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5 Teste Ghid Competenta Lingvistica

Date post: 03-Jun-2018
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  • 8/12/2019 5 Teste Ghid Competenta Lingvistica





  • 8/12/2019 5 Teste Ghid Competenta Lingvistica



    Varianta 1

    I. Listen to the following text and choose one of the possible answers (A), (B), or() for the !"estions

    based on what the spea#ers state or i$pl%. &nl% one'ariant is correct. rite the numerof the sentenceand the LETTER (A), (B), or() on %o"r answer sheet. An exa$ple is gi'en

    E!"m#$e (*) Bl"e +arbo"r r"ises r"n three cr"ises a da% and these are .

    (A) co$pletel% different in e'er% respect(B) exactl% the sa$e, b"t at different ho"rs() basicall% the sa$e, with so$e differences in what the% offer

    An%&er' () C

    (1) &n the +ighlight r"ise %o" .

    A. get coffee and snac#sB. ha'e to pa% separatel% if %o" want to eat or drin# an%thing. ha'e to pa% for the postcard

    (-) According to the cler#, the is the $ost ad'antageo"s offer.A. "nset r"iseB. /oon r"ise. +ighlight r"ise

    (3) 0he onl% r"ns d"ring a li$ited period of the %ear.A. /oon r"iseB. +ighlight r"ise. "nset r"ise

    (4) &n the "nset r"ise, %o" can eat or drin# .A. whene'er %o" feel li#e itB. when %o" watch the s"nset. if %o" go thro"gh the cr"ise

    () If %o" don2t spea# nglish, %o" .A. ha'e to bring a friend to translate for %o"B. can onl% hear the $ost interesting infor$ation. can read the printed $aterial

    () If %o" want to sit on the "pper dec# d"ring the cr"ise, .A. %o" are ad'ised to wear a hatB. the organisers will pro'ided %o" with a hat. first %o" $"st get s"nb"rned

    II. 0ranslate into nglish

    (1) 5ofer"l a oprit a"tob"6"l ca pasagerii s7 poat7 ad$ira cl7direa.(-) opiii a" cre6"t c7 ghea8a este dest"l de groas7 ca s7 patine6e pe ea.(3) ecretara $ea este obi9n"it7 s7 ia sing"r7 deci6ii.

    (4) /" a 'orbit c" noi de c:nd a 'enit acas7.() Ar fi treb"it s7 c"$peri $ai p"8in lapte 9i $ai $"lte o"7.() e ar face 0o$ dac7 i;a$ sp"ne aceast7 po'este I2$ not, act"all%. I *., -this one */, -last %ear and I ha'en2tbeen able to get rid of it *0, - . It *1, - to $% orders and it *2, -the post$an twice.

    (1) A. eager on B. fond of . #een abo"t

    (-) A. got B. had got . ha'e got(3) A. for present B. as a present . li#e a present(4) A. since that B. fro$ then . since then() A. is ne'er listen B. has ne'er listen . ne'er listens() A. has alread% bitten B. alread% bited . alread% has bit

    IV. rite a short paragraph (?;1* lines) abo"t a place %o" wo"ld li#e to 'isit.

    V. @ead the following text and choose one of the possible answers (A), (B), or() for the !"estionsbased on what the text states or i$plies. &nl% one'ariant is correct. rite the numerof the sentenceand the LETTER (A), (B), or() on %o"r answer sheet.

    ost co"ntries in the world now welco$e to"rists beca"se of the $one% the% bring in. an%co"ntries $a#e great efforts to enco"rage to"ris$, and $an% also depend on what the% earn fro$ it to#eep their econo$ies going.

