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306 THIRTIETH CONGRESS. SEss. I. CH. - loc. Elk county, via the north-east ... THIRTIETH CONGRESS

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  • THIRTIETH CONGRESS. SEss. I. CH. 175. 1848.

    Repairs &c., For repairs, improvements, and new machinery at Harper's Ferryat Harpers Fer- armory, fifty-three thousand and ninety-one dollars.

    an'd Springfield. For repairs, improvements, and new machinery at Springfieldarmory, eighty-one thousand dollars.

    Arsenals. For arsenals, one hundred and thirty thousand three hundred andthirty-eight dollars.

    Purchase of For purchase of land at Springfield, Massachusetts, adjacent to newland at Spring- arsenal and public buildings, ten thousand dollars.field. For purchase of land at Springfield, Massachusetts, to be flowed by

    raising dam at upper water shop, five thousand dollars.Artillery draw- For expenses of preparing drawings of a uniform system of artillery,

    ings. three thousand dollars.

    Military sta- For the two contemplated military stations on the line of communi-tion on route to cation with Oregon, thirty thousand dollars.Oregon.

    Surveys. For arrearages of the military and geographical surveys west of theMississippi, twenty thousand dollars.

    Arrearages for For arrearages on account of the appropriations heretofore made forfortifications. works of fortification at Mobile Point, fifty-nine dollars and ninety-

    two cents; at the Rigolets, Louisiana, eight hundred and fifty-twodollars; and at Fort Lafayette, New York, seven hundred and twenty-six dollars and forty-six cents - the same being the amounts expend-ed by Lt. Col. De Russey, United States engineer, and admitted andallowed by the Comptroller of the Treasury, but not credited to Lt.Col. De Russey, owing to the want of appropriations for the aforesaidworks.

    Repeal of act to SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That the act entitled " An Actincrease rank and to authorize an increase of the rank and file of the army of the Unitedfile of the army.

    186, ch. 17 States," approved May thirteen, eighteen hundred and forty-six, be,Proviso. and the same is hereby, repealed: Provided, That the President of the

    United States may, by transfer from other regiments, increase thenumber of privates, of not more than five regiments, to such numberas he may think discreet, not exceeding one hundred privates to eachof the companies of said five regiments.

    Non-commis- SEC. 3. And be it further enacted, That any more commissionedstoned officers, [non-commissioned] officer, musician, or private in the regiment of

    mounted riflemen mounted riflemen, who has been in service in Mexico, shall, on appli-who served in cation, receive an honorable discharge from the service of the UnitedMexico may re-ceive an honor, States, and stand as if they had served out their respective terms: Pro-ble discharge. vided, That any vacancy caused by such discharge shall be filled at the

    Proviso. discretion of the President of the United States.Captain Cald- SEC. 4. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of the Treas-

    well for amoufn ury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to pay to Captainblankets for Ohio John Caldwell the sum of six hundred and fifty-seven dollars, with in-volunteers. terest thereon from the twenty-sixth of June, eighteen hundred and

    forty-seven, being the amount expended by him in the purchase ofblankets and clothing for the second regiment of Ohio volunteers,while acting as assistant quartermaster for that regiment, in Mexico;and that said sum be paid out of any money in the treasury not other-wise appropriated.

    APPROVED, August 14, 1848.

    Aug. 14, 1848. CHAP. CLXXV. -An Act to establish certain Post Routes.

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of theCertain post United States of America in Congress assembled, That the followingroutes establish-

    ed, viz.: post roads be, and the same are hereby, established in the States andTerritories, as hereafter expressed, viz.: in


  • THIRTIETH CONGRESS. SEss. I. CH. 175. 1848.

    Maine. - From Farmington, via East Strong, New Vineyard, and Maine.New Portland, to Kingsfield.

    From Stoneham, via East Stoneham, to North Waterford.From Bangor, in the county of Penobscot, via East Hermon, South

    Levant, Exeter, Garland Centre, East Sangerville, Guilford Centre, toMonson, in the county of Piscataquis.

    From Bucksport Village, in Hancock county, via Duck Cove settle-ment, passing the dwellings of Samuel Harriman and Joab Harriman,and thence through the Long Pond settlement and Dedham, toGeorge's Corner, in Penobscot county.

    From Augusta, via South China, North Palermo, Freedom, Knox,Brooks, Monroe, north part of Frankfort, Carlton's Corner, and Hamp-den, to Bangor.

    From Mexico to Byron, through Roxbury, in Oxford county, andterminating the route from Wilton to Andover at Weld.

    Vermont. - From Northumberland, New Hampshire, to East Burke, VermontVermont, via Guildhall, Granby, and Victory.

    From West Townsend, Vermont, to Windham Centre.From Cambridge, Lamoille county, Vermont, via Fletcher, to

    Bakersfield.Pennsylvania.--From Sharon, Potter county, Pennsylvania, via Pennsylvania.

    McKay's grist mill, through the valley of the Honeyoye Creek, toWellsville, in the State of New York.

