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2015 Shopping Cart Abandonment Email Trends

Date post:14-Jul-2015
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Shopping Cart Abandonment Email TrendsAdoption, Timing, Content, Series, and Tactics during the 2014 and 2013 Holiday [email protected]

During Cyber Week, one of the most important shopping weeks of the year, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud clicked through the promotional emails of more than 90 major online retailers and we filled our shopping baskets with more than $100 of merchandise. Then we walked away, closing our browser after each shopping session.Heres what happened next and how it compares to our results when we did this same experiment during the 2013 holiday seasonThe Response to Abandoned CartsPercentage of retailers sending a triggered email in response4Whats Different: Adoption increased slightly, but theres much more opportunity for retailers to react to this strong buying signal with a triggered email that serves subscribers and generates revenue. Seventy-two percent of marketers say cart abandonment emails are very effective or effective, according to Salesforces 2015 State of Marketing Report.The Delay in ResponseHow many hours until the senders first response arrives6Whats Different: Surprisingly, retailers response time got worse. Cart abandonment emails perform best when delivered within the first 24 hours of abandonment, according to Salesforces Predictive Intelligence Benchmark Report. Waiting days during the fast-moving holiday season surely meant emails arrived way too late to impact the purchase decision.Email Content: Product DetailsPercentage of senders listing the item(s) abandoned in their emails8Whats Different: Rather than forcing subscribers to click through to see what they left behind, nearly twice as many retailers included a picture and description of the item(s) in the cart. Pulling this valuable information forward from the landing page into the email surely aided conversions by reducing unnecessary friction in the process.Email Content: RecommendationsPercentage of senders suggesting alternative products in their emails10Whats Different: More than twice as many retailers seized the opportunity to present alternative products during the 2014 holiday season vs. 2013. Abandoned cart emails using predictive intelligence for product recommendations generate $36.02 per click on average, according to Salesforces Predictive Intelligence Benchmark Report.Email Content: Seasonal ContextPercentage of senders including seasonal messaging in their emails12Whats Different: Adding seasonal imagery, holiday sales promos, shipping deadlines, or a gift services footer make cart abandonment emails more urgent, relevant, and effective. This past holiday season more than triple the number of retailers included seasonal elements in these emails, wisely placing the potential purchase within the context of the holiday season.Cart Abandonment Email SeriesPercentage of senders sending 2+ emails in response to abandoned carts14Whats Different: Sending a series of cart abandonment emails significantly boosts effectiveness, so it was great to see such a huge jump in the adoption of shopping cart abandonment email series. Series ranged from two to four emails, with each one focused on one potential customer need, such as help with questions or suggestions of alternative products.The Engagement TacticsA straightforward You left this in your cart notificationReassurances that the customers cart will be savedCreating urgency around the products selling outHighlighting existing sales and free shipping offersOffering a discount or incentive to complete the purchaseRecommending alternative and related productsReminding shopper about shipping and return detailsMessaging tactics used by senders to get cart abandoners to convert16The Engagement Tactics (Cont.)Presenting payment and financing options, and private label credit card offersPointing out price-matching and price-assurance policiesStressing that customer service reps are available to answer questions Sending information about the product category of the product abandonedSharing reviews for the productMessaging tactics used by senders to get cart abandoners to convert17Whats Different: The increase in cart abandonment series meant that senders were able to use more engagement tactics than in the previous year, increasing their chances of addressing the reason for the abandonment. Testing tactics and their order in a series is advised.Adoption of shopping cart abandonment emails is still low, which gives brands that have them a distinct competitive advantage over those that dont.For those brands that dont have one or have a simple one, we recommend that youGrow the sophistication of your cart abandonment emails over time by:adding product information from the cartadding product recommendationsadding season contextexpanding to a triggered email seriestesting various messaging tacticsDid you enjoy our Shopping Cart Abandonment Email Trends? If so, please tell a friend or colleague about it.Start now so youre ready for the holiday season. Good luck!

CLICK TO TWEET: Great stats and advice in @SalesforcesShopping Cart Abandonment Email Trends #infographic http://sforce.co/1B6ft5vSOURCESUnless otherwise stated, all data based on observational research performed by Salesforce Marketing Cloud during early December 2014 involving 94 major U.S. online retailers and during December 2013 involving 103 major U.S. online retailers using anonymous email accounts.Thank you

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