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26 Marketing Mistakes Lawyers Make

Date post:23-Aug-2014
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This is the preso I delivered at the PILMMA event in Chicago.
  • Your Website Isnt Built On Wordpress
  • Your Website Costs More Than a Tesla
  • Your Website Is the Same on Your Phone
  • You Look Like a Lawyer
  • You Have Multiple Names Addresses or Phone Numbers Listed
  • Your Site Has Fake Addresses
  • Your Site is Slow
  • You Dont Review Google Webmaster Tools
  • You Believe in the Blogging Field of Dreams
  • You Think About Your Bounce Rate
  • You Run Multiple Domains For The Same Business
  • You Measure SEO with Ranking Reports
  • You Dont Review Google Analytics
  • You Dont Know Your Traffic By Channel
  • You Ask Your Prospects Where They Found You
  • You Think PPC is Too Expensive
  • You Ignore BingAds
  • You Advertise When Youre Closed
  • You Stopped Advertising in the Yellow Pages
  • You Started Advertising on Yelp
  • You Rationalized Advertising: Just One Client and It Will Pay For Itself
  • You Think You are Sexy On Social Media
  • You Use Social Media to Drive SEO
  • You Use Social Media to Drive SEO . . . And improve your search engine rankings with social media marketing from LexisNexis.
  • You Dont Ask Clients To Review You
  • You Dont Talk to Prospects Within 5 Minutes
  • Your Voicemail is Recorded by an Assistant Attorney Axelrod is currently unavailable, please leave a message.
  • You Dont Know How Much Your Clients Cost $0 $200 $400 $600 $800 $1,000 $1,200 Avvo FindLaw Adwords SEO $340 $650 $1,100 $158
  • Thanks Conrad Saam Mockingbird Marketing [email protected] @conradsaam Remember: Ask for the Review: If you liked this talk, please tell Ken or your local bar. If you didnt please tell me.
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