    From Norristown, Montgomery county, to Allentown, Lehigh coun-ty, via Jeffersonville, Perkiomen bridge, Schwenke's store, Frederick,Colebrookdale, and Emaus.

    From Pottsville, Schuylkill county, to Millersburg, on the Susque-hanna, via Llewellyn, Tremont, Bearmont, Wiconisco, and Elizabeth-ville.

    From Stroudsburg, Monroe county, to East Sterling, Wayne county,via Brackleyville, Priceburg, Indian Hill, and Covesville.

    From Penningtonville, Chester county, to the Buck post-office,Lancaster county, via Coopersville, Green Tree inn, Bart's and Pas-more's.

    From Oil Creek post-office, at Titusville, Crawford county, to Colum-bus, Warren county, via Rome, Eldred, and Spring Creek townships.

    From Trexlertown, Lehigh county, to Hereford, via Millerstown.From Worcester, Montgomery county, to Centre Square.From Jonestown, Lebanon county, to Rherersburg, Berks county.From borough of Clarion, Clarion county, to borough of Ridgway,

    Elk county, via the north-east side of Clarion River.From Allen, Cumberland county, to Boiling Spring.From Hollidaysburg, Blair county, via Alleghany and Ashland Fur-

    naces, and Weakland's, to Newman's Mills, Indiana county.From West Philadelphia, via Kellysville, Lobb's store, Springfield,

    Rose Tree, and Bishop's Works, to Howelsville, Delaware county.From Sunneytown, Montgomery county, via Spinnerstown, to Ema-

    us, Lehigh county.From Emlentown, Venango county, to the mouth of Tionesta

    Creek.From Sunville, Venango county, via Wallaceville, to Demsey.From Cushingville, Potter county, to Spring Mills, in the State of

    New York.From Allentown, Lehigh county, via Schnecksvill, to Kern's Mills.From Norristown, via Jeffersonville, Shannonville, and Lumber-

    ville, in the county of Montgomery, to Phcenixville, in the county ofChester.

    From Avondale, Chester county, Pennsylvania, to Stanton, Newcas-tle county, Delaware.


  • THIRTIETH CONGRESS. SEss. . CH. 175. 1848.

    From Gap post-office, Lancaster county, via Hat and Intercourse,to New Holland.

    From West Penn, Suchuylkill county, to Lehighten, Carbon county.From Smith's ferry, Beaver county, via Ohioville, to Darlington.From Dunningsville, Washington county, via Varnceville, to Hills-

    borough.From Pittsburg, via Breakneck, Whitestown, and Prospect, to

    Brownington.From Williamsport, Lycoming county, via Loyalsock Valley, to

    Cherry, Sullivan county.From Greensborough to J. E. Taylor's store, and thence to intersect

    the old route at Whitely post-office, in Green county.From Providence post-office, via John Cobb, Hollistersville, Ham-

    ilton post-office, and Pawpeck, to Tufton.From New London Cross-roads, in Chester county, via Oxford, to

    Hopewell cotton works, in the same county, eight miles.Ohio. Ohio. -From Chickasaw, in Mercer county, to Cranberry Prairie,

    in Darke county.From Milan to Sandusky city.From Sabina, in Clinton county, Ohio, via Quinn's Mills and Cen-

    treville, to Highland P. O., in Highland county.From Georgetown, via New Hope, Benton, and Greenbush, to Fay-

    etteville.From Wilmington, via Morrisville, Martinsville, Lynchburg, Dod-

    sonville, Princetown, Buford, and New Hope, to Georgetown.From Defiance, via Brunersburgh and Hicksville, to Panama.From Tiffin, via Van Buren and Independence, to Defiance.From Warren, via Hudson, to Brunswick.From Lower Sandusky to Port Clinton.From Hagerstown to Eaton.From Jackson Court-House, via Jackson Furnace, to Portsmouth.From Waterville to Bryan.From Waterford, via Watertown, to Barlow.From Jacksonville, in Darke county, by Houston's Cross-roads and

    Cranberry Prairie, to Cold Water or Motezuma, in Mercer county.From Hamilton, in Butler county, Ohio, by the way of Morning

    Sun, in Preble county, to Richmond, in Indiana.From Ithaca, in Darke county, to New Castine, in the same county.From Xenia, in Green county, by way of Byron, to Fairfield, in the

    same county.Indiana. Indiana. -From Putnamville, via Cataract Mills, Spencer, and

    Whitehall, in the county of Owen, and Stanford, in the county of Mon-roe, to Springville, in Lawrence county.

    From Tipton, in Tipton county, via West Kinderhook, to Straw-town, in Hamilton county.

    From Salem, in Washington county, via Leesville, in Lawrencecounty, to Bloomington, in Monroe county.

    From Muncie, in Delaware county, to the county seat of Tiptoncounty.

    From West Unity, in Williams county, Ohio, via Angola, to LaGrange Centre, in the State of Indiana.

    From St. Joseph, via Williams Centre, Bannersburgh, to Defiance,in the State of Ohio.

    From Leesburg to Wolf Lake.F

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