    eople who li#e ad'ent"re will e'en tr% to 'isit co"ntries where tra'el is diffic"lt and costs are high.o$panies reg"larl% arrange trips thro"gh the ahara desert, or to the +i$ala%an o"ntains for whoe'erenCo%s s"ch trips, b"t the n"$bers of 'isitors are s$all. ost to"rists tr% to choose whiche'er places ha'eco$fortable, cheap hotels, !"ite good food, reasonable safet%, s"nn% weather and plent% of a$"se$entsor "n"s"al things to see. 0heir choice of a place for a holida% also depends 'er% $"ch on when the% can

    get awa%D it is not 'er% pleasant to go to a place when it is ha'ing its worst weather.&ne of the big proble$s for a nation wishing to attract a lot of to"rists is the cost of b"ilding hotelsfor the$. B"ilding big hotels swallows "p a lot of $one%, and $an% of the co"ntries that need to"rists are

    poor. hat the% spend on b"ilding has to be borrowed fro$ foreign ban#sD and so$eti$es the $one%the% can afford to borrow prod"ces onl% chains of "gl% hotels where'er there are bea"t% spots that ares"pposed to attract the to"rists.

    0here is also the !"estion of training staffD teaching the$ foreign lang"ages, how to coo# the #ind offood that foreign to"rists expect, and so on. In $an% co"ntries, special colleges and co"rses ha'e been set"p for this.

    ri$e can also be a proble$. eeing to"rists who see$ to be $"ch richer than the$sel'es, the localinhabitants are often te$pted to steal fro$ the$. o$eti$es to"rists resist and get #illed, and then otherto"rists ref"se to co$e to the co"ntr%.

    B"t an e'en greater proble$ in $an% co"ntries is the effect that the sight of foreigners has on thelocal pop"lation. A $an who li'es in a 'er% s$all ho"se, owns al$ost nothing, wor#s 'er% hard for hisli'ing and has 'er% strong r"les abo"t $odest% in dress and not drin#ing alcohol sees foreign to"ristsreCoicing in what to hi$ is great l"x"r%, owning cars, wearing 'er% few clothes and drin#ing a lot. 0heseto"rists $a% be ordinar% wor#ers bac# at ho$e, b"t to the poor inhabitant the% see$ to be 'er% rich. Andof co"rse, he either feels en'% for the$ or thin#s the$ sha$eless.

    0o"rists, too, often feel shoc#ed b% the different c"sto$s and habits that the% see aro"nd the$. 0he%ref"se the local food, and insist on ha'ing onl% what the% eat bac# ho$e.

    0he% sa% that tra'el broadens the $indD b"t it is do"btf"l whether this is soD often, it narrows it.

    (&E@ L.A. +ill,Further Stories for Reading Comprehension B,Long$an, 1??4, IB/ *;F-;G4F?;F, Enit F, p -G;-F)


  • 8/12/2019 5 Teste Ghid Competenta Lingvistica


    (1) hat wo"ld happen to so$e co"ntries if to"ris$ stopped Vo;"u$"r? : Gr"m"76;@ 6 Vo;"u$"r *2 X + < 2 #un;7e,'A) Tr"n%$"76on *2 X (1 < / #un;7e,

    (1) 0he dri'er stopped the b"s so that the passengers co"ld ad$ire the b"ilding.(-) 0he children tho"ght the ice was thic# eno"gh (for the$) to s#ate on.(3) % secretar% is "sed to $a#ingQ ta#ing decisions b% herself.(4) +e hasn2t spo#en to "s since he ca$e ho$e.() Po" sho"ld ha'e bo"ght less $il# and $ore eggs.() hat wo"ld 0o$ do if we told hi$ this stor% that$eans that the% wo"ld not go to prison "nless the% co$$itted another cri$e. U...

    (&E@ Jere$% +ar$er, arol Lethab%,%ust Reading and Writing& 'pper(Intermediate,

    arshall a'endish d"cation, -**, IB/ *;4-;**G4;, Enit 13, p ?)

