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6 Tips to Grow Your Email Marketing List (Authentically!)

Date post:14-Jun-2015
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When it comes to email marketing, we completely understand how valuable your list is. BUT you don't want to go about growing your list the wrong way (buying, sharing, etc). Read on to see our top 6 tips on how you can easily grow your email list while following email best practices! Custora Report: http://blog.custora.com/2013/06/e-commerce-customer-acquisition-snapshot
  • 1. 6 Tips to Authentically [Grow]Your Email List

2. Email acquisition is animportant part of anyemail marketing program. 3. A report by Custora showedthat email acquisitionquadrupled from 2009-2013!! 4. These 6 steps will help you:- Acquire new customers- Reduce churn- Nurture existing customers 5. #1. Optimize Your Opt-In 6. - Make your opt-in form visible- Dont ask for too muchinformation- Provide incentives- Disclose everything- Provide credentials to earntheir trust 7. #2. Create MultipleOpportunities for Sign-UP 8. Place sign-up opportunities on:- Thank you pages(after they fill out a form)- Blog- Website- Landing page- Live events 9. #3. Createa Stellarwelcomeemail 10. - Make it personal- Say thank you(!)- Spark user engagement- Deliver your email right away- Provide incentives- Gather additional information 11. #4. Develop Valuable Email Content 12. - Write addictive subject lines- Get to the point- Dress your email to impress- Personalize your messaging 13. #5. Implementan EmailPreferencecenter 14. - Reduce unsubscribe, complaint/spam reports- Showcase your email offerings- Implement segmentation strategies 15. #6. Focus on EmailDeliverability 16. - Use strong permission practices- Eliminate inactives- Focus on high-value customers- Test before you send- Monitor your engagement rates 17. For a more detailedexplanation for each of thesetips, download our guideHow to Authentically GrowYour Email List! 18. Happy emailing!

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