appearance and in full working order.

    4. All camping areas must be clean, neat and free of garbage and debris.

    5. All campers will be parked in neat and orderly rows as directed by the Speedway. If your camper will remain here on a non-event night, it must be parked so that it cannot be seen from Route 26.

    6. No camping areas may

    be reserved, roped off or barricaded in any way.

    7. All campers must have contact information for the owners posted in a window or in another location so that it can be seen by speedway personnel. This information must include the owner's name, phone number and address.


    Previous TD Bank 250 championsYear Start Driver Hometown Earnings1974 19 Kourafas, Joey Sharon, MA $4,5001975 1 Dion, Dave Hudson, NH $4,5001976 9 Lindley, Butch Greenville, SC $6,3751977 11 Biederman, Don Oakville, ONT $6,0001978 4 Pressley, Bob Asheville, NC $7,0501979 6 Rosati, Tom Agawam, MA $10,0001980 7 Bodine, Geoff Chemung, NY $11,2001981 1 Bodine, Geoff Chemung, NY $21,4001982 14 Barry, Mike Bolton, VT $16,0001983 26 Ellis, Tommy Richmond, VA $21,1501984 10 Rowe, Mike Turner, ME $26,4751985 17 Dion, Dave Hudson, NH $26,6001986 13 Bown, Chuck Portland, OR $28,9501987 10 Aube, Jamie N. Ferrisburg, VT $31,100

    Year Start Driver Hometown Earnings 1988 7 McCabe, Dick Kennebunkport, ME $34,1001989 10 Aube, Jamie N. Ferrisburg, VT $35,0751990 7 Bown, Chuck Portland, OR $51,8721991 6 Craven, Ricky Newburgh, ME $50,025

    1992 20 Dion, Dave Hudson, NH $37,1501993 4 Hanley, Junior Campbellville, ONT $40,4751994 2 Lynch, Derek Norwood, ONT $33,9751995 11 Whitlock, Dave Petrolia, ONT $52,1501996 1 Gelinas, Larry Scarborough, ME $50,0001997 26 Rowe, Mike Turner, ME $39,8001998 2 Nason, Ralph Unity, ME $46,4001999 2 Nason, Ralph Unity, ME $42,7002000 24 Nason, Ralph Unity, ME $31,9002001 1 Drew, Gary Windham, ME $35,4002002 8 Robbins, Scott Dixfield, ME $36,9002003 1 Rowe, Ben Turner, ME $34,7002004 25 Rowe, Ben Turner, ME $29,7002005 37 Rowe, Mike Turner, ME $26,0002006 2 Whorff, Jeremie Bath, ME $36,6002007 30 Brown, Roger Lancaster, NH $35,8002008 11 Harvick, Kevin Bakersfield, CA $37,3002009 3 MacDonald, Eddie Rowley, MA $35,3002010 9 MacDonald, Eddie Rowley, MA $29,8002011 5 Busch, Kyle Las Vegas, NV $31,800

    Oxford Plains Speedway reminds campers of the following policies regarding campers and recreational vehicles on Speedway property:

    2011 TD Bank 250 top 10 race results

    Finish/Start positions:

    1/5 Kyle Busch

    2/9 Nick Sweet

    3/11 Austin Theriault

    4/26 Eddie MacDonald

    5/25 Brian Hoar

    6/10 Jeff Taylor

    7/24 John Donahue

    8/6 Shawn Martin

    9/22 Eric Williams

    10/2 Quinny Welch

    2012 TD Bank 250weekend of racing starts Friday, July 20


  • The TD Bank 250 is without a doubt the highlight of New England Late Model racing. It is not often that the number of cars failing to make the race is higher than the number that do. This is why many say that qualifying alone is worth the price of admission.

    The qualifying format for the TD Bank 250 consists of Heat Races, Consolation Races and multiple Last Chance Races. It is possible for a driver to qualify by virtue of placing in the top four of his 15 lap heat race, or, for the less fortunate, run 55 laps without ever making the show. Below is the qualifying procedure for the TD Bank 250.


    Determines starting position in Heat race

    Each driver's name is added to a list when they roll their cars through pre-race inspection. That list is used to determine the order of The Draw. A member from each team must plunge their digits into a bucket containing up to 150 numbered chips. A simple task that could mean the difference between sitting in the drivers seat ... or the grandstands.

    6 HEAT RACESTop 4 Qualify (positions 1-24)

    Heat races are an intense and nerve-wracking experience. One 15-lap race will set the tone for your day. Finish in the top four and you have a few hours to prepare for one of the big-gest races of your life. Fail to do so and chances are you'll be scrambling right up until the main event.

    3 CONSOLATION RACESTop 3 Qualify (positions 25-33)

    No driver wants to stare the Last Chance Qualifier in the face knowing they must win to get in. TD Bank 250 Consolations will put every bit of your driving ability through the ultimate

    test of skill and determination. Expect to see plenty of paint-swapping and torn sheet metal as these races are not intended for the faint of heart.

    3 LAST CHANCE QUALIFIERSOnly the winner qualifies (positions 34-36)

    Talk about pressure. It's a race where second-place will earn you a seat in the grandstands. The winner is presented with a buyout option at the end: Take a $1,500 check and a seat in the stands or start at the rear of the field. And don't count out the winner

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