    (1) hat does the text refer to< (the $ain idea)A. cheating on ga$e showsB. $an% wa%s of getting $one%. a gar$ent called TAnthon% den2. a sic# $an with a bad co"gh

    (-) 0he answer to the TAnthon% den2 !"estion .A. bro"ght Ingra$ a $illion po"ndsB. $ade Ingra$ lose S-*,***

    . $ade the a"dience go cra6%. bro"ght hi$ S-*,***

    (3) harles Ingra$ ga'e the right answers to the !"estions beca"se .A. he was good at g"essingB. his wife signalled the answer b% co"ghing. a $an in the a"dience co"ghed on p"rpose to indicate the answer. he was well prepared

    (4) 0he word s)mpatheti# (line -1) $eans .A. niceB. "nderstanding. delighted. indifferent


  • 8/12/2019 5 Teste Ghid Competenta Lingvistica


    () 0ecwen hittoc# .A. was sic# and co"ghed !"ite fre!"entl%B. pretended to be sic# and co"ghed all the ti$e. pretended to be sic# and co"ghed occasionall%. was sic# and $ade real efforts not to co"gh

    () 0he% noticed so$ething was wrong .

    A. when a co"rt in London listened to the tape a %ear laterB. in the tele'ision control roo$. when the people in the a"dience started to angril% criticise hittoc#. when Ingra$ loo#ed at his wife

    3RITTEN EXAM *GEN), .' 4E5

    I) L6%7en6n8 Com#re9en%6on : A%;u$7"re *2 X + < 2 #un;7e,

    TAPESCRIPT'*SO=RCE' Jan Bell, @oger =ower, 'pper(Intermediate *atters+ Students, Boo-+Long$an, 1???,IB/ *;F-;*44;, Enit 1F, @ecording 1, p 1FD A"dioscript so"rce Jan Bell, @oger =ower,'pper(Intermediate *atters+ Students, Boo-+Long$an, 1???, Enit 1F, @ecording 1)

    /earl% all societies hold Trites of passage2 cere$onies, which obser'e a person2s entr% into a newstage of life. 0he $ost co$$on rites of passage are occasions s"ch as birth, $arriage and death. ostrites help people to "nderstand and accept their new roles in societ% and help others to learn to treat the$

    in new wa%s. And now we2re going to hear abo"t fi'e different cere$onies."sli$s hold a cere$on% a wee# after a bab% is born, which is #nown as an A!i!a. 0he cere$on% is

    intended to protect the bab% fro$ dangers in its life, and it has se'eral parts. 0he child2s head is firstsha'ed so that it2s co$pletel% clean, and then the weight of the c"t hair is gi'en in gold or sil'er to the

    poor. 0his is the bab%2s first act of charit% towards others. After this, the bab% is na$ed, and thecere$on% is followed b% a feast. =oats and sheep are coo#ed and sweetened, as it2s belie'ed that sweetfood will $a#e the child good;nat"red. 0wo thirds of the $eat is gi'en to the poor.

    Another religio"s cere$on% which babies often go thro"gh is called baptis$. 0his practice in'ol'es as%$bolic washing with water to indicate the washing awa% of sins and the start of a renewed life. ostch"rches consider baptis$ to be the $ain cere$on% which signifies a person2s entr% into the hristianco$$"nit%. hildren are often gi'en their first na$e at this cere$on%, and there is "s"all% so$e #ind of

    part% afterwards.A Jewish bar mitzvahcelebrates the reaching of spirit"al ad"lthood, which is, for a Jewish bo%, at the

    age of thirteen. A cr"cial aspect of the bar $it6'ah experience is when the father lets his son go,accepting that he is now his own person, responsible for his own actions. 0he father is than#ing =od forhis son2s $anhood when he sa%s TBlessed is he who has released $e fro$ responsibilit% for this child.2Nro$ the following da% the bo% is expected to obser'e all the rele'ant co$$and$ents and to beresponsible for his own beha'io"r.

    /earl% all religions incl"de the belief that h"$an beings s"r'i'e death in so$e for$. Nor $an%people, s"ch as the Balinese, a f"neral s%$boli6es the passage fro$ one life to another, rather than an endof a person2s existence. In Bali, a cre$ation is therefore a ti$e of Co% and celebration. &n the $orning ofthe cre$ation, friends and relati'es gather to pa% their last respects and to eat and drin# with the fa$il%.0here is then a procession to the cre$ation gro"nd, so$e $en carr%ing the corpse in a tower b"ilt of

    ba$boo and paper, and other $en carr%ing a special container called a sarcophag"s, which $a% be in theshape of a cow or a b"ll. At the cre$ation gro"nd the bod% is transferred to the sarcophag"s and when ithas been red"ced to ashes and the so"l released there is a happ% nois% procession to the sea, where theashes are scattered. 0his last cere$on% represents cleansing and p"rification.


