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6. adolescence

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2. GROWTH & DEVELOPMENTADOLSCENCE PRESENTED BY: K. S. NITU/ TARAWATI M.Sc. (N) I YEAR 403/13 410/13 3. IN THIS CHAPTER 4. ADOLESCENCE 5. STAGES OF ADOLESCENCE 6. PHYSICAL CHANGES OTHER BODY SYSTEMS: GROWTH SPURTS FIRST GROWTH SECOND GROWTH SPURT SPURTCephalocaudal/ proximodistal patternsJoint development Gender differencesMuscle fibers Heart and lungBody fat levels Gender differences 7. PHYSICAL GROWTH Rapid Growth Changes In Height And WeightG I R L SB O Y S 8. Cont GIRLS ( 9.5-14.5 yrs) Height: 5 to 20 cm. Weight: 7 to 25 kg.BOYS (10.5-16 yrs)Height: 10 to 30 cm. Weight: 7 to 30 kg. 9. GROWTH PATTERNSPatterns of growth pictured two ways: The first figure shows height at a given age, while the second shows the increase that occurs from birth through the end of the teen years. Notice the differences in growth between boys & girls. 10. PSYCHOSOCIAL DEVELOPMENT 11. OTHER DEVELOPMENTS 12. PUBERTY: THE START OF SEXUAL MATURATION PUBERTY is the period when sexual organs mature, beginning earlier for girls than for boys.Girls begin puberty about 11 or 12; Boys begin at 13 or 14. 13. Pituitary gland signals adrenal glandOther growth hormones producedAndrogen producedMILESTONES OF PUBERTYTestosteron e and estradiol producedPituitary hormones stimulate growth of ovaries or testes 14. Endocrine And Reproductive Systems: Sex Characteristics Primary sex characteristics Growth of testes and penis Growth of ovaries, uterus, and vagina Secondary sex characteristics Breast development Changing voice pitch Beard growth Body hair 15. HEALTH PROMOTION DURING ADOLESCENCE 16. ADOLESCENT HEALTH DRUGS, ALCOHOL, AND TOBACCOFewer Teens Are Regular Smokers Than Generation Ago.Teens who are more likely to smoke are influenced by smoking peersTeen used to drink & get drug addicted too 17. ILLICIT DRUG USE TRENDS AMONG TEENAGERS 18. ADOLESCENT HEALTH BODY IMAGE AND EATING DISORDERSANOREXIA NERVOSA Eating disorder: Mental disorder in which eating behavior goes beyond everyday experiences with trying to lose weightBULIMIA NERVOSA 19. ADOLESCENT HEALTH DEPRESSION AND SUICIDEIncidence Depression SuicideCauses or contributing factors Depression SuicideConsequences Depression Suicide 20. EMOTIONAL GUIDANCE 21. T hank You.. F I N I S H

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