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2nd Issue by Manager Today Magazine

Date post:13-Jan-2015
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2. WISDOM CORNERquotable quotes FAITHCHALLENGE No religious faith is loftier than When you get into a tight place feeling ashamed of doing wrong and everything goes against and bearing calamities patiently.you, till it seems as though you n Hazrat Ali (A.S) could not hang on a minute Its faith in something and en-longer, never give up then, for thusiasm for something thatthat is just the place and time makes a life worth living. Oliverthat the tide will turn. n Oliver Wendell Holmesn Harriet Beecher Stowe ATTITUDE COMMITMENT When one door of happiness Making your mark on the world closes, another opens; but often is hard. If it were easy, everybody we look so long at the closedwould do it. But its not. It takes door that we do not see the onepatience, it takes commitment, which has been opened for us.and it comes with plenty of fail- n Helen Keller ure along the way. The real test is The pessimist complains about thenot whether you avoid this fail- wind; the optimist expects it to ure, because you wont. Its change; the realist adjusts the sails. whether you let it harden or n William Arthur Wardshame you into inaction, orwhether you learn from it; BELIEF whether you choose to persevere. There are two ways to slide eas- n Barack Obama ily through life: to believe every- thing or to doubt everything;COURAGE both ways save us from thinking. Courage is the ladder on which n Alfred Korzybski all the other virtues mount. To accomplish great things, we Clare Booth Luce must not only act, but also dream; Courage is going from failure to not only plan, but also believe. failure without losing enthusiasm. n Anatole France n Winston ChurchillEXCELLENCE FORGIVENESSThe secret of joy in work is con- Punish your servant, if he dis-tained in one word - excellence. obeys Allah, but forgive his dis-To know how to do something obedience to yourself. well is to enjoy it. n Hazrat Ali (A.S) n Pearl S. Buck 3. EDITORS NOTE MAKING THE DIFFERENCE W With the blessings of Almighty Allah, the second issue of Manager Today is in your hands right now. June has just begun; a month when mostly a large part of corporate sector reviews its year-long policies, strategies, - nancial statements and thus an annual report is made and presented to the entrepreneurs and top managers. Indeed, its a hectic time of the year as for the people who lead companies, organizations and various business concerns; it appears as a showcasing time of their employees year-long productive performance under their leadership, expertise and hard work. No doubt, everyone loves to be appreciated for ones productive contribu- tion. But in the wake of current global nancial crunch, managers are seenIjaz Nisar trying to sustain their products and services. Editor-in-Chief But the dilemma with Pakistan is much severe as the country since its in-& CEO Leading Edge ception, has been facing leadership crisis in every sphere of life. Unfortu- nately, our nation has not been able to produce real leaders so far and due to the decades-long political instability, our economy is still lagging behind despite being blessed with plenty of natural resources and human re- source. Keeping the crisis in mind, this issues cover story comprises the char- acteristics of a true, sincere and competent leadership that our country re- quires in this hour of need. Be it a top manager or leader in a business hierarchy, the sooner these contemporary leaders adopt these traits the better it will be for the future of their businesses and consequently for our country. Our second article on the cover story represents Allama Iqbals philosophy on leadership. His philosophy can be applied universally which addresses the leadership problems of modern age. We are sure that this ar- ticle will be inspirational to many of our readers. We also have included three wonderful business leaders interviews in this issue. Get to know our woman of substance Ms Roshaneh Zafar, Founder and President of Kashf Foundation this month. Another interview of a dynamic personality, Mr Ghazanfar Azzam, COO, Kashf Micronance Bank appears on our Man- agers interview pages while the unique perspective of Entrepreneur ,Mr Farrukh Salim, CEO, Hush Puppies makes his interview a memorable one for you all. The rest of Manager Todays content has been selected to address the ac- tual issues faced by most of the managers these days. Workplace bullying, anger management, ideas for recession proof businesses, a reection on succession planning, sales success, customer care, career counseling and several other interesting and useful articles have been included. For your delight, we have not missed to include a movie review besides a comment on an interesting book in this issue. We hope you will appreciate our ef- fort. Please keep us updated with your feedback and dont miss the next issues must-read cover story, Emotional Intelligence Skills for Managers. Wish you a happy reading till next issue. 