  • 8/12/2019 5 Teste Ghid Competenta Lingvistica


    /ot all Trites of passage2 are religio"s, and other #inds of Trites2 in $odern ti$es wo"ld incl"de theT#e% of the door2 which %o"ng people get at the age of eighteen or twent%;one, the right to 'ote, or adri'ing licence. eople often pass thro"gh rites as a gro"p. In grad"ation cere$onies in the Enited tates,for exa$ple, st"dents first stand together in a special area, awa% fro$ their friends and relati'es. 0henthe% wal# across a stage to s%$boli6e the transition, and change the tassels fro$ one side of the cap to theother to indicate entr% into societ% as grad"ates. 0he grad"ation gowns s%$boli6e their te$porar%separation fro$ societ%.

    (1) B(-) B(3) A(4) B() ()

    III) En8$6%9 6n =%e' Gr"mm"r "n> Vo;"u$"r? : Gr"m"76;@ 6 Vo;"u$"r *2 X + < 2 #un;7e,' A) Mu$76#$e C9o6;e *2 X (1 < / #un;7e,

    (1) A(-) (3) (4) () () A

    IV) En8$6%9 6n =%e : Gr"m"76;@ %6 Vo;"u$"r' B) Tr"n%$"76on *2 X (1 < / #un;7e,

    (1) I ha'e been wor#ing atQfor this co$pan% for 3 %ears.(-) oes he co$e here often< I thin# he li#es 'er% $"ch to spend his ti$e with %o".(3) I ha'e C"st finished reading $% $ail.(4) If he had had $ore $one% he wo"ld ha'e bo"ght a sports car.() hen I arri'ed at the office $% colleag"es were anal%6ing the financial sit"ation of the co$pan%.() +e as#ed $e if I wo"ld ha'e dinner ho$e or at the resta"rant

    V) Re">6n8 Com#re9en%6on *2 X + < 2 #un;7e,

    (1) A(-) (3) (4) B() () B


  • 8/12/2019 5 Teste Ghid Competenta Lingvistica



    Varianta 3

    I. Po" will hear fi'e spea#ers tal#ing abo"t the infl"ence of technolog% on their li'es. Nor each spea#erlisted below choose a profession. Nor spea#er answer an extra !"estion. Answer !"estions (1) > (), b%

    writing the numerof the sentence and the LETTER(A), (B), () ... or (I) on %o"r answer sheet. &nl%one'ariant is correct. Po" will hear the recording twice.

    @&NI&/A. a writerB. a teacher. a painter. a hotel $anager. a social wor#erN. a doctor

    hat is the last spea#er2s (pea#er V) attit"de towards technolog%6n8 Com#re9en%6on *2 X + < 2 #un;7e,

    (1) B (4) B(-) () (3) A ()


  • 8/12/2019 5 Teste Ghid Competenta Lingvistica




    I.Po" will hear a'id $ith tal#ing to a gro"p of b"siness$en abo"t the s"ccess of his co$pan%, Asda,

    a s"per$ar#et chain. hoose one of the possible answers (A), (B), or () to co$plete the followingsentences based on what the spea#ers state or i$pl%. &nl% one'ariant is correct. rite the numerof thesentence and the LETTER (A), (B),or() on %o"r answer sheet. Po" will hear the recording twice.

