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Vedic NumerologyBy Visti Larsen Guide and Guru: Pt. Sanjay Rath

Decimal system The vedic system of numerology uses the decimal system to define the effects of the nine graha + lagna. The basis of this is speed of planets & luminaries w.r.t. the Earth. The day divided into 12 portions as well as the night in equal 12 portions forms one weekday or vara of 24 hora (hours).

Weekday order The sequence of Hora form the lords of the seven weekdays. The lord of the weekday is counted from the begining of this Mahayuga or Kali Yuga. This is the real vedic calendar and the first use of numerology for the persons life.

Todays weekday/ahargana 714404162739 days have passed since this Mahayuga started. 714404162739/7 = remainder of 1. This is the first weekday of the week which is Sunday. This is the first step into numerology by knowing your day of birth also called vara.

Disclaimer: the exact number may be subject correction, as this is still part of research.

Vara = VaSara The word Vsara implies an abode for the God of fire (Agni). Similarly, a weekday/Vra is a resting place for the Agni, and all the functions of the weekdays arise from this principle. Agni is also named Vahni, which refers to his task to transport the prayers to the Deva, and likewise transport the blessing back to the worshipper. Agni therefore rules over the third eye.This planet in your chart shows the presence of God in your life, and the blessing of energy/light in your chart.MW vsa: staying , remaining, abiding, dwelling, residence, living in. MW ra: Agni/fire.

Days and worshipDayDeva




WednesdayGaea and Skanda




Note that the worship begins on the day following the planet indicating the Devata, viz: Sun indicates Shiva, but Shiva is worshipped on the following day namely Monday.

Vara numerology1 2

Vra lordsSun Moon

34 5 6 7 8 9

MarsMercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rhu Ketu

This list and order is very useful to see Gods blessing in our life, as the Vara is based on Gods blessing. 1. Add the number of the planets forming YOGA with each other. 2. Remove multiples of 9 from the result and ascertain the planet indicating it. 3. The planet arrived at will indicate the Devat who is happy/angry. Yoga is of four types: i. Parivartana (exchange) ii. Yuti (conjunction) iii. Samdristi (mutual aspect) iv. Parivartana dristi (a planet placed in one sign, whilst the dispositor aspects the others sign, fx Sun in libra whilst Venus aspects Leo)

Guna chakra Numerology lords 1 2 Sun Moon Satva group

Guna is a faculty of the mind as it is bound down by the guna, therefore the guna chakra can acurately tell what is in a persons mind. This is different from the vara-chakra which shows the blessing of God.

34 5 6 7 8

JupiterRhu Mercury Venus Ketu Saturn Border Tamas Border Rajas

Guna Chakra is used extensively during Prasna/Horary Jyotish, but can ALSO be applied on the natal chart of a person. It is the main system of grahanumerology.



Before asking for a number from a client recite your Jyotish/Guru mantra. If you do not have such a mantra Sri Harihara, author of Prasna Marga, advises to recite: nama shivya| Divide the number by: 27, to attain the nakshatra-number 12, to attain the rasi-number 9, to attain the graha-number

Graha number reveals the problem/issue itself, and the events which have transpired. Rasi number shows what karma has been done, and what is the remedy. Nakshatra number shows how the mind of the client, has dealt with the problem/issue, and which ideas the native has in mind. Apply ALL this on the natal chart.

Number 43

Nama shastra (science of name) The name is the first mantra. Nama shastra is therefore Mantra shastra! The name has its basis in 2,3 or 4 syllables as being movable, dual or fixed signs. This sequence is repeated for names which are longer (or shorter, viz. 1 = fixed sign). We are only concerned with the FIRST name. If there are TWO first names, then count both. Omit family names and titles.

Loka/Chakra Syllables Mantra Satya/Sahasrara 64 Mana Pada Samudra Tapa/jkhya Samudra Jana/Viuddha Samudra Mahar/Anhata 32 16 8 4 2 1 Anusthubh oai Mantra pada (Gyatri) Bija, carana Bja/nma (name) Hasa

Various tools Three popular tools to ascertain the significance of a name are: akachatatapayasha varga Varnanka varga Katapayadi varga

Katapayadi vargaValue 0 0 0 Vowels Overlord-Sun a i e 0 ai 0 u o 0 au 0 a 0 a

The Vowels (svara) have no body and indicate the soul, therefore their number is 0. 0 is the great void or mahashunya representing the absolute.

Consonants have bodyValue 1Group Ka Group Ta Group Pa Group Ya Group k ka Q a Overlord-Mars o g " ' Ca kha ga gha a Ca Overlord-Mercury Q f F [ t ha a ha a ta Overlord-Saturn ) b m pha ba bha ma Overlord-Moon r l v z ; ra la va a a Overlord-Venus D j H cha ja jha Overlord-Jupiter w d x tha da dha | a n na










Pa paYa ya

s sa

h ha

] ka

Name sign (nama rasi) Write the name in devanagri script, and remove the half-consonants. Fx in the name Vishnu the sh is half as its no followed by a vowel. Only consonants followed by vowels have life (svara), the remaining must be excluded. Therefore va and na must be kept for calculation.

Name sign cont. Vowels initiating a name get a value of 0, the rest are omitted. Fx in the name Anna, a gets the vallue of 0 whilst na gets 5. The numbers must always be reversed once attained, fx for Anna the numbers were 0 & 5, which when reversed give 50. To find the sign/rasi remove multiples of 12 from the number and keep the remainder. The remainder will be the sign counted from Aries. Fx 50/12 = 2 or Taurus.

Analysing nama-rasi The nama rasi will show the impact of the name on your life. The house, planets, etc. In that sign or lording it will rise due to your name. Picking a good name is important. Be it your own or Gods name.

Name: Rama

Teachings from the tradition Ascertain the name-sign. Divide your ascendant-degree by 2 and round up to nearest integer. Fx 120/2 = 040=>1st degree. The result of the division will reveal the house from lagna. Check for a link between this house and the nama rasi. If they match then your birth time is accurate.

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