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5 Ways Your Mobile Strategy Is Losing You Money - Digital Marketing Show London 2013

Date post:09-May-2015
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Mobile technology is exploding but a lot of businesses don't know the best ways to take advantage of it. This presentation covers 5 ways your mobile strategy could be losing you money...and what you can do about it.
  • 1.5 Ways Your Mobile StrategyIs Losing You Money BRIDGET RANDOLPH

2. DID YOUKNOW 3. that of userswont recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site?Source@BridgetRandolph 4. or that have turned to acompetitors site after a bad mobile experience? Source@BridgetRandolph 5. MOBILE ISHUGE. 6. already abasic requirement @BridgetRandolph 7. for anyonline brand. @BridgetRandolph 8. and itsjust sgettingBIGGER. 9. by 2017,85% of thewill haveworlds population3G coverage.Source: Ericsson Mobility Report@BridgetRandolph 10. Facebooks Internet.org initiative 11. mobile in 2012 was12x the size ofthe entire internet in 2000mobile in 2012internet in year 2000Source: Cisco's Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update@BridgetRandolph 12. Mobile Data Usage 16012x growth in 6 years140 120 10080201360 40 2012x growth in 12 years0Source: Ericsson Mobility Report (pg. 10)@BridgetRandolph 13. so businesses need to bemobile-friendly. @BridgetRandolph 14. theproblem is, @BridgetRandolph 15. people are doing itWRONG.@BridgetRandolph 16. BRIDGET RANDOLPH Online Marketing Consultant, Distilledbridget.randolph@distilled.net@BridgetRandolph 17. 5 Ways Your Mobile StrategyIs Losing You Money BRIDGET RANDOLPH 18. (and what you can do about it)BRIDGET RANDOLPH 19. you dont have amobile-friendly website 20. only70%of thetop 20 UK retailers have a mobile-friendly website. Source: Econsultancy@BridgetRandolph 21. smallbusinesses are evenless likely to have a mobile-friendly web presence. 60% of small businesses have websites; only half of these are mobile-friendly.@BridgetRandolph 22. and stillmore businesses create a mobile site and forget about it.@BridgetRandolph 23. where your onlinecustomers primarilyinteract with you @BridgetRandolph 24. and remember our stats from before @BridgetRandolph 25. of userswont recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile siteSource@BridgetRandolph 26. and have turned to acompetitors site after a bad mobile experience Source@BridgetRandolph 27. But mobile only matters when youre on the go, right?typical CEO@BridgetRandolph 28. 77% of mobile searches happen near a PC Source: Google Databoard 29. if you dont have a mobile-friendly website, youre leaving money on the table. @BridgetRandolph 30. FIX: make your website mobile-friendly @BridgetRandolph 31. its not ashardas you might think. @BridgetRandolph 32. main approaches @BridgetRandolph 33. responsive dynamic serving rearranges the layoutserves different HTML on same URLseparate mobile subdomain e.g. m.domain.com@BridgetRandolph 34. responsive 35. separate mobile site 36. dynamic serving: a cross between the two 37. choose an approach based on @BridgetRandolph 38. goals and technical capabilities your@BridgetRandolph 39. yourusers needs. @BridgetRandolph 40. we did a flowchart for our Best Practice Guide http://www.distilled.net/training/mobile-seo-guide 41. for asmall business with asmall website @BridgetRandolph 42. Id usually recommend usinga responsive template, @BridgetRandolph 43. and a WYSIWYGCMS (like Wordpress). @BridgetRandolph 44. individual Wordpress themes Designfolio (from PressCoders): free, or $79 with support licence. Standard: $49 or $99 with support licence. Responsive (from CyberChimps): free.premium Wordpress theme providers Elegant Themes: ~$40/year with full support. WooThemes: free-$70.@BridgetRandolph 45. or, if you dont want to use Wordpress: SquareSpace: from $8/month (for the most basic service). Wix: around $10/month.@BridgetRandolph 46. for alarger largerwith abusiness website,@BridgetRandolph 47. dynamic serving based on user agent. @BridgetRandolph 48. does it work?@BridgetRandolph 49. case study: ONeill Clothing 50. RESULTS on iPhone/iPod conversions increased by 65.71%. transactions increased by 112.5%. revenue increased by 101.25%. on Android devices conversions increased by 407.32%. transactions increased by 333.33%. revenue increased by 591.42%.Source@BridgetRandolph 51. final point toremember: @BridgetRandolph 52. a mobile-friendly website isNOT a strategy. @BridgetRandolph 53. its just thestarting point. @BridgetRandolph 54. youre makingtechnical SEO mistakes 55. why does technical SEO matter?@BridgetRandolph 56. responsive design?SEO of Responsive Design by Kristina Kledzik@BridgetRandolph 57. You dont need to do anything extra.@BridgetRandolph 58. what if I cant use a responsive design?