    (1) According to a'id .A. to be s"ccessf"l Asda has had to #eep changingB. $an% staff ha'e wor#ed for Asda for o'er a decade. Asda has introd"ced new staff contracts

    (-) 0he $ain reason for Asda2s s"ccess is its .A. efficient processes and s%ste$sB. highl%;!"alified tea$ of senior $anagers

    . foc"s on good co$$"nication thro"gho"t the co$pan%

    (3) a'id sa%s that Asda has .A. a flat $anage$ent str"ct"reB. $ore staff than other EM s"per$ar#ets. good relationships with its s"ppliers

    (4) Asda2s senior $anagers 'isit stores reg"larl% .A. to see if staff are following proced"res correctl%B. to find o"t what staff thin# abo"t the co$pan%. to chec# new staff ha'e settled in well

    () hat is a benefit of wor#ing for Asda "nless that is i$possible or disproportionate.

    (&E@ E Law Blog. Consumer 5uarantees+ 8efe#tive 5oods and Compensation for 'se1Case C(9:9;:

  • 8/12/2019 5 Teste Ghid Competenta Lingvistica



    I) L6%7en6n8 Com#re9en%6on : A%;u$7"re *2 X + < 2 #un;7e,

    TAPESCRIPT (&E@ httpQQwww.%o"t"be.co$Qwatch Vo;"u$"r? : Gr"m"76;@ 6 Vo;"u$"r *2 X + < 2 #un;7e,'A) Tr"n%$"76on *2 X (1 < / #un;7e,

    (1) 0he acc"sed was heard %esterda%.

    (-) 0he trial is going to ta#e place next wee#.(3) 0he C"dge has C"st gi'en the sentence.(4) According to the pro'isionsQ stip"lationsQ r"les of Law no. -1Q -**? the parties ha'e toQ $"st sign acontract of sale.() If I had access to the doc"$ents I co"ld pro'e that he is innocent.() At this $o$ent the ri$e inister is presenting the $e$bers of the cabinet.

    III) En8$6%9 6n =%e : Gr"m"76;@ 6 Vo;"u$"r'B) Mu$76#$e C9o6;e *2 X (1 < / #un;7e,

    (1) A

    (-) (3) (4) () A() B

    V) Re">6n8 Com#re9en%6on *2 X + < 2 #un;7e,(1) A(-) N(3) (4) () B()


  • 8/12/2019 5 Teste Ghid Competenta Lingvistica



    Varianta G

    I. E;ou7e le texte s"i'ant et choisisse6 "ne se"le rponse par$i les rponses possibles (A), (B) ou()

    po"r les !"estions s"i'antes. =ne %eu$e "r6"n7eest correcte. cris le numHro >e $" #ro#o%676onet la$e77re(A), (B) ou() s"r ta fe"ille de papier.

    (1) Lara Nabian estA. Ene grande chante"seB. Ene actrice reno$$e. En 'ritable co"p de fo"dre

    (-) es chansons sontA. s"bli$esB. $o"'ants

    . pl"s belles les "nes !"e les a"tres

    (3) a $"si!"eA. $e fait r'erB. $e to"che. $e fait frissonner

    (4) a 'oix estA. adorableB. s"bli$e. perc"tante

    () Les alb"$s !"e Ce prfre sontA. Je t2ai$eB. I$$ortelle. "re et n to"te inti$it

    () Je l2ad$ire po"rA. sa sincritB. son talent, sa dter$ination. sa bea"t

    II. DH;r6een ?;1* lignes le pa%s !"e 'o"s 'o"drie6 'isiter.

    III. Tr">u6%een franais

    (1) Vrea" s7 participa8i to8i la acest exa$en.(-) ac7 'a fi ti$p fr"$os, 'o$ $erge la $are.(3) ac7 el ar citi acest ro$an, ar c"noa9te personaCe interesante.(4) /" cred c7 lena 'a 'eni la noi.() re6i c7 'ei p"tea re6ol'a aceast7 proble$7"##ren>re

