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5 Reasons Now Is Best Time To Become An Entrepreneur

Date post:18-Jul-2015
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  • 54% of Millennials either

    want to start a

    business or have

    already started one

    *2011 Kauffman Foundation Survey

  • In addition, 21% of freelancers

    are still enrolled in university

  • Start-up Costs Are Zero.

    For a business to appear

    legitimate all that is needed is a

    website, blog, or Facebook

    page ($0)

    and a device that is connected

    to the Internet

    ($0 since youre probably reading this from said device).

  • Mobile technology, cloud

    computing, blanketed city WiFi

    and LTE 4G cars enable todays entrepreneur to work, collaborate,

    and market from home, the local

    coffee shop, the beach, or on a

    road trip.

    Technology Enables Hyper-connectivity

  • j2 Global found that

    36% of Millennial entrepreneurs use more than

    5 mobile apps to run their businesses.

  • Endless Available Resources & Tools


    you can use free services like

    Google, YouTube, podcasts,

    Udemy, or Coursera

    to quickly gain the knowledge

    and skills needed to launch your


  • Free Global Marketing

    After you launch your business in a

    coffee shop in an afternoon for $0,

    you can begin to market your

    product or service to the worldfor free.

    Social media is a global gateway to

    connect with potential customers.

    It takes the right posture and a

    consistent investment of time.

  • Content marketing is a marketing technique

    of creating and distributing relevant and

    valuable content to attract, acquire, and

    engage a target audience.

  • Innovative Problem Solvers Are Invaluable.

    Innovative problem solvers are

    truly invaluable to our

    economy and the wellbeing of


    Mega change is on its way and we need forwarding

    thinking entrepreneurs to help

    chart the right course.

  • By no means is

    entrepreneurship easy.

    Its a journey that will always require

    extreme amounts of

    discipline, focus,

    resilience, and


    But the path to

    entrepreneurship has

    never been more

    inviting and


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