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5 Key Reasons to Hire Remote Software Testers

Date post:03-Aug-2015
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1. 5 Key Reasons to Hire Remote Software Testers 2. If you dont like testing your product, most likely your customers wont test it either. Its a popular maxim in the software industry that reflects the importance of the software-testing process. 3. According to Hoang Pham, a software-testing guru, software testing may take one-third to half of the total project cost. 4. Neglecting the testing part of a project results in a bug-ridden delivery and a lower client satisfaction. Its because the cost of support and maintenance increases. So, there is a catch-22 situation for the project-managers. 5. Hiring remote dedicated software testers can offer solution to many of these problems. Here are the five advantages it offers. Capital saving Increased efficiency Quick turnaround time Access to quality talent pool Hassle-free recruitment 6. Software testers in India can be hired in 70-80 percent less cost than their peers in America (source: payscale.com) Additionally, in the remote dedicated employee model, you do not have to shell-out money for the office space, technical infrastructure, IT or HR Thus, you save further CapitalSaving 7. According to various studies, most of the bugs in the application germinate during the design and development part of software testing. Having a team of quality remote testers allows to remove bugs in the early phase. As a result, applications work efficiently in different load conditions and developers can scale the application when required. Increased Efficiency 8. Projects are mostly delayed during the development stage, which puts pressure on the testing team Having a remote testing team allows to ramp-up your testing team when required Thus, you can finish the testing process quickly One of the biggest advantages of software testing outsourcing is that it helps companies to cut revenue realization cycle (source: Association of International Product Marketing and Management Report) Quick Turnaround Time 9. India is the hub of software testing professionals as it corners more than 70 percent of the global software testing market (source: Gartner Research) Even large corporations such as General Electric, Apple, and Microsoft trust the capability of Indian software professionals India has a large number of high-quality technical institution that churns quality software professionals You can take advantage of this large pool of talented manpower with the help of remote vendors without investing a penny in office - infrastructure Access to Quality Talent Pool 10. Remote vendors provide you the ease of hiring You just need to share your requirements such as eligibility, age, and qualification of the resource, and the rest of the work is done by them They shortlist the right candidate from a vast database of professionals according to your needs Thus, they save you from a lot of hassles involved in the recruitment process Hassle Free Recruitment 11. THANK YOU! FOR YOUR ATTENTION www.virtualemployee.com sales@virtualemployee.com +44 203 478 5941 (+1) 416 915 8941 (+1) 877 697 8006

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