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  1. 1. 5 REASONS WHY PEOPLE LOVE FALAFEL www.OperationFalafel.com [email protected] Voice: 600530006
  2. 2. A VEGETARIANS DIET O:F 1. Nutrition source 2. Best vegetarian protein source 3. Terrific source of protein 4. Meatless and healthy 5. Get more greens in your meals 6. Vegie burger go better Photo credit: cheatsheet www.operationfalafel.com
  3. 3. www.operationfalafel.com DIFFERENT RECIPES O:F Many inspirational recipes to try: 1. Spicy Falafel 2. Easy Vegan Falafel 3. Sean Falafel and Cucumber Sauce 4. Baked Falafel 5. Crispy Baked Falafel 6. Falafel Burgers 7. Falafel Lavash Wraps Photo credit: closetcooking, foodnetwork
  4. 4. www.operationfalafel.com LOVE FOR ARABIAN FOOD O:F 1. Traditional and historic Arabian dish 2. Eaten in Mediterranean countries 3. Not fancy like French or Italian 4. Best vegetarian fast food 5. Different options 6. Spicy and delicious Photo credit: demuths, enthusiasts
  5. 5. HEALTHY FAST FOOD O:F 1. Food is cheap, but healthy 2. Convenient and delicious option 3. Contains less calories and fats 4. Fixes lunch time 5. Time savvy 6. An alternative choice Photo credit: flyingfalafel www.operationfalafel.com
  6. 6. www.operationfalafel.com COST EFFICIENT O:F 1. Suits your guests and family 2. Easy to prepare at home 3. Pay less, eat more 4. Healthy homemade meal 5. Simple recipe 6. Suitable for all ages 7. Decent for a cheap bite Photo credit: tootimidandsqueamish, ifoodreal
  7. 7. TRY THE BEST FALAFEL IN DUBAI Street food is for everyone. Try the best Arabian ethnic delicacy at your nearest Operation Falafel Franchise. Operation Falafel is among the best casual falafel restaurants that offers the perfect locationfor breakfast, lunch, light snacks or dinner! www.operationfalafel.com
  8. 8. www.operationfalafel.com [email protected] Voice: 600530006 CONTACT US