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2020 Total Rewards Frequently Asked Questions ... 2020 Total Rewards FAQs - Employees Revised:...

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  • 2020 Total Rewards FAQs - Employees Revised: September 2, 2019 Page 1 of 17

    2020 Total Rewards

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • 2020 Total Rewards FAQs - Employees Revised: September 2, 2019 Page 2 of 17

    Resource Guide

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Q. Why is SSM Health changing benefits, pay practices, job titling and HR systems in 2020?

    A. Following in the footsteps of our founding Sisters, we believe that all people have a right to health care and to receive fair and socially just wages and benefits, with special consideration for the most vulnerable. Yet the structure of our benefits, pay practices and job titles varies greatly across our health ministries.

    • SSM Health has nearly tripled in size over the past decade and not surprisingly, this has led to significant variation from ministry-to-ministry:

    o Nine medical plans with different costs

    o More than 25 different time-off plans

    o About 8,000 job titles for approximately 1,700 unique roles

    o Pay practices vary across all health ministries

    o Six different HR, payroll and timekeeping systems

    • For example, we have employees working next to each other, possibly in the same role with different benefit plans, health care premium costs, paid time off and an illness bank/extended medical time off plan.

    • To ensure all employees are compensated and rewarded fairly and consistently, we are aligning our practices and are moving from six systems to one HR, payroll and timekeeping system called Workday.

    Q. How did SSM Health go about creating one employee benefit plan?

    A. We conducted a formal, ethical discernment session to ensure benefits are fair and socially just. The discernment team consisted of individuals across all regions representing mission, nursing, medical group, operations, legal, HR, finance and others. In this process, the team considered:

    • Employee feedback from the January benefit preferences survey.

    o Close to 11,000 employees shared their ideas, and we listened.

    • Overall benefit competitiveness.

    • Impact of changes to employees and their families, with special concern for those whose income level makes it difficult to afford coverage.

    • Alignment of changes with SSM Health’s Mission, Values and Catholic identity.

    • Financial impact, with a goal to remain cost neutral for SSM Health overall.

    Q. What are the goals of the benefits redesign?

    A. The benefits redesign will achieve several important goals:

    • Market-competitive and consistent benefits: To ensure all employees are treated in a manner that is fair and socially just and meet the needs of our diverse workforce of today as well as for the workforce of tomorrow.

    • Affordable benefits: Like our founding Sisters, we believe that all people have a right to health care and to receive affordable, fair and socially just wages and benefits, with special concern for the most vulnerable.

    • Simplified benefit structures: Easier for employees and their families to understand and maximize their benefits.

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    Q. Is the benefit redesign a cost savings for SSM Health?

    A. No. This is not a cost savings for SSM Health.

    Q. How will these changes affect me?

    A. All employees will be impacted by the changes. The benefit choices you make, along with your years of service and pay will drive how the changes impact you. We have made every effort to minimize any adverse effects, while meeting the goals of providing consistent, competitive and affordable benefits to all employees.

    Q. How will my benefit contributions be deducted from my pay in 2020?

    A. Beginning with the first paycheck in 2020, all employees will be on one bi-weekly payroll cycle. Deductions for premiums and other employee contributions will be adjusted to 26-pay periods, instead of the current 24-pay periods. For example, if you enroll in a plan with a monthly premium of $100, your bi-weekly premium will be calculated as follows: $100 per month = $1,200 per year $1,200 divided by 26 pay periods = $46.15 deduction per pay period

    Q. Who manages our SSM Health benefit plans?

    A. Human Resources manages and oversees the administration of all benefit plans. However, we partner with external organizations that specialize in administering specific benefits, such as retirement accounts and health plan claims.

    On January 1, 2020, several plan administrators will change for a number of our benefit plans. They were selected based on their industry reputation, customer service and value.

    Q. How will you keep my benefit information confidential when there is a new plan administrator?

    A. To ensure a smooth transition, your benefit information will be confidentially transferred to the new plan administrator, as appropriate. More information will be provided during open enrollment.

    Q. How will I receive additional information about the benefit redesign? And who do I contact with questions about my benefits?

    A. Information will be shared through our normal channels including email, meetings, huddles, one-on-one meetings, MyNews, MyHR, videos and more. Please remember to check your SSM Health email often for important information about your benefits and other human resources policies and programs.

    If you have questions about your current benefits, you may contact your local benefits specialist, the plan administrator or seek information on your local intranet site. For questions about your 2020 benefits, please contact People Services at 1-844-776-6947, visit your local intranet site or www.ssmhealth.com/benefits.

    Q. Will employees be paid for the time they spend enrolling in their benefits?

    A. No. Reviewing benefit materials and/or choosing to enroll in SSM Health’s benefits plan is a not a job

    requirement, so it is not a paid activity. However, we do encourage everyone to review the information

    thoroughly to make the best choice for themselves and their families – and we want to ensure all

    employees have access to our online tools. If you need access to a computer, you are welcome to use one

    at your local ministry outside of working hours.


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    Resource Guide

    Frequently Asked Questions


    SSM Health – All Employees

    Q. In 2020, who will administer the Medical Plan?

    A. The Plan administrator will be WellFirst Health, administered by Dean Health Services. Contact information will be available prior to open enrollment.

    Q. Am I eligible for benefits?

    A. In 2020, full-time benefits will be available to employees regularly scheduled to work 64 or more hours per pay period and part-time benefits will be available to employees regularly scheduled to work 40 to 63 hours per pay period. NOTE: Regularly scheduled means you have a status of at least .5 FTE.

    Currently, the date when a new hire is eligible for benefits differs across SSM Health. In 2020, all new hires who are benefit-eligible will receive benefits the first day of the month coinciding with or following the hire date (start date). For example, if your hire date is June 15, your benefits will be effective on July 1. If your hire date is June 1, your benefits will be effective on June 1.

    Q. What are the important changes to the Medical Plan for 2020?

    A. In response to the feedback we received on the employee benefit preference survey, we are excited to offer a new Health Savings option (high-deductible health plan) and a new coverage tier (Employee + Child(ren)). All SSM Health benefit-eligible employees will choose from three medical plan options:

    • WellFirst Plus option ($400 individual deductible)

    • WellFirst Base option ($1,000 individual deductible)

    • WellFirst Health Savings option ($1,500 individual deductible, works in conjunction with a Health Savings Account)

    Employees will elect one of four coverage tier options:

    • Employee Only

    • Employee + Spouse/Legally Domiciled Adult (LDA)

    • Employee + Child(ren)

    • Employee + Family

    The SSM Health Network remains the primary provider network for plan members. In our Southern Illinois, Mid-Missouri and Oklahoma regions where there are fewer local SSM Health Network options for care, members may access providers in a Secondary Network; however, higher deductibles, coinsurance, copays and out-of-pocket maximums may apply.

    In 2020, SSM Health will adopt a new fee-for-service schedule to ensure consistency across our health ministries. As a result, when you or a family member utilize services, you may notice an increase/decrease in the amount paid for a service compared to 2019.

    Q. Is there a limit to the number of children I can add on the employee + child(ren) tier?

    A. No, there is no limit to the number of eligible children you may cover in the new employee + child(ren) tier.

    • Your child(ren) up to age 26: biological, foster, adopted, step or legal guardian

    • Disabled child(ren) age 26 or older (documentation required)

    • Dependent child(ren) of an LDA

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