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25 Reasons We Love Summer

Date post:25-Mar-2016
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from One Kings Lane, Summer 2013


  • Theres Nothing Like Summer The sight of fireflies at dusk, the taste of ripe berries, that dreamy afternoon nap on a hammock, and so much more. Heres a look at what we love about the season and all of the ways you can celebrate it with us.

    Happy Summer! from all of us at One Kings Lane

    2 | summer 2013

  • Eating OutsidE

    1We think our summer table should have as much fun as our guests. Its easy when you color outside the lines of white and beige. Pump up the outside table with linens, glassware, and accents.

    ThE SuMMEr TAbLE Sale STaRTS 6/7

    TRY THISServe up bright color and mixed printS to gueStS

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  • Weekend Visits

    Wherever were invited this summer, well make sure to arrive on time and never come empty-handed. Thank-yous are easy with gifts that get us invited back again.Sale StartS 7/10

    TRY THIStuck giftS into a Smart tote that the hoSt can carry all Summer


    4 | summer 2013

  • Homemade Ice CreamSale StartS 7/7

    Making our own cold treats means we can play with ingredients and churn out custom flavors. Its easy when we have the right stuff, like fun molds and top ice cream machines.

    Editors NotE: Scoop up our favorite dreamy ice cream recipes at onekingslane.com/summer


    For us, having a hammock holds the promise of a mid-afternoon rest. No piece of furniture is more suitable for the act of doing nothing.

    TRY THISadd bright pillowS to create a Summer daybed

    LAZY AFTErNOONSSale StartS 6/30


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  • 5 6

    Is there anything more summery than the sight of a ready-to-go beach tote hanging by the door? Each time we walk by it, were reminded just how spontaneous a day along the shore can be. (See our checklist at left.)

    Make a day of it

    & the sea, sand, and shells Our Day at the Beach Essential Checklist

    O Bright Tote

    O Towel

    O Sunscreen

    O Sunglasses

    O Sandals

    O Great Read

    O Water Bottle

    O Camera

    TRY THISbaby powder makeS duSting off Sand a breeze

    6 | summer 2013

  • brING IN ThE bEACh Sale STaRTS 6/12

    A few accents remind us of days playing in the waves or combing the beach for treasure. From authentic vintage finds to rope, coral, and shell motifs, all add breezy beauty to a room.

    the sea, sand, and shells

    OR Have it Always

    VINTAGE Prop this lifesaver

    on a mantel

    VINTAGE A framed swimsuit is a graphic statement

    Sculptural coral for a nightstand

    A whimsical pillow for the


    Welcome with a silver shell in the entry

    Pearlized utensils elevate any appetizer tray

    These seaworthy weights make fun doorstops

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  • Courtesy of Thom Filicia

    7 LakEsidE LOunging

    8 | summer 2013

  • Courtesy of Thom Filicia

    I am craving simplicity this summer. Just want a few great chairs around a fire pit, some cozy throws in easy reach, a starry sky, and good friends.

    DAYOur head of merchandising (& new homeowner with a real yard)

    LakEsidE LOunging SuMMEr ON ThE LAKE Sale STaRTS 7/29

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  • Berry Season!Sale StartS 7/12

    Were taking full advantage and bringing our favorite pie or crisp to every barbecue this season.

    Editors NotE: Check out our mouthwatering berry-rich recipes at onekingslane.com/summer


    The fastest route back to childhood goes like this: Shorts on. Kickstand up. Whether were cruising around town or meandering down a trail, a bike is our seasonal mode of transport.

    bIKE rIDesSale StartS 6/23


    TRY THISbring the pie and leave the cute diSh aS a gift

    TRY THISa baSket iS made for picking up freSh produce and flowerS

    10 | summer 2013

  • REFREsHing COCktaiLsSale StartS 6/22

    10 Whether its a mint julep, a margarita, or a G&T, an icy glass filled with an alluring cocktail is our fix for a sweltering days end. Make cocktail hour an event by arranging a shelf or a cart with vintage highballs, crushed ice, and small cups of garnishes.