    Les a$itis d2adolescence Co"ent "n rle considrable dans le d'eloppe$ent de la personnalit gr:cea"x expriences !"2elles s"scitent. lles prparent a"ssi des a$itis ad"ltes, pl"s sages, fondes s"rl2esti$e et la confiance rcipro!"e. &n le"r attrib"e $$e le $rite d2tre la pre$ire expression d"'ritable altr"is$e. Il est 'rai !"2elles obligent l2indi'id" sortir de soi et sont "ne cole de d'o"e$ent.ais n2allons pas trop loin. L2adolescent !"i chrit !"el!"2"n proCette so"'ent s"r l"i son $oi idalis. Ille 'oit tel !"2il le 'o"drait tre, co$$e "n do"ble de son personnage pl"s !"e co$$e a"tr"i . l"s tard,l2ill"sion to$bera et l2a$iti $o"rra si l2cart tait trop grand entre l2a$i r' et l2a$i rel. ais, $$edans ce cas, le so"'enir de cette a$iti restera cher, parce !"2 nos %e"x d2ad"ltes il 'o!"e ce !"e no"s

    so"haitions arde$$ent tro"'er che6 notre a$i, c2est;;dire, a" fond, l2idal !"e no"s portions alors enno"s.

    (&E@ a"rice ebesse,L,.does#en#e, dans an"al de Li$ba france6a,cl a [I;a, d orint, -**)

    (1) Les a$itis d2adolescence Co"ent "n rle dansA. le choix d" f"t"r parco"rs scolaireB. le choix d2"ne carrire. le d'eloppe$ent de la personnalit

    (-) lles obligent l2indi'id"A. tre pl"s gnre"xB. faire confiance a"x a$is. sortir de soi

    (3) L2adolescent 'oit son a$iA. co$$e son idalB. co$$e son confident. co$$e "n do"ble de son personnage

    (4) L2a$iti $o"rraA. si les a$is de sparentB. si les a$is s"i'ent des t"des diffrentes. si l2cart est trop grand entre l2a$i r' et l2a$i rel


  • 8/12/2019 5 Teste Ghid Competenta Lingvistica


    () Le so"'enir resteraA. parce !"2il est prcie"xB. parce !"2il 'o!"e l2adolescence. parce !"2il 'o!"e ce !"e no"s 'o"lions tro"'er che6 notre a$i

    () Les a$itis ad"ltes sont fondesA. s"r des intrts co$$"ns

    B. s"r l2esti$e et la confiance rcipro!"e. s"r la sagesse

    LA CL L6m"K 8ener"$ V"r6"n7"

    I) Com#rH9en%6on or"$e : e;ou7e *2 X + < 2 #un;7e,'Tr"n%;r6#76on *o"rce Lire en franais facileLu#as sur a route, Lo La$arche, +achette , -**?)

    oi, C2adore Lara Nabian, c2est "n 'ritable co"p de fo"dre. a 'oix est s"bli$e, to"tes ses chansons

    sont pl"s belles les "nes !"e les a"tre. Les alb"$s !"e Ce prfre sont "re et n to"te inti$it, car ilsdgagent bea"co"p d2$otions et de force la fois. Je s"is alle la 'oir a" concert de @ennes, c2tait lecadea" po"r $on anni'ersaire, le pl"s bea" cadea" !"i p"isse exister.

    a $"si!"e $e fait frissonner, C2co"te ses en bo"cle che6 $oi et !"and C2entends Je t2ai$e o"encore I$$ortelle C2pro"'e a" son de sa 'oix, le senti$ent de to"cher l2infini...

    J2a'o"e !"e C2ai "ne chanson ftiche !"e C2ai $is s"r $on rponde"r de tlphone portable J2% croisencoreD les paroles et la $lodie $e to"chent bea"co"p. Je l2ad$ire po"r son talent, sa dter$ination$ais s"rto"t parce !"2elle est si nat"relle, si sensibleW

    1) 3) -) 4) B) ) B

    III) Le r"n"6% u%ue$' 8r"mm"6re e7 o;"u$"6re:8r"m"76;" %6 o;"u$"r *2 X + < 2 #un;7e,'A) Tr">u;76on *2 X ()1 < /#un;7e,

