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5 Branding Tips for Small Businesses

Date post:22-Jan-2015
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Overwhelmed by the branding options for your small business? Sunrise Signs Custom Wraps and Graphics has compiled a list of five cost effective ways to visually communicate your brand to the world. To learn more, visit us at: http://www.sunrisesigns.com
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2. 1. Logo Design: Having a logo that doesn't look like you whipped it up in MS Paint is important. For a few hundred dollars a graphic designer can give youmultiple professionally drawn logos to choose from. 3. Keep in mind that you can always rebrand and change your logo if something betterFor example, our old logo comes along! ...and our new one! 4. 2. Print Collateral: Do-it-yourself business card sites are cost effective, but in the end, they absolutely look DIY!Once you've nailed down the logo, have your designer layout your print collateral. 5. This can (and should) include: Business cards Brochures Postcards Letterhead 6. 3. Exterior Signage - Studies have shown that the right outdoor signage can influence on-the-spot buying decisions.They also drive top-of-mind awareness towards your brand, products, and services. 7. A full service sign and graphics company can handle all the details of design, permitting, fabrication, and installation of your business sign. 8. 4. Lobby Signage - If you have an office location, nothings says professional and establishedbetter than a nice logo lobby sign.Once again, no need to break the bank. A commercial sign company can put togethersolutions for every budget. 9. At the lower end, options include vinyl and acrylic.Mid-range may be a metal laminate, such as brushed aluminum, mounted to acrylic or painted foam. At the high end, go for cast metal letters! 10. 5. Vehicle Graphics and Wraps A vehicle wrap mayvery well give you the most bang for your buck. In an urbanenvironment, a vehicle wrap can provide upwards of 50,000impressions per day. You can expect a professionally designed and wrapped vehicle to last 4-5 years, so the cost to advertise would roughly be about $2 per day. 11. Partial wraps are another great option, and when designed properly, will also make your company look the part. We always recommend a wrap if you don't have an office location. 12. Let's Review:1. Logo Design 2. Print Collateral 3. Outdoor Signage 4. Lobby Signage 5. Vehicle Graphics and Wraps 13. We proudly serve Philadelphia, South Jersey, Delaware, and Nationwide! For questions, comments, tips, and advice on branding your business (small or large!), contact usat http://www.sunrisesigns.com

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