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2014 Dashboard Tutorial

Date post:19-Aug-2015
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cfc instructions

Nexus Campaign Dashboard2 www.cfcnca.orgThe campaign dashboard is designed to give you a snapshot of your CFC campaign. It includes the following information: Supply orders placed Charity events scheduled Deposit bags- open and closed Overall daily campaign progress Zero activity report- shows reporting units and agencies that have no pledge activity for a period of 5 days.3 www.cfcnca.orgGo to My Tools header, then click on campaign dashboard4 www.cfcnca.orgArrange ContentYou can choose the order different categories appear by clicking on Settings in the right hand corner of the dashboardClick on SETTINGS to arrange content5 www.cfcnca.orgArrange ContentClick and hold your mouse on a dashboard item and move it up or downOnce you have finished organizing dashboard items, click on Update Selections to save your changes.6 www.cfcnca.orgZero Activity ReportZero activity report shows all reporting units under your view that have not had any new pledges in the last 5 daysClick on plus sign to view individual reporting units. Click on agency name to see an overall pledge breakdown by type.Agency Status7 www.cfcnca.orgCampaign Progress shows daily information for the entire campaign, not just your specific reporting units.Campaign Progress8 www.cfcnca.orgYou can move your mouse on the graphs to get the total daily pledges made and dollar amount.Thank You for Making it Possible

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