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30 Days of Hustle

Date post:20-Sep-2015
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[by Jon Acuff]GoalsAchievementTargets
  • If you do the exercises contained in this eBook, your life will change.

    Youll write a book.

    Start a blog.

    Lose weight.

    Change jobs.

    Apply to go back to school.

    Open a business.

    Fall in love.

    How do I know youll do some of those things? More than 10,000 people already went through the 30 Days of Hustle and those are the things they did. If they can do it, so can you.

    If you want to ask them about their experience, join the private 30 Days of Hustle Facebook group.

    If you want to be like them, do the exercises in this book one day at a time.

    Long introductions are a long waste of time.

    Its time to hustle.

  • No time for pleasantries. Must begin!

    First, join the 30 days of Hustle Facebook group. Its full of amazingly encouraging people who are working on goals just like you. Click here to join. (Its a private group so it might take a day or two for someone on the team to approve you.)

    Second, know that today is all about the WHAT.

    WHAT are you going to do in the next 30 days?


    Most goals fail because we wake up one day and decide to write a book. Instead of trying to write a chapter or do a little research we decide that right now, right here we are writing an entire book. And then, we realize thats hard to do and we quit.

    So today, this is what I want you to do.

    1. Find one thing you are going to do in the next 30 days.2. 0DNHLWVSHFLF

    'RQWVD\,OOJHWLQVKDSHVD\,OOORVHYHSRXQGV3. Make sure its your goal and not someone elses goal.

    Heidi Grant Halvorson, Ph.D. wrote in her book Succeed, People are even better at NHHSLQJWKHLU1HZ

  • Here we go!

    A WHAT goal is great. Its a fun start, but its not enough. We need a WHY goal too.

    Whats a WHY goal? Its the heart of the reason you actually want to accomplish that goal.

    For example, to quit smoking for a month is a WHAT goal.

    To make sure youre always around for the people you love is the WHY goal.

    To pay off your debt is a WHAT goal.

    To be able to take your kids to Disney with the money you save now that your student loans are done is a WHY goal.

    So, WHY are you doing what youre doing?

    The reason answering this question is so important is that the WHAT tends to wear out eventually. Come day 8 or day 18, WHAT wont feel that important. Life will be busy again and youll be tired again and that goal was silly anyway. WHY, on the other hand, lasts longer. Under the true light of life, WHY goals tend to buoy us better than WHAT goals. (Read Simon Sineks Start with Why for more on the importance of this concept.)

    Heres an example from my own life because its the only one I have:



  • A friend of mine once had a bad week. Hed made a lot of mistakes. When I asked him how next week was going to be better he replied, Ill try harder.

    That was a stupid answer. He tried hard the week before. A lot of us try hard every week and things dont work out. Why? Because we tend to skip right past HOW in our excitement to start a new goal. Not this time.

    HOW are you going to accomplish your goal during these 30 days?


    1. I began working with a trainer named Jeremy. He helped me with my diet and my exercise.

    2. I also started working out with my friend Nate. 3. I joined a gym that was very, very close to my house. 4. I stopped keeping queso in our fridge at home.

    Those are four quick HOW examples from my goal.

    If you want to get something done, dont just trust your hard work, trust your HOW work too.

    Todays assignment is to write down three answers to this question:

    HOW will you accomplish your goal?



  • Lets take a quick break from the WHAT, WHY, HOW series. Todays challenge is going to be fun,

    because its about fun.

    The goals were talking about are what Id call extra life goals. Theyre not mandatory. Im not

    your boss. Your pay wont be docked if you fail. These are voluntary, want-my-life-to-change, kind

    of goals. Nowhere does it say they have to suck and be boring!

    In my book Do Over I talk about the importance of having fun. Today, thats what were going to ZRUNRQ,ZDQW\RXJXUHRXWDZD\WRDGGVRPHIXQWRZKDWHYHULWLV\RXUHZRUNLQJRQIRUWKHnext 30 days. It doesnt have to be amazing or dramatic; even something small can make a big


    ,IRXQGDZD\WRPDNHORVLQJYHSRXQGVPRUHIXQ,QVWHDGRIMXVWMRJJLQJGRLQJWKHHOOLSWLFDORUsome other exercise I dont really enjoy, I played racquetball more. I love that game. (As comedian

    Brian Regan says, Its the only sport where you can be staring at the ball and get hit in the back of

    the head at the same exact time.) My wife even volunteered to play the sport with me, so I scored

    some bonus quality time points too. Thats fun.