@BridgetRandolph 59. dynamic serving Vary HTTP header http://goo.gl/km1qcZ@BridgetRandolph 60. separate URLs There areseveral areas to look at.A Checklist for Optimizing Your Mobile Site@BridgetRandolph 61. redirects redirect mobile users on www. most relevant mobile pageredirect desktop users on m. most relevant desktop pageallow users to override @BridgetRandolph 62. switchboard tags for duplicate content on the desktop page: on the relevant mobile page: @BridgetRandolph 63. site speed 2-3 sec is recommended needs to be less than 5 sec Google PageSpeed Insights tool can help74% of users would bounce after waiting 5 sec@BridgetRandolph 64. unsupported technology dont use Flash!@BridgetRandolph 65. I wrote a whole blog post about it. http://moz.com/blog/how-to-optimize-a-mobile-site@BridgetRandolph 66. and dont forget abouttesting @BridgetRandolph 67. testinghave you visited your site on a mobile? @BridgetRandolph 68. USE Litmus website testing Qualaroo user surveys CrazyEgg heat maps Optimizely split testing @BridgetRandolph 69. your permission-based marketingisnt mobile-friendly 70. its not just about the content ON your website. @BridgetRandolph 71. social media @BridgetRandolph 72. social is ahugechannel for mobile.@BridgetRandolph 73. 4out of every5people who use Facebook daily access it on a mobiledevice @BridgetRandolph 74. social marketingIS mobile marketing.@BridgetRandolph 75. @BridgetRandolph 76. anything you want to get shared has to work on a mobile even if its an MVP.@BridgetRandolph 77. FIX make your social content mobile-friendly80% of Facebook and Twitters daily users are accessing the app from a mobile device@BridgetRandolph 78. http:www.distilled.net/training/mobile-seo-guide@BridgetRandolph 79. FIX make sure your social share buttons work on mobile@BridgetRandolph 80. email marketing@BridgetRandolph 81. 62%of e-mails areopened on mobile devices.Source: US Consumer Device Preference Report (Q2 2013)@BridgetRandolph 82. email marketingIS mobile marketing.@BridgetRandolph 83. @BridgetRandolph 84. FIX use mobile-friendly email templates@BridgetRandolph 85. @BridgetRandolph 86. USE Campaign Monitor MailChimp@BridgetRandolph 87. USE test your email campaigns with Litmus@BridgetRandolph 88. youre overcomplicatingthe checkout process 89. smarter checkout paths@BridgetRandolph 90. Could it be the case that mobile is simply more of a research platform?Commenter on a blog post@BridgetRandolph 91. My cellphone isn't for buying, fb, amazon - it's just a phone (or gps) :)Commenter on a blog post@BridgetRandolph 92. WRONG. @BridgetRandolph 93. in the retail industry, mobile spend is expected to beby the end of 2013. @BridgetRandolph 94. smarter conversion paths for mobile.@BridgetRandolph 95. KISS. 96. Keep It Simple Stupid. @BridgetRandolph 97. FIX link the form fields to the correct keyboardSmashing Mag article about touch keyboards@BridgetRandolph 98. image source@BridgetRandolph 99. for phone number fields: for a numeric keyboard, use this: for any email fields, use this: to disable autocorrect: Cheat sheet from Baymard@BridgetRandolph 100. FIX only ask for information which is essential to complete the transaction @BridgetRandolph 101. example: Amazon 1 Click 102. example: Argos 103. FIX keep people logged in long-term@BridgetRandolph 104. thinking bigger biometric tech@BridgetRandolph 105. example: Apple Store 106. FIX dont neglect microconversions@BridgetRandolph 107. likesocial shares andemail signups @BridgetRandolph 108. youre not trackingcross-device and cross-channel 109. track theperson, not the device@BridgetRandolph 110. PROBLEM: tracking each visit separately isnt accurate@BridgetRandolph 111. Visit-Based Tracking 112. User-Based Tracking 113. user-based tracking: tracking each step of thecustomer journey @BridgetRandolph 114. FIX set up Universal Analytics@BridgetRandolph 115. (how does it work?)@BridgetRandolph 116. but all of these are just examples 117. the point really is 118. stop treating mobileas a separate channel 119. ofmobile searches happen near a PC Source: Google Databoard@BridgetRandolph 120. in some ways, its justanother browser. @BridgetRandolph 121. final takeaways 122. you need a mobile-friendly website @BridgetRandolph 123. if its a separate website,remember to checkthe technical stuff @BridgetRandolph 124. always test your site across devices @BridgetRandolph 125. permission-based marketing needs to be mobile-friendly too @BridgetRandolph 126. make mobile checkoutEASY @BridgetRandolph 127. track people, not devices @BridgetRandolph 128. mobileisnt separate anymore. 129. Thanks. Any questions?BRIDGET RANDOLPH bridget.randolph@distilled.net @BridgetRandolph 130. image credits girl on couch: http://images.smh.com.au/2013/07/27/4608179/Dan-20130727185724263940620x349.jpg baby of Obama/Chewbacca morph: http://www.morphthing.com/baby/3532403-Baby-of-BarackObama-and-Chewbacca KISS: http://s3.amazonaws.com/rapgenius/filepicker/HTUUgGMnQ4CgAJoOKb0w_kiss.jpg multi-device path to purchase: http://marketingland.com/study-90-percent-use-multiple-screensthroughout-the-same-day-20386 mobile overtaking desktop graph: ComScore study; image credit http://static1.businessinsider.com/image/4fda47c569beddef0b000003-960/comscoremobile-users-desktop-users-2014.jpg

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