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6 secret ways to make money ebook ,basic and most important concepts to make money, attract wealth and abundance
  • 1. 1 6 Secret and Real ways of creating Wealth If you read through this ,I guarantee you ,you can easily triple your wealth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give the person money and his true colors will be revealed. What are your true colors? Money is an enormous illusion. Only 4% of money exists on paper, rest 96% is on numbers in computers. Money is also not backed by anything such as gold and is working on trust. Its only intrinsic cost is the paper cost. This system is running because we believe in it. I have seen in life,Money Losers dont listen to Winners. They tend to take their advice from other Losers. They frequently take their financial advice from well-meaning family and friends who do not have complete knowledge. Go see professionals for advice or take it from people who have accomplished the goals that you desire.I remember when I started with few dollars ,I made my first million in 6 months. Creating wealth is really not that difficult . Rich people really do think differently from the poor and even middle-class people. Yes, money does not buy happiness but poverty cant either. Money has the potential to exponentially increase your happiness, for that you have to be happy before you start making MONEY. The very first important rule is Rule no.1 Have a Mentor: Mentor is a wise and trusted counsellor or teacher. Very few people achieve great success without personal mentors. Here are some important things about mentors you need to know 1. Every successful person has mentors,from Bill gates to Richard Branson. 2. Mentoring is a powerful form of leverage. 3. Mentors don't need to be people (Anything that causes you to Change course in your life can serve as mentor) 5. Constantly seek out mentoring relationships.
  • 2. 2 6. Assemble a dream team of your favourite heroes, present and past 7. Set a goal to search out at least one millionaire a month and read about the person eg. Manappuram Gold Loan in India Mr. V.P Nandakumar. Are you aware , to be financially free Money must come from expected sources and you will learn it in this course but money must also come from unexpected sources and you must learn how to expect money from unexpected sources. This happens when you start making money from expected sources and life brings an unexpected fortune. All rich people have made money this way by first making money from expected sources. For this, the art of money magnetism must be learned. Rule no.2 Financial Freedom PASSIVE INCOME Monthly Passive Income > = 2.5 * (Monthly Expense) Thus, if your monthly expense is Rs.100000 and your monthly passive income is Rs.2,50,000 than you are financially free. Passive Income
  • 3. 3 Passive income is the income to earn which you dont have to work hard. Weather you work or NOT, this income will keep flowing into your bank accounts for the rest of your life. Different ways of having an assured income and becoming financially are following: 1.Invest in GOLDEN AND SAFE stocks like ITC ,NESTLE INDIA ,GODREJ CONSUMER ,DABUR INDIA ,GLAOSMITHKLINE CONSUMER INDIA ,MARICO .They will easily multiply your wealth at 30% per year.Also with FDI entering india in Retail sector ,there is going to be boom.These stocks grew 15 % in 2008 stock market crash even when all stocks even TATA stocks fell 70% . 2.Buy properties in excellent locations and refinance them to buy another property to rent it out or to do business in that property.Thereby having two properties in place of one as after few years ,both the properties will increae in price.Remember to buy at good location.When buying property,criteria is LOCATION,LOCATION,LOCATION. 80% of the millionaires are first generation so a new person can create wealth. There are literally millions of millionaires in the world over. Some of these people took Years to accumulate their wealth, some took less than a year, some even less than 90 days. Wealth exists on both physical and mental level. On the physical level, Wealth is often confused with money. Billionaires do not carry billion dollar cash with them. Their wealth lies in assets. So called Money is misunderstood with wealth, money is simply a tool used to transact the exchange of goods and services between people. To other entrepreneurs, it has been described as energy. Money has no intrinsic value except for the paper cost; it is not even backed by anything. Successful people make a subtle change and go after tangible things that money symbolises for: Investments: Accumulating shares of stock, bonds, Fixed Deposits with banks, Buying GOLD/Silver
  • 4. 4 Real Estate: Owning properties in their name. If the money is the issue then employing the Law of Interdependence 3-4 persons can buy a property together Business: Marketing and selling products, services or idea Internet: Unlimited possibilities, Learn internet marketing, SEO- Search engine optimization to improve your website rank on Google. An internet home based business can be a great way to manifest money. There is no other medium having as much exposure as the internet. It is the only channel that allows you to connect to anybody and everybody across different nations, continents. Rule no.3 The power of compound interest Here's how much your money would grow if you make a lump sum (one-time) investment and leave it untouched. The interest rate has been assumed to be 10%. Amount (INR/AED/USD) Years 100000 200000 300000 400000 500000 5 161,051 322,102 483,153 644,204 805,255 10 259,374 518,748 778,123 1,037,497 1,296,871 15 417,725 835,450 1,253,174 1,670,899 2,088,624 20 672,750 1,345,500 2,018,250 2,691,000 3,363,750 25 1,083,471 2,166,941 3,250,412 4,333,882 5,417,353 30 1,744,940 3,489,880 5,234,821 6,979,761 8,724,701 The real power of compounding comes with time. The earlier you start saving, the more your money can work for you. To attain a certain amount of corpus within a set period of time, a pro-active investment
  • 5. 5 style is preferable. Thus, no matter how young you are, the sooner you begin saving for the future, the better it is. With time and consistency on your side, investing $45.40 each Month, your earning potential would be: @14% to 16% 10 years: $11,763 to $13,284 20 years: $59,084 to $78,395 30 years: $249,430 to $397,500 36 years: $580,050 to $1,037,017 Now you may spend $49.95 here and there but if you can invest it then just look at the returns. If you are somewhat startled by how simply you can multiply your money, then consider this rather impressive scenario: Instead of saving and Investing $49.95 each month, lets see what happens when you invest $90.86 A month and it compounds itself at 16% before taxes. In 10 years at 16% you would have $26,583. In 20 years at 16% you would have $156,870. In 31 years at 16% you would have $2,000,955 You can say, I dont want to wait for so long, but your net income is increasing in the process also and of course time will pass so it is better you are with this power of compound interest rather than with 0 balance after 30 years. Now if you buy one unnecessary item as a liability worth $10000, then you have lost this opportunity to invest it. Then at a modest interest rate of 9% you are losing around $ 300,000 in 40 years not just $10000. This is because money grows still 30 times if you invest for 40 years at compound interest with modest rate and even more at a higher rate Money makers are good at calculations (Rule of 72) especially percentage, multiplication. This is a very powerful secret that most non- money makers do not know. This gives them the ability to forecast not only with emotions but with analysis too, so sharpen your skills. Learn to calculate the price of properties, interest rates, and profit percentage.
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