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21-Vendor Channel Programs: Executive Summary

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Overview of trends, personalities and findings from our 20+ interviews with channel programs.
  • 1. Cross-Vendor Partner Funding:Trends & Popular PracticesKris Fuehr, Channel Specialist Lori Stutsman, President Extra Mile Marketing, Inc.

2. Agenda The 360 oView 3 Vendor Program Personalities Vendor vs. Partner Perspectives 3 Best Practices 1 2 3 4 5 3 Trends 3. The 360 oView Topartner Throughpartner Withpartner 4.

  • The Sergeant :Persistent recruiting, profiling, analysis +Recruiting is essential (boot camp) -Partners jumping through hoops, getting value?
    • The Salesman:Revenue/ROI-oriented, Channel ATM +The know what marketing/sales tactics work -May not invest in longer-term programs (training/cert) The Loyalist:Circle of friends, in-person approach+Satisfaction, great for stable market -Shifting market, trouble reaching breadth

3 Vendor Program Personalities 5. Where are you spending on your program? 6. Investing on the Pyramid Trend:Gravity pulls investments to the top (especially during a leadership change) Tip:Commit to a SB via channel program budget line item.Depth Breadth 7. Partner and Vendor perspectives

  • With theright partnersandrules of engagement.
  • I rely on partners toreach into new markets andnurture their customer relationships.
  • Theydeliver my messagewhere my products are alikely recommendation
  • And I need some visibility toprove ROIon my partner investments

Send me moreleads! I needaccess to cashto invest in lead-gen

    • I need to keep mypeople in the fieldwith customers--not at their desk.
    • I shouldnt have to know someone to what a vendor expects of me.If I do X, do I get Y?
    • I sellsolutionsbased on customer needs, not products

Give me anaccount manager! 8. How partners learn about your opportunities

  • Partners represent ~ 9 Vendors

9. Winning partners:You have

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