    (1) Je 'e"x !"e 'o"s participie6 to"s cet exa$en.(-) 2il fait bea", no"s irons la $er.(3) 2il lisait ce ro$an, il connaRtrait des personnages intressants.(4) Je ne crois pas !"2+lne 'ienne che6 no"s.() rois;t" po"'oir rso"dre ce probl$ee;ou7eAprs a'oir co"t l2enregistre$ent portant s"r l2infl"ence de la presse dans la C"stice, dites si les

    affir$ations s"i'antes sont 'raies o" fa"ssesa. atrice @"chin acc"se la presse d2infl"encer l2exercice de la C"stice.b. =illes artea"x dfend l2ense$ble de la presse.c. elon =illes artea"x la presse se contente de dire les faits.d. elon atrice @"chin, la presse est responsable de l2i$age !"e les lecte"rs se font d" pr'en".e. Les de"x ho$$es sont d2accord s"r "n point.

    II. Com#re9en%6on >u 7e!7e'Lise6 le texte ci;desso"s, p"is rponde6 a"x !"estions

    n Angleterre, les trib"na"x de pre$ire instance ont "ne co$ptence trs li$ite en $atire ci'ileils octroient certaines licences, stat"ent s"r des sparations et des di'orces non contentie"x et dli'rentdes ordonnances 'isant protger les enfants et les $ine"rs. A"x tats;Enis il existe dans cha!"e co$to" district de cha!"e tat des trib"na"x de pre$ire instance de co$ptence large, appels 0rib"na"x desdistricts, !"i C"gent les litiges s"r les socits, les contrats, les biens, et les litiges en responsabilit ci'ile.Le pl"s so"'ent, le C"ge$ent est prcd d2"n entretien pralable, oj les parties pe"'ent tro"'er "n terraind2ententeD les diffrents $o%ens d2'iter "n procs sont le gr gr, la conciliation o" l2arbitrage.

    a. Z"elle est la caractristi!"e des co$ptences de la pre$ire instance en Angleterre par rapport celle des tats;Enise;ou7eco"te6 l2enregistre$ent et rponde6 a"x !"estions s"i'antes

    a. Z"el est le stat"t professionnel de la personne inter'ieweu6one %;r677"

    I gio'ani di oggi sono bloccati dal sospetto e dalle incerte66e, dall2enor$e difficolt di tro'are "n la'oro,anche dopo a'er conseg"ito la la"rea. ite la 'ostra opinione rispetto a tale sit"a6ione in "nco$poni$ento di circa 1*;1 righe.


    I)A%;o$7o0rascri6ione dell2ascolto

    A ap, di$$i "na cosa, chi fond @o$a @o$olo o @e$o< a non 'i insegnano niente a sc"ola< N" @o$olo che "ccise @e$o.A +o capitoD !"indi l"i f" anche il pri$o i$peratore di @o$a #en7ru unu$ >6n7re ;m#ur6$e $e!6;"$e' [FAMILIE\ [ALIMENTE\[ANIMALE\


    I) Preen7"re */ #un;7e,II) Le;7ur@ W o;"u$"r *. #un;7e,III) Im#re%66 >6n : >e%#re Romn6" *Yn r"n;e@, *1 #un;7e,

    8eu> 6ours d e transport+ pour trois 6ours de bonheurQLe 31 $ai, "ne belle Co"rne de di$anche $oi et $es a$ies franaises, no"s prenons le train en

    direction de =alati. "is!"e le train a "ne 'itesse rd"ite, on fait 1* he"res de transport, ce !"i est'rai$ent bea"co"p, 'oil po"r!"oi no"s a'ons passs "ne bonne partie d" 'o%age dor$ir. Z"and no"sso$$es arri's =alati, no"s a'ons pris !"el!"es photos, po"r a'oir des so"'enirs bien sur, et p"is, lesoir, no"s no"s so$$es rencontrs a'ec !"el!"es a$is franais !"i sont 'en"s en @o"$anie po"r t"dier.Ils no"s ont in'its passer la soire a'ec e"x on a $ang, on est all dans "n bar #arao# oj Ce doisreconnaRtre !"von svest a$"s bea"co"p et la fin de la soire chac"n a racont ses a'ent"res de@o"$anie ce !"i a t trs intressant. A ca"se d" fait !"e le prochain Co"r no"s de'rions prendre "n$inib"s C"s!"2 0"lcea p"is "n batea" po"r arri'er dans le elta d" an"be, on a t forcs de finir nos