4. MailBoxet me avail the opportunity to pay spe- anager Today is a new idea to im-eing a student of HR, ManagerL cial thanks for publishing ManagerToday, a great supplement for the stu-M part training and improve profes-sional skills out of classroom. It is aBToday is of great importance to me.The way you are instilling a new soul indents of business studies. Its a consider- sincere effort on your part to cover allHR people for the accomplishment ofable addition in library collection of theareas from leadership development totheir personal & professional goalsPunjab University.marketing and sales development. It feels through your rich knowledge and experi-Ch. Muhammad Hanifgreat to see that the area of human re- ence in this particular eld is highly com-Chief Librarian, Punjab University. source management and development mendable. I hope Manager Today will----------------------------------------------has been given prominence. It will surely keep us engaged and up to date withhe headquarters of Pakistan Civil Avi-help enhance the personnel as well as the core issues and latest develop-T ation Authority is thankful for the com-plementary copy of Manager Today. Itsprofessional life of the readers. I wouldlove to be a regular reader of this maga-ments in our eld. Keep it up.Anjumtruly Pakistans rst magazine for the per- zine. Emergency Program Managersonal and professional development of Tariq NaseemEarthquake Response Programour people. We appreciate your contribu-SVP/Head EstablishmentAbbottabad.tion and services to HR eld. The Bank of Khyber, Peshawar.Masood-ur-Rehman----------------------------------------------orn and bought up in London, I haveG.M HRHeadquartersPlease accept my heartiest congratu- lations on this great achievement ofB completed 18 years working in corpo-rate world around three continents,Civil Aviation Authority, Karachi.publishing such an enlightening educa-presently serving at the helm of Serena----------------------------------------------tional and supportive magazine. All the Hotels countrywide sales and marketingfelt great happiness to see the rsttopics I went through inspired me a lot efforts. As I walked into my ofce yester-I issue of Manager Today. At last, theneed for establishing HR departments inmaking me read the magazine thoroughly.No doubt this magazine will enhance theday I was greeted by a decent envelope.Upon opening the package, I caught theorganizations is being recognized in Pak- professional skills. By introducing such an rst glimpse of Manager Today. I mustistan. This realization will reshape the or-essential magazine youve fullled one of admit that my schedule did not allow me toganizational performance altogether. Ithe social responsibilities. I must thank read the entire contents, but I found it verycongratulate the whole team of the mag- you for your great efforts to bringing up hard to put the magazine down. What aazine and wish them great success in thethe middle managers helping them meet breath of fresh air! I felt obligated to ink myventure.the upcoming challenges in their compa- feelings. I congratulate you in pioneeringS. Tanveer H. Kazmi, Manager (HR) nies. Wish you all the best.something that was really required in ourMurree Brewery Company Limited, Aneela Sameer,Manager Publicity,country. Please do convey my profound re-Rawalpindi. Diamond Jumbolon, Johar Town, gards to every member of your team,----------------------------------------------Lahore. along with heartiest congratulations onanager Today comprises very inter-----------------------------------------------producing such a wonderful product.M esting and useful content, coveringall the issues and challenges of manage-Please accept my heartiest congratu- lations and best wishes on launchingRaja Nayer ZamanDirector of Salesment practices. Many congratulations on Manager Today. I feel honored to receiveSerena Hotels, Faisalabad.reaching this milestone.the rst issue of such an outstanding ----------------------------------------------Dr Mirza Dilshad Baig magazine.Head Organizational Development Amir Faisal HashmiManagement, HR GroupCountry Human Resource Manager INSPIRED?Allied Bank, Karachi. The Coca-Cola Export Corporation MOTIVATED?----------------------------------------------Pakistan Branch. DID YOU LIKE WHATmust appreciate the bold and timely ---------------------------------------------- YOU READ?I endeavor you have undertaken. MayAlmighty Allah helps and blesses you andT he magazine is fabulous and containstips to enhance personal and profes- If you nd ManagerToday inspirational for the personal and professional development, doyour team with the best of health, pros-sional development. I wish you best of luck. inform us. You can also contribute with yourperity, peace and courage.May it becomes a success story very soon.articles, sugges

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