    Today is easy; even if you have a goal that doesnt feel too exciting, how could you add an element

    of fun? (Share your idea in the 30 Days of Hustle Facebook group.)


  • Back in the game!


    Its fun to plan our goals for someday, but as you know, someday doesnt really exist. Its make-EHOLHYH,I\RXUHDOO\ZDQWWRDFFRPSOLVKVRPHWKLQJ\RXKDYHWRGHFLGH:+(1\RXDUHJRLQJWRGRit. Otherwise, you dramatically reduce your odds of actually doing it.


    I cover this idea with much greater detail in my book Do Over, but for now, heres a quick look at WZRZD\VWRWKLQNDERXW:+(1

    1. Macro2. Micro


    Now the micro, at what time of day will you do what you are going to do? The answer has to be VSHFLF

  • Away we go!

    (It might seem like were doing a lot of preparing for our goals, but you should have started your hustle on day 1. If your goal was to lose weight, you should start exercising on day 1. Just because ZHUHUHQLQJWKHPHWKRGGRQWPLVVWKHPRWLRQHustle.)


    Geography still matters.

    (PDLOLVJUHDW)DFHERRNLVDZHVRPH7ZLWWHULVIXQEXWreal life, real space is still important.

    6WXG\DIWHUVWXG\KDVVKRZQWKDWSHRSOHZKRZULWHGRZQ:+(5(WKH\ZLOODFFRPSOLVKWKHLUJRDOVLQDGGLWLRQWR\HVWHUGD\V:+(1KDYHEHWWHUVXFFHVVUDWHV)RULQVWDQFHLQDVWXG\E\3HWHUGollwitzer from the University of Konstanz, Germany, two groups of students were asked to work on essays over the holiday break.

    One group was told to write down when and where they would work on their essays. The other group was not given this instruction. At the end of the experiment, 32% of the students who did not make a plan had completed their essays. Guess what percentage of students who came up with a SODQQLVKHG"7KDWVWZLFHDVPDQ\9LDWKHERRNSucceed.)


    Write it down. Facebook it. Tweet it.



  • Lets talk WHO!

    Please dont make me quote any more German professors so that I sound fancy. Trust me when I

    say that its easier to accomplish a goal when you have someone helping you. The problem is that

    most of us love the one-man wolf pack mentality. Its us against the world! Were going to do this

    alone! Garbage.

    Big dreams take other people. So do small goals.

    So WHO is your WHO?

    WHO is going to call you on your excuses? WHO is going to celebrate your successes? WHO is

    going to track the progress with you?

    And they dont have to be a best friend, spouse, or lifelong companion. Dont put that pressure on

    yourself. Just like in the 10-Day Do Over Challenge, your WHO could just be someone you check

    in with via text every few days.

    Todays task is pretty simple: write down a WHO!



    Read any book on breaking habits, changing your life, or dreaming and you will notice a few common traits. One of them is that you have to be able to envision what the future will look like when youve accomplished your goal.

    You need a mental (or real) picture of what life will look like when youve done it. There are several ways to do this:

    1. Write a magazine article. Pretend Time magazine is doing a short feature on you. Write that article as if your goal has already been realized. Think 100-250 words for length.

    2. Create a dream board. Grab a stack of magazines and rip out any and all pictures that make you think of your completed dream. Glue them on a board and put the board wherever you do your :+(5(8QOHVVLWV6WDUEXFNVSHRSOHZLOOVWDUH

  • You will hate this one.

    This is the worst one.

    Seriously, I expect letters. Or emails if where you live they have the World Wide Webs.

    Todays challenge is easy though.

    Take your goal and cut it in half.

    You heard me-get that goal out and reduce it by 50%.

    That feels counterintuitive. Arent we supposed to shoot for the moon so that even if we fail we land among the stars? Yes, if were talking about a long range, massive goal. Id like to sell a million books in my lifetime. Thats a moon for me. But I would never put that massive goal through the machine of the 30 Days of Hustle. This is about breaking down huge goals into small actions.

    And right now, I bet your goal is too big. We love to come right out of the gate with something massive. The reason is that we confu

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