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25 Reasons Why Women Must Take Charge of Healthcare NOW!

Date post:27-May-2015
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Lack of healthcare affects women and children most in America. Why are women not leading the way to change? In the wake of devastating change in Congress regarding healthcare, women and children will bear the brunt of its failure, unless action is taken now.
  • 1. 25 Reasons Why Women Must Take Of Healthcare NOW!

2. #1. There Are More Women Than Men 3. 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 Women Men Ave. Life Expectancy in Years, 2011 Ave. Life Expectancy in Years, 2011 4. #5. Lack of Health Care Affects Women and Children More 5. the Same As Swaziland, Lesotho, Liberia and Papa New Guinea #6. America Offers No Financial Support to Mothers. 6. #8. An Increase in Doctors Malpractice Premiums Affect Womens HealthCare More 7. #11. The Health of a Woman Equals the Health of a Nation 8. #14. The Health Status of Women Is the Most Sensitive Indicator of Social Progress 9. #16.Prescription Drugs Withdrawn From the Market Pose Higher Risks in Women 10. Men = 1, 500, 000 Female = 113, 000 *2010 11. #21. Women Doctors Are Sued Less Often 12. #24. More Intelligent and Nurturing People Need to Take Charge of Americas Healthcare Future NOW! 13. Join a Community of Intelligent and Caring People 14. And Help Change Americas Future, Today 15. YOU HAVE THE POWER. Its Time to Believe It! 16. Join the Movement www.health-conscious.org Facebook.com/TheHealthConsciousMovement Twitter.com/HealthMovement Tumblr/thehealthconsciousmovement Youtube.com/HealthConsciousOrg Linkedin/in/NatashaDeonarainMD For more information on the Health Conscious Movement, email info@7poh.com Learn how to heal yourself and America, today!

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