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5 top tips for personal branding !!

Date post:12-Apr-2017
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Here are the 5 Personal Branding Tips:

Get clear on who you are:

You cant brand yourself until you know what that brand is going to be about. Reflect on your experiences, preferences, qualities and values to gain clarity on who you are, what youre good at and what you want. Knowing what you want is key to knowing what direction you want your personal brand to take. The purpose of the self-branding process in the context of ajob searchshould be to get to where you want to be, so decide on how youre going to get there before you set off.

2) Choose only one destination.

Avoid getting caught up in chasing more than one avenue. Youll greatly improve your chances of getting thejobyou want if you target just one thing. The most successful brands focus on one overarching missionits clear to everyone what the brand is about, because its about one thing.

3) Get passionate.

Dont just build your brand around what youre good at, but also around what youre passionate about. When were doing or focusing on something were passionate about, its really obvious from our faces and behaviour. The energy from within us therefore attracts people to our brand. You ideally want a job where you feel passionate about the work and your best bet of landing thatjobis to show that youre passionate about getting it.

4) Create a personal brand statement.

If it helps you define who you are and what youre about, write down a personal brand statement. Who are you really? What are you offering? What do you want? Once youve nailed down a final version of the statement, you might like it enough to use it in publicon LinkedIn, for instancein order to explain and publicize your brand. If you decide to do this, make sure the statement is no more than 1 or 2 sentences long, in order to keep the readers attention. Adapt your written statement into an elevator pitch you can deliver orally in face-to-face situations where you have the opportunity to promote your brand to someone. You could even use it in ajob interviewif the right question is asked.


5) Brand your CV:

Make your CV as targeted as your brandafter all, its actually a part of your brand if youre ajob hunter. Focus the content of yourCVon each particular vacancy you apply to. Dont just send out uniform, irrelevantCVsto everywhere you apply to. Use action verbs in present progressive tense on your CV. For example, when describing what your duties were in your previous work position, use words such as targeting, leading, selling, guiding, communicating, presenting, investigating and so on and so forth. Dont use lack of paid work experience as an excuse for having a vagueCVor no CV at all. Get out there and undertake some voluntary work or an internship to flesh your CV out and learn something about yourself at the same time.

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