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27 Classical Music Facts Infographic Sage Gateshead

Date post:10-May-2015
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This classical music inspired infographic contains 7 facts about Mozart and 20 other classical music facts about composers including Beethoven and Handel.
  • 1.5i MOZART was ORIGINALLY NAMED 72' I . mUwI3 RIP? KMu1mI: : t:mrgmnmn: :uanvmL. s g.'- F . 3Ecn; !comPosu: c Q.I * AT THE AGE ff 1, E ;I' .1~ - Irmmz SUSMEYER mOZARTS sruomrWAS THE PERSON WHOAFTER ATTENDING THE FIRST PERFORMANCEOF MUZARTS OPERA.I I-"tum:131%:THE MARIA @@MPLF. IT. F.D i. / /IENN/ A '.to get two weeks worth ofmusical lessons from Mozart. THE RF I. III g 1' '.I. 1 ..) - II ,F f 9EMPEROR IRUPDSEIJ .1533 _; .;S 5., c r>_1 _ . . 56 um COMMENT WAS a me,=I -To HI.3.FBTHEBA " I . ni_n__V R.5 BOOBILOOBY E J 2 . i Bach once had to spend a month in jail because he tried to quit his job composing and playing for aduke.During that" month in jail,he wrote forty-six pieces of music,many of which are still performed today.Tchaikovsky suffered from many mental breakdowns and neuroses.He believed that his head would fall off,so when conducting anorchestra he would hold his chin withhis left hand . I r,,1 l Mendelssohn left the An ea: -Y Ver5in f " score for his A the trombone was < I Midsummer Night's =31-led 3 5333)-It ? . Dream overture in a It _ .cab,and was able to I ' rewrite everyI a note from memory. ,Ill . _ . ._' . Warner communications Most toilets flush in_ 1 paid $28 million for E flat.5 ',,the legal use of Happy 5: ,f,Birthday. (._+ . f l ,3 American composer John BeethVe'5 fifth "35 . " _' " Cage (1912-1992) the first symphony to ' J;composed a work in include trombones.*1952 entitled 4' 33",1 3 which consists of four '_ E I_ minutes and thirty E 1three seconds of silence. Couac is a French word for a bad note from a defective or mishandled reed instrument,so named because itsounds like a duck's quack. Who knew the baton was a safety device?Before that,conductors used a longer staff to keep time,sometimesItalian composer Gioachino Rossini claimed he cried only three times in his life:When his opera "Tancredi" wasbooed on opening night,when he heard Nicolo Paganini play the violin and when atruffle-stuffed turkey fell out of a boat while he was having a picnic. Johannes Brahms (1833 - 1897) composed only four symphonies.He -, ;. . .. 1...: ' U I 1" to dangerous effect.wrote all of his ._ While conducting a performance in the symphonies between ' -_ 1600s,French composer JeanBaptiste 1876 and 1885. He was _ ' >-_ Lully hit his foot with the staff.The 43 when he composed injury turned gangrenous and killed his first symphony.At an equivalent _ ' . _ him.age,Beethoven had composed either of f- , :his nine symphonies. ' 'j .French romantic ' ' . , ,composer,Ernest An 9311! V'3Sil1 05 ' Chausson,died of a the trmb'-1 "35 V . bicycle accident at age called 3 53kbt- _ I _ 44. Apparently crashed I".into the brick wall of "9 7 ' his own estate,lost _' < control going downhill.Died instantly.'~ .s ' During his life Wagner Beethovex?said of' ' I owned two poodles Handel:He is the* named Speck and Dreck greatet composer that I :and two spaniels named ever lived.I would 3 Peps and Pip:uncover my head and I kneel at his tomb. " I ' ' 4 r ..1 I
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