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2015 NMHC PAC Brochure

Date post: 07-Apr-2016
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Apartment Leadership Resides Here TM nmhc.org/pac
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Apartment Leadership Resides HereTM


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Apartment LeadershipResides HereTM

“ NMHC PAC is here for our industry to help ensure that our elected leaders make apartment housing a priority and an essential part of the nation’s housing mix.” — Thomas S. Bozzuto

The Bozzuto Group, Greenbelt, MD

“ The PAC allows us to help elect and re-elect federal lawmakers who understand our industry – because what happens on Capitol Hill directly impacts our ability to provide housing for 35 million Americans.” — David J. Neithercut

Equity Residential, Chicago, IL

NMHC PAC: The voice for our industry in WashingtonMembers meet with lawmakers on Capitol Hill

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A Sound Investment

industry, your firm and ultimately your job.

From housing finance reform to tax policy to fair housing and energy and environmental regulations, policy choices made in Washington have a direct impact on how you operate your company and how successful you can be.

NMHC PAC is the premier fund aggressively pursuing the election and

our industry.

Since its inception in 1980, NMHC PAC has worked to ensure the multifamily industry speaks as a unified voice in Washington for you and the industry. NMHC PAC has grown in prominence. In December 2013, it was third in the real estate industry in money spent and fourth in money raised.

Protecting Your Bottom Line Supporting NMHC PAC ensures that our members can have a direct impact

“ Over the years, NMHC PAC has helped elect members of Congress who stand with us, saving our industry billions of dollars.” — Daryl Carter

Avanath Capital Management, LLC, Irvine, CA

“ It’s about identifying and supporting champions, so that the multifamily industry can be heard and understood.” — Sue Ansel

Gables Residential, Dallas, TX

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The Stakes Are HIGH—Get Involved!Join your colleagues nationwide who have decided that NMHC PAC is the best investment they can make to protect their bottom line and ensure their continued success in the industry.


NMHC PAC Is Bipartisan

NMHC PAC is completely independent and bipartisan. Candidates who receive financial support are evaluated on their merits and understanding of issues important to the apartment industry.

Personal, voluntary contributions from eligible NMHC members are pooled to support industry-friendly candidates. By combining your voice with thousands of others, NMHC PAC gives you far greater impact in the process than you would have acting alone.

Because all of NMHC PAC’s administrative expenses are paid by NMHC, every dollar you give goes directly to candidates who support our industry.

Individuals who contribute to NMHC PAC at the highest level receive recognition and benefits ranging from photo opportunities, early registration for NMHC meetings, and special receptions with top political leaders.

Take Action Today!

MAIL ONLINE PHONESend a personal check: NMHC PAC 1850 M Street, NW Suite 540 Washington, DC 20036

Visit and contribute by personal credit card: www.nmhc.org/pac

202-974-2325 to make your contribution or to get more information

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make apartment housing a priority and an essential part of the nation’s housing mix.”




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