    petites histoires et dvaller se co"cher.J"s!"v ce !"von est arri' dans le elta d" an"be on a pris bea"co"p de photos et cette fois on nva

    pas dor$it parce !"e le pa%sage a t $agnifi!"e et on nva pas p" to"rner nos %e"x de l"i.A lvarri'e, !"and on a '" notre loge$ent et les gens, on a e" "ne grande s"rprise c2est trs diffrent

    de ce !"e no"s connaissons che6 no"s $ais la bonne partie est !"e les gens ont t trs s%$pathi!"es et

    trs agrables./o"s a'ons passs trois Co"rs l, dans le 'illage ila -3 et no"s a'ons 'isits de"x 'illes, "lina etLeteaW


  • 8/12/2019 5 Teste Ghid Competenta Lingvistica


    aintenant Ce pe"x dire !"e c2tait "ne a'ent"re trs enrichissante parce !"von a essa% des chosesno"'elles on svest pro$en to"t se"l a'ec "ne bar!"e et on a "tilis a"ssi le batea" $ote"r. 0o"t a"long d" 'o%age on svest pro$en bea"co"p, no"s a'ons 'isit "ne rser'e nat"relle !"i est trs bienconser'e, Letea no"s a'ons '" des che'a"x sa"'ages et des arbres centenaires et on est arri' laconcl"sion !"e to"s ces ani$a"x et pa%sages sont dignes dv"n fil$.

    Je s"is trs content de ce 'o%age, de to"t ce !"e Cvai '" et ce !"e Cvai fait l, dans le elta dean"be, $ais co$$e dvhabit"de il % a "n H$ais parce !"von se tro"'e dans "n endroit oj la so"rce

    principale po"r la no"rrit"re est le poisson Cvai t oblig dven $anger bea"co"p et Ce dois reconnaRtre !"vil ne se tro"'e pas s"r $a liste des no"rrit"res prfrs. (.=., t"diant ras$"s, trasbo"rg > -*1*)

    IV) Tr">u;ere" 7e!7u$u6 Yn $6m" r"n;e@ e7;) *0 #un;7e,Les co"rs de ro"$ain ont lie" Q se dro"lent !"atre Co"rs par se$aine $ardi, $ercredi, Ce"di et

    'endredi, dans la salle @3. aintenant, no"s so"tenons les exa$ens se$estriels. /o"s no"s so$$esprpar trs srie"x. /o"s 'o"lons prendre de bonnes notes (obtenir des rs"ltats trs bonnes). /o"s no"sa'ons senti bien a 0g "res. arto"t no"s a'ons tro"' des a$is. ette se$aine, Ce partirai dans laNrance.

    V) E!er;666 8r"m"76;"$e *0 #un;7e,

    (A) (*.-* x 1.-* p"ncte)(1) a sosit(-) 'oi scrie(3)'o$ face(4) $ere D cartofi() $ei() la

    (B) (*.-* x - *.4* p"ncte)

    A$ no"7spre6ece ani._n gr"p7, s"nte$ do"76eci 9i trei de st"den8i.

    () (*.-* x 1.-* p"ncte)(1) a$ c7l7torit(-) 'o$ $ergeQ 'o$ pleca(3) scri"(4) loc"iescQ a$ loc"itQ 'oi loc"i() a$ $:ncat() s"nt

    () (*.-* x 1.-* p"ncte)

    NAILI $a$7, tat7, frate, sor7, b"nic(;7), "nchi etc.ALI/0 br:n67, lapte, o"7, p:ine, carne (de p"iQ 'it7Q porc etc.), sar$ale etc.A/IAL (do$estice, s7lbatice) 'ac7, porc, capr7D 'e'eri87, "rs, l"p etc.

    No7@' Se ";or>@ >6n o6;6u' . #un;7e