    Editors NotE: See how to put together a great summer bar at onekingslane.com/summer

    TRY THISuSe later aS a chic pencil cup

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  • diving in11Along with SPF 30 and a best-seller, well be using summer as an excuse to nab a few eye-catching beach towels. Whether laid on a deck chair or sprawled on the sand, this vivid, graphic accessory will make waves.Sale StartS 6/13

    TRY THISSave your Seat with Style

    12 | summer 2013

  • We cant think of a better table than one of our own choosing. Well handpick the cheese and fruit, add a bottle of ros, and sit and linger as long as we like.

    No reservationsSale StartS 6/25


    Barefoot Days Being barefoot all day is one of our favorite summer luxuries. The feel of cool grass, smooth stone floors, and soft cotton rugs underfoot is a seasonal must.

    TRY THISmaSon jarS make great Summer Stand-inS for glaSSeS


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  • 14 | summer 2013


    I love entertaining, especially outside. So I dream of making my patio a combination of the beautiful places I have visited, a true oasis at home.

    SUSANOur co-founder (& fan of the impromptu party)

    isLand gEtaWaYs


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  • 15

    Organic orange for a dresser

    Set a sunny place setting

    Rich orange-red for a bedside

    VINTAGEA bright idea for a buffet

    Bring vibrant order to an entry

    Add some glow to the bar

    tHE sHadEs of sunset

    16 | summer 2013

  • tHE sHadEs of sunset

    We always want to bottle up an incredible summer sunset, so we simply infuse rooms with glowing shades of orange. A stack of towels, a lamp, or even a mixer can work to deliver these dreamy hues any time of day.

    Pick a bold perch on a deck

    Zesty kitchen helper

    Soften the sofa with sorbet colors

    VINTAGE Punchy style for any corner

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  • Our solution for a less-than-green thumb is the ease and versatility of container gardens. We mix vintage and new pots with varying colors and textures to create a salon-style garden in any spot we like.

    Editors NotE: Keep mosquitoes at bay with a pest-free planter recipe at onekingslane.com/summer

    Setting up a seasonal kitchen outdoors is easy with the right stuff. Well prep our alfresco kitchen with grill utensils, skewers, and lots of platters to enjoy stress-free, simple meals all summer, whether we throw on a skirt steak or sear some peaches.

    A Kitchen VacationSale StartS 6/18

    Movable Gardens



    18 | summer 2013

  • We have to fill summers extra daylight hours some way. Well be inviting the neighbors, serving classic Pimms Cups, and playing an old-fashioned lawn game or backgammon on the porch. No matter the play, everybody wins.


    LaWn gaMEs

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  • pALM bEACh STYLE Sale STaRTS 6/25

    REtRO REsORts


    20 | summer 2013

  • I want my poolside to feel as stylish, effortless, and fun as some of the boutique hotels Ive stayed in. Bring on the cabana stripes, rolled towels, and a bevy of refreshments.

    EthanOur head of creative (& digs a good stripe)

    onekingslane.com | 21


    Although weve outgrown the stand, well never tire of a tart and sweet glass of summers official drink. For a twist, well add extras like mint sprigs, blueberries, or a splash of prosecco.

    the summer art of catch, admire, and release.

    1. Gather glass jars or tumblers, cheesecloth or paper towels, and rubber bands.

    2. Wait for dusk (the best time) and join friends and family in the backyard.

    3. Catch fireflies in jars, cover opening with cloth, and secure with a band.

    4. Admire, and then carefully release.


    TRY THISa vintage carrier addS SeaSonal Style

    2022 | summer 2013

  • Were pushing for a porch revival with a proper swing or a row of rocking chairs, a few colorful stools, and some hanging ferns, of course. All thats left is to sit back and watch the world go by.

    PORCH LiVingSale StartS 7/16



    Bedding dried outdoors on a warm summer day is an old-fashioned notion well never tire of. Watching our bedding or towels waving in the breeze instantly puts us at ease and saves energy to boot.


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  • Keep the glow going with lanterns, string lights, or simple paper-bag luminarias. We adore how they can enhance the mood, define an area, or simply light the way to more fun.

    A roll of fair tickets in a vintage jar, a candid shot on the sand, some shells from a hidden beach. Summer never has to leave us if we capture its memories and display them to remind us.

    Memory Keeping




    Visit us every day for more of our favorite finds, ideas